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Baja Divide, Esker Hayduke, Surfing
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A DIY Approach to Surfing Baja’s Cape Loop

By Guest on June 18, 2020

20 Discussion

On a $100 budget, Dan Stranahan bought a used surfboard and built a homemade rack to haul it on his bike so he could ride between surf spots on the Baja Divide’s Cape Loop. Find his guide to sourcing a cheap board, making a DIY rack, and finding the best waves in Baja here…

DIYgravel Dirty Kanza Ted King
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Ted King’s DIYGravel (Film)

By Joe Cruz on June 11, 2020

34 Discussion

Last night Ted King premiered a film on his inspiring gravel ride across the state of Vermont via the forthcoming VTXL bikepacking route. He pedaled 310 miles (499 kilometers) with 35,000ft (10,700m) of climbing—90% of which was on dirt—in under 23 hours. Watch the video here along with a Q&A with Ted and the filmmakers.

DIY Frame Bag, Make your own frame bag, bikepacking
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DIY: How to Make A Simple Frame Bag

By Logan Watts on August 20, 2014

71 Discussion

Fundamentally, the frame bag is the most basic and practical piece of bike luggage. It’s also the easiest to make… and only requires a consumer sewing machine and a little skill. Here’s how to plan, design, and construct a simple frame bag.

DIY Long Flap Saddlebag - like Carradice Camper Longflap - waxed canvas
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A DIY Longflap Saddlebag for Minimalist Dirt Touring

By Logan Watts on November 20, 2013

76 Discussion

Created with classic styling, this longflap saddlebag is like a Frankensatchel, timeless waxed canvas cobbled with modern materials and a few extra useful features.

DIY Frame Bag - Waxed Canvas
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DIY Waxed Canvas Frame Bag

By Logan Watts on October 8, 2013

20 Discussion

Never having operated a sewing machine, I have always been fascinated and intimidated by the fabric arts. I decided that a trial-by-fire is the best way to learn and made a canvas frame bag one afternoon…

2021 Bikepacking Predictions and Desires
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2021 Bikepacking Predictions (and Desires)

By Logan Watts on January 18, 2021

25 Discussion

In our latest YouTube video, a few of our editors share their 2021 predictions for interesting new gear, adventures, and the bikepacking community at large. Watch it here, plus find out a few things we hope will come to fruition during the upcoming year…

Biking with Grandma's Sewing Machine
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Biking With Grandma’s Sewing Machine (Video)

By Lucas Winzenburg on December 15, 2020

26 Discussion

Josh Rizzo learned to sew his own bikepacking bags by following our tutorials, never expecting it to turn into a full-blown passion. In this short video, he shares the story of how dusting off his grandma’s old sewing machine unlocked a newfound sense of adventure. Watch it here, along with a link to our complete list of DIY tutorials…

VTXL Bikepacking Route


By Joe Cruz on December 4, 2020

49 Discussion

Vermont currently has strict COVID-19 travel restrictions, this route is shared now for dreaming and planning. Photos by Donalrey Nieva and Joe Cruz Vermont is rolling green hills in late spring and summer, and these lead into a superlative burst of color in autumn. It is valleys of open farmland with red silo monuments and […]

2020 Bikepacking Gear of the Year Awards
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2020 Bikepacking Gear of the Year

By Logan Watts on December 3, 2020

40 Discussion

The first installment of our 2020 Bikepacking Awards recognizes the products that have impressed us the most. Find our top picks in 10 categories, including Best New Component, Best Tools, and Top Five Bikepacking Bikes. Plus, some thoughts on the bikes that are already on our radar for 2021…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Spoon Making

By Cass Gilbert on December 1, 2020

37 Discussion

If you’re looking to imbue your bikepacking trips with some practical creativity, how about carving a wooden spoon on your next overnight campout? Newbie whittler Cass made his first eating implement last year and shares his tips and thoughts on the process, as well as inspiration and advice from expert spoon-making bikepackers…

Forager Cycles Cable Cherries
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Forager Cycles Cable Cherries: First Look

By Logan Watts on November 19, 2020

60 Discussion

Bikepacking Journal contributor Dan Stranahan recently launched Forager Cycles and its flagship product, Cable Cherries, an elegant solution to replace those annoying crimps to keep the ends of derailleur and brake cables from fraying. We had the chance to try them out and ask Dan a few questions about how they came to be…

Stoves for Bikepacking, Stoves for Bike Touring
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Stoves for Bikepacking: A Complete List and Guide

By Team Work on November 11, 2020

68 Discussion

When selecting (or making) a stove for bike touring or bikepacking, there are several factors to consider. We’ve tried dozens of different stoves and cooking methods over the years, and often bring specific stoves for different trips. For longer outings, the chief deciding factor is what type of fuel will be available to restock along […]