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Grande Traversée L’Alpes-Provence
PlanRoute Reports

Ride Gallery: Cass Gilbert on the Grande Traversee L’Alpes-Provence

By Cass Gilbert on October 18, 2018

10 Discussion

Hot on the heels – or should we, the tire tracks – of posting our Grande Traversée L’Alpes-Provence route guide, Cass Gilbert and amigo Mike Howarth head out to the south of France, before the season comes to an end. Check out the gallery, and if you’re planning on riding the route, read on for extra hints and tips on deciphering the logistics of the ride…

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Cass Gilbert on the Trans Ecuador Route

By Cass Gilbert on May 22, 2018

20 Discussion

We’re always striving to improve the routes we publish on the site. As such, Cass Gilbert headed out to re-ride a section of the Trans Ecuador Mountain Bike Route (TEMBR) at the end of last season to work on some improvements. In preparation for this year’s season, here’s a collection of images from the journey and thoughts on what bike suits it best…

Baja Divide Missions Section
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Cass Gilbert on the Baja Divide Missions section

By Cass Gilbert on May 9, 2018

24 Discussion

To wrap up the Baja Divide season, Cass Gilbert heads off to tackle the 555-mile Missions section of the route, considered to be its highlight. He returns with a tan, a ride gallery, and advice on the ride itself, including some logistical details for zoning in on this glorious, easily accessed part of the 1,700 mile route. If you’ve two weeks to spare next winter, start dreaming now…

Bikepacking GuidesPlan

A Bikepacker’s Take on Preventative Health and Immunity Maintenance

By Cass Gilbert on August 6, 2020

16 Discussion

COVID-19 has reminded us of the importance of keeping our bodies healthy and our immune systems as robust as possible. Cass Gilbert looks at a variety of foods we can eat and simple lifestyle choices we can make to help stay healthy both at home and on the road…

Roval SL Team Edition
Bikepacking GearComponents

First Ride: New Roval Control SL Team LTD Wheels

By Cass Gilbert on May 27, 2020

3 Discussion

Clearly of more interest to competitive, long-distance racers rather than budget bikepackers, Roval has just launched a $2650, featherweight cross country wheelset that’s claimed to be their lightest ever: the Control SL Team LTD. Not that its minimal weight – just 1248g – comes at the expense of strength, width, or pinch-flat resistance, as Cass Gilbert finds out on the dusty trails of Baja California.

Slow Fare
Feature Stories

Slow Fare: An Edible Journey

By Cass Gilbert on December 31, 2019

16 Discussion

In this feature story, originally published in the first issue of our printed publication, The Bikepacking Journal, Cass Gilbert reflects on how slowing down and thinking about the foods he eats has given him a deeper connection to the people and places he encounters while traveling…

Quoc Grand Tourer Review Bikepacking
ApparelBikepacking Gear

Quoc Gran Tourer Review: Rocks, Gravel, Dust, and Puddles

By Cass Gilbert on October 7, 2019

27 Discussion

Adding to a range of distinctly high end road shoes, Quoc’s Grand Tourer aims to satisfy the needs of those who enjoy both mixed terrain riding and off-bike exploring… in style. A badly dressed Cass Gilbert beats up a pair in Europe and reports back.

Ardennes Arbalete trip report
PlanRoute Reports

Belgium’s Ardennes Arbalete with Friends

By Cass Gilbert on September 24, 2019

58 Discussion

Shirking short-haul planes for the summer, Cass Gilbert spends the time exploring his own backyard. Or at least, places that lie just a train or ferry ride away. Here are his thoughts on one of our favourite new routes from last year, Belgium’s Ardennes Arbalete, enjoyed with a group of global bikepacking friends…

bombtrack hook ext bikepacking
Bikepacking BikesGravel & All-road

First impressions on the 2020 Bombtrack Hook EXT, EXT-C, and ADV

By Cass Gilbert on August 16, 2019

53 Discussion

Cass Gilbert heads out to rooty, doubletrack-laced Bergisches Land to try out some of Bombtrack’s 2020 range of bikes. Here are his thoughts on the burly, gravel-chomping, bikepacking-friendly Hook EXT and EXT-C, as well as the (slightly oddball) Hook ADV…

Family bikepacking new forest
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A First Multi Generational Bikepack

By Cass Gilbert on July 31, 2019

23 Discussion

Cass Gilbert reminds us that it’s never too late to start bikepacking. In his first multi-generational tour, he, his six-year-old son, and his seventy-three-year-old mum enjoy three days bike riding and camping around the gravel paths of the New Forest. Plus, hints and tips for planning something similar, and a map of the route.

Jones Complete SWB Bikepacking review
Bikepacking BikesHardtail & RigidPlus Bikes

Jones Plus SWB Complete Review: Less $, Jones Magic

By Cass Gilbert on June 27, 2019

81 Discussion

Once the domain of the fully fledged bike nerd, Jones’ Plus SWB Complete has opened up a very distinctive bike to a far broader audience. After spending half a year riding one, Cass Gilbert reports on his findings…

Surly ECR Tout Terrain Streamliner
AccessoriesBikepacking Gear

Tout Terrain Streamliner Review: the tagalong of tagalongs

By Cass Gilbert on January 9, 2019

15 Discussion

In the world of family cycling, there are tagalongs… and there are tagalongs. A far cry from the cheap lookalikes unearthed on Craigslist, Tout Terrain’s Streamliner is a super high end, suspended trailer bike complete with a 160mm air shock, a 1×9 SRAM drivetrain, a light tubeset, and a whole list of quality components. Cass Gilbert takes one bikepacking with his family and finds out if it’s money well spent…