The Trans Dolomitics is a 1,200km unsupported road cycling challenge across 5 different regions in Italy.


Date: July 10

Time: 12:00 am


Cost: €129 – €249

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1,200km across 5 different regions, 23,500 D+, 20 historic climbs and passes. Completely unsupported.

One stage: only one and unique stage.

No support: No support is provided. The participants can use only what they have brought with them or what they can find on the route. Every kind of assistance is forbidden out of the help offered from another participant.

Clock never stop: The stopwatch will never stop. It will start on Wednesday 10th July at 10:00 am in Tesero, few kilometers away from the Dolomites, and it will stop at your arrival, with a maximum time of 110 hours for ultracycling RACE MODE or 175 hours for adventure CHALLENGE MODE

Live Tracking: As in the best world trails like Great Divide, Transcontinental Race, Colorado trail and many others, the participants will always be tracked and their position can be checked in real time through the smartphone, also by the participants themselves, online by downloading “Racemap” from Android or iOS. The GPS-GSM device will be provided by T-Track GPS.

Travel book: Every participant will have a travel book that has to be validated in the official check points and in the locations pointed on the travel book.

Ferry on Garda Lake: The ferry that links Toscolano Maderno to Torri del Benaco will be available for about 12 hours from 8:00 am to 7:20 p.m., it will cost 8 € and will take 30 minutes to cross the lake.

Minimum components: for safety reasons, for the entire duration of the event, it is mandatory to have the following components and equipment:

GPS Tracker provided by the organization ALWAYS ON​;
reflective vest for night-time;
survival cloth;
whistle or little bell;
omologated helmet;
double front white light and back red light;
auxiliary battery or powerbank for your smartphone, light and tracker;

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