The new King Cage Mini Thing Cage is a slimmed-down version of their popular Many Thing Cage that’s perfect for carrying any type of bottle that doesn’t fit in a standard cage. Find more details and photos here…

Released back in 2016, the King Cage Manything Cage was the first titanium cargo cage to hit the market. It comes outfitted with three-pack mounts that make it perfect for attaching to cargo forks and lashing bulky gear or oversized bottles onto, and it sports a minimalist design that pairs nicely with a couple of Voile straps. A few of us have been using Manything Cages since the beginning, and they’ve proven to be exceptionally durable and perfectly suited for bikepacking.

King Mini Thing Cage

Just released, the new King Cage Mini Thing Cage builds on the design of the Manything Cage but is smaller and has a slimmer profile that’s suited for carrying any type of bottle that doesn’t quite fit in a standard bottle cage. The Mini Thing Cage uses a two-bolt mounting pattern, instead of three, and has integrated slots for threading the included 12″ Voile Nano Strap through.

King Mini Thing Cage

The Mini Thing Cage is handmade from solid titanium rod in Durango, Colorado, and costs $45 USD. You can find additional details and order one and over at

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