Neil Beltchenko

Associate Editor & YouTube Host

Neil Beltchenko

Ever since Neil graduated college he has soaked in the mountain life. After riding bikes recreationally for a couple of seasons, he realized he was extremely motivated and began racing.

Neil drank the bikepacking Kool-Aid after completing the AZT 300 as his first bikepacking race in 2013. In 2014 his now-fiancé Lindsay and he launched Bikepacker. What started as a hobby quickly turned into a regularly updated online publication where they created a resource for adventure cycling. They realized how many awesome bike bag manufacturers, routes, and tips there are in this sub industry of cycling, and they wanted to create a lasting resource. absorbed Bikepacker in 2018 and Neil is now the host of our YouTube channel.

When he’s not in the saddle he loves to take photos of the beautiful landscapes the Crested Butte area has to offer. He also really enjoy sipping on a good IPA, watching his favorite team the Chicago White Sox, and hanging out with his lady Lindsay and their dog bowie. If you are ever in the Crested Butte area give them a buzz!

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