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Grande Traversée L’Alpes-Provence
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Ride Gallery: Cass Gilbert on the Grande Traversee L’Alpes-Provence

By Cass Gilbert on October 18, 2018

12 Discussion

Hot on the heels – or should we say, the tire tracks – of posting our Grande Traversée L’Alpes-Provence route guide, Cass Gilbert and amigo Mike Howarth head out to the south of France, before the season comes to an end. Check out the gallery, and if you’re planning on riding the route, read on for extra hints and tips on deciphering the logistics of the ride…

Trans Equador
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Cass Gilbert on the Trans Ecuador Route

By Cass Gilbert on May 22, 2018

22 Discussion

We’re always striving to improve the routes we publish on the site. As such, Cass Gilbert headed out to re-ride a section of the Trans Ecuador Mountain Bike Route (TEMBR) at the end of last season to work on some improvements. In preparation for this year’s season, here’s a collection of images from the journey and thoughts on what bike suits it best…

Baja Divide Missions Section
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Cass Gilbert on the Baja Divide Missions section

By Cass Gilbert on May 9, 2018

24 Discussion

To wrap up the Baja Divide season, Cass Gilbert heads off to tackle the 555-mile Missions section of the route, considered to be its highlight. He returns with a tan, a ride gallery, and advice on the ride itself, including some logistical details for zoning in on this glorious, easily accessed part of the 1,700 mile route. If you’ve two weeks to spare next winter, start dreaming now…

2022 Editor's Dozen Cass Gilbert
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Editor’s Dozen: Cass’ Favorite Gear of 2022

By Cass Gilbert on December 15, 2022

64 Discussion

As part of our continuing “Best of 2022” coverage, Cass picks his favourite gear, both old and new, that has survived the vagaries of this year’s rutted roads and trails, along with some noteworthy themes that have stood out too…

Jones SWB Tailfin Buckhorn
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Cass’ Jones SWB and Weekend Packlist

By Cass Gilbert on July 7, 2021

75 Discussion

Cass Gilbert gives us a rundown of the only bike he’s ridden for the last 18 months, a dreamy Jones SWB. Find out what parts have worn out and what he’d do differently next time. Also, check out his complete lightweight gear list for relaxing weekend trips into the nearby mountains and exploring his new home. Read on for more…

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Mason and his 90s Bianchi Basket Bike

By Cass Gilbert on April 18, 2023

18 Discussion

In this Rider and Rig, Cass Gilbert chats with airplane mechanic and self-confessed roadside scavenger Mason Steinbrueck about his 1991 Bianchi Advantage, an eclectic build that includes a homemade mushroom-themed framebag, a self-brazed front rack, a collection of orphaned dinosaurs, and many time-patinaed components with stories of their own…

Tailfin Top Tube Pack Review
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Tailfin Top Tube Packs Review

By Cass Gilbert on March 30, 2023

30 Discussion

In this review, Cass Gilbert and Neil Beltchenko check out Tailfin’s latest release, a range of five top tube packs available in three sizes and with two closure systems. As we’ve come to expect from this innovative brand, they find there’s far more to these bags than initially meets the eye…

Bedrock Cairn 3D Pro II Bikepacking
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Bedrock Cairn 3D Pro II Review: Escape the Toe Prison!

By Cass Gilbert on December 3, 2021

48 Discussion

After relocating to Mexico, Cass Gilbert rediscovers the joy of cycling in sandals in the dry season and the rainy season alike. For those planning to ride the Baja Divide this winter, or heading to a similarly warm locale, read on for his full review of Bedrock’s Cairn 3D Pro II sandals…

Tailfin Mini Cage Review
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Tailfin Mini Cage Review

By Cass Gilbert on November 25, 2021

17 Discussion

Joining the ever-growing ranks of Tailfin gear comes the Mini Cage, a chopped-in-half version of their Small Cargo Cage that’s designed to carry anything from an inner tube, to a tool kit, to a water bottle, to a Nalgene bottle. Cass Gilbert spent a few months with one permanently affixed to his bike, and reports in for this review…

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Frost+Sekers Quick-Lock Mount and Saddlebag Review

By Cass Gilbert on November 17, 2021

16 Discussion

For those who favour traditional saddlebags to carry their cargo but find fitting and removing them a pain, Frost and Sekers’ stainless steel mounting system adds a classic aesthetic and genuine practicality to your ride, be it for commuting or weekends away. Cass Gilbert took it out on the UK’s Purbeck Bimble and bounced around Mexico’s dirt roads for this review…

Family bikepacking mexico
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Sage, Befriender of Feral Dogs

By Cass Gilbert on November 12, 2021

16 Discussion

Cass Gilbert and his son Sage head out on an overnighter in Mexico. Their mission? To camp out with a view. Listen to music. Eat tacos, memelas, and ice cream. Spend time together. And feed street dogs…

Tailfin Mini Pannier Bag Review
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Tailfin 5L and 10L Mini Pannier Review

By Cass Gilbert on August 19, 2021

62 Discussion

Designed to work with their own baggage system and racks from other brands, Tailfin’s 5L and 10L Mini Panniers are the latest addition to an ever-expanding range. Cass Gilbert tried out a sample set for a few months before their official launch. Read on for full details on how they performed and some longterm feedback on the AeroPack itself…