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Favorite bike shop tools video
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Our Favorite Bike Shop Tools (Video) + A DIY Bike Pulley System

By Logan Watts on September 22, 2021

8 Discussion

Working on your own bike can be a fun and rewarding task, but it’s not possible without the proper tools to do so. In this video, Neil shares six of the most used and loved tools he keeps in his shop and also asks Logan and Miles to chime in with one tool they frequently use, too. Plus, a DIY bike pulley storage system, one of Logan’s personal favorites…

Baja Divide, Esker Hayduke, Surfing
Bikepacking GuidesPlan

A DIY Approach to Surfing Baja’s Cape Loop

By Guest on June 18, 2020

20 Discussion

On a $100 budget, Dan Stranahan bought a used surfboard and built a homemade rack to haul it on his bike so he could ride between surf spots on the Baja Divide’s Cape Loop. Find his guide to sourcing a cheap board, making a DIY rack, and finding the best waves in Baja here…

DIYgravel Dirty Kanza Ted King
Bikepacking VideosInspiration

Ted King’s DIYGravel (Film)

By Joe Cruz on June 11, 2020

34 Discussion

Last night Ted King premiered a film on his inspiring gravel ride across the state of Vermont via the forthcoming VTXL bikepacking route. He pedaled 310 miles (499 kilometers) with 35,000ft (10,700m) of climbing—90% of which was on dirt—in under 23 hours. Watch the video here along with a Q&A with Ted and the filmmakers.

DIY Frame Bag, Make your own frame bag, bikepacking
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DIY: How to Make A Simple Frame Bag

By Logan Watts on August 20, 2014

78 Discussion

Fundamentally, the frame bag is the most basic and practical piece of bike luggage. It’s also the easiest to make… and only requires a consumer sewing machine and a little skill. Here’s how to plan, design, and construct a simple frame bag.

DIY Long Flap Saddlebag - like Carradice Camper Longflap - waxed canvas
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A DIY Longflap Saddlebag for Minimalist Dirt Touring

By Logan Watts on November 20, 2013

77 Discussion

Created with classic styling, this longflap saddlebag is like a Frankensatchel, timeless waxed canvas cobbled with modern materials and a few extra useful features.

DIY Frame Bag - Waxed Canvas
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DIY Waxed Canvas Frame Bag

By Logan Watts on October 8, 2013

20 Discussion

Never having operated a sewing machine, I have always been fascinated and intimidated by the fabric arts. I decided that a trial-by-fire is the best way to learn and made a canvas frame bag one afternoon…

mercurio cargo trike mexico

The Wonderful World of the Mercurio Magnum

By Cass Gilbert on October 21, 2021

23 Discussion

They may not be his first choice of steed for bicycle touring, but that doesn’t stop Cass from sharing his love for Mexico’s behemoth cargo trikes. Sightings are a bike-cultural highlight of his bikepacking trips around the region, especially when they’re laden with homemade ice cream. Find his ode to the Mercurio Magnum here…

Raleigh Redux 1
DispatchReader's Rig

Reader’s Rig: Andy’s Raleigh Redux 1

By Lucas Winzenburg on October 8, 2021

10 Discussion

This week’s Reader’s Rig comes from middle-school teacher Andy Kaucher in Pennsylvania, who shows us the budget-conscious Raleigh Redux he customized to be his do-it-all N=1 bike. Find more about Andy and his rig here…

2021 Hungarian Divide Rigs
Bikepacking BikesEvent RecapsRider & Rig

Rigs of the 2021 Hungarian Divide

By Miles Arbour on September 18, 2021

16 Discussion

The 2021 Hungarian Divide took off from Smaragdvölgy, Hungary, last month and challenged riders with a 600km or 1,200km route across the country. The organizers sent details on more than 70 rigs that were at the starting line, plus a short race recap. See the full gallery here…

Public Lands Bikepacking
Bike PhotographyPlan

Guide to Bikepacking with a Camera & Carrying a Camera on Your Bike

By Cass Gilbert on September 17, 2021

68 Discussion

Documenting a bikepacking trip through photography can be a creative and rewarding experience. For some, it’s almost as enjoyable as the riding itself! But what’s the best way to carry a camera on a multi-day adventure, so it’s protected from dust, water, and vibrations but still easy to grab and use? Find our guide to the subject here, including our team’s preferred options and input from some of our camera-toting contributors…

Art Toolkit Bikepacking Painting
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Pocket Art Toolkit Review: Everything you need for Paintpacking

By Guest on September 2, 2021

14 Discussion

Are you a painter who loves to bikepack? Or a bikepacker who loves to paint? The Pocket Art Toolkit’s minimal, lightweight paint set comes included with everything you need – from a miniature palette, room for a small watercolor notebook, and water brush. Botanical artist Emma Bucke takes one on her local mountain loop to see what she can create…

Fuji Tread 1.0
DispatchReader's Rig

Reader’s Rig: Trey’s Fuji Tread 1.0

By Lucas Winzenburg on August 27, 2021

5 Discussion

This week’s Reader’s Rig comes from Trey Morgan, who gives us a peek at the Fuji Tread 1.0 he’s slowly been upgrading and dialing in to make it a basketpacking rambler for rides around his home in Idaho and beyond. See more here…