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Porcelain Rocket Mr. Fusion V2
Bikepacking BagsBikepacking Gear

Porcelain Rocket Mr. Fusion V2: 5,000 Mile Review

By Logan Watts on May 23, 2016

61 Discussion

This seat pack has seen a lot. After 5,000 miles and some tough love, it’s time to give the Porcelain Rocket Mr. Fusion V2 the long-haul review it deserves…

Endura Singletrack 2 Review
ApparelBikepacking Gear

Endura Singletrack II Shorts: 365 days a year

By Cass Gilbert on May 11, 2016

20 Discussion

We take Endura’s Singletrack IIs bikepacking in Bolivia, where they prove their worth as a tough-as-nails pair of shorts with handy bonus features – whether you’re in the saddle pedaling, or pressing your way through a hectic Sunday market.

Ultralight Rain Jackets for Bikepacking and Bike Touring
ApparelBikepacking Gear

Ultralight Rain Jackets for Bikepacking and Bike Touring

By Team Work on April 11, 2016

45 Discussion

A quality hardshell is one of the most pivotal items to include on a bikepacking and bike touring trip. Here’s why, what to look for, and reviews of seven waterproof rain jackets under 10oz (280g)…

Bikepacking Predictions

Bikepacking Predictions 2016… what the future may hold.

By Team Work on December 29, 2015

28 Discussion

From a dropper post seat pack to a rainy Tour Divide—we’ve pulled 12 predictions straight from our crystal ball to forecast trends, happenings, and gear innovations for bikepacking in 2016…

Bikepacking Awards, 2015

2015 Bikepacking Awards

By Team Work on December 18, 2015

31 Discussion

In appreciation of all that 2015 has brought us, we’re delighted to announce our first ever, year-end bikepacking awards. Read on to find out our 25 picks, including the ‘Most Inspiring Photo’, ‘Best Short Film’, ‘Ballsiest Trip’, ‘Explorer of The Year’, and more…

Bikepacking FoodPlan

Bikepacking Cuisine: Thai Salmon Curry

By Cass Gilbert on December 7, 2015

4 Discussion

We all know the importance of a full belly at the end of the day to ride-weary bikepackers. And while pretty much everything tastes great after hours in the saddle, in this series of bikepacking recipes, we’ll be suggesting simple, nutritious and easy-to-cook camping cuisine that will help ‘up’ your culinary game.

Vince Colvin Bikepacking sketches
InspirationRider's Lens

Rider’s Lens #002: Vince Colvin, Drawing as a reference.

By Guest on November 12, 2015

4 Discussion

Rider’s Lens #002: the sketches of Vince Colvin, made during his trips around Ecuador, Texas and New Mexico.


A Guide to Bikepacking Guidebooks

By Logan Watts on October 15, 2015

5 Discussion

A collection of bikepacking guidebooks has recently hit the shelves. Here’s a roundup of what each has to offer, and which is the right choice for who…

Bikepacking The Colorado Trail

The Colorado Trail, Denver to Durango

By Devon Balet on July 30, 2015

194 Discussion

The Colorado Trail is one of the premier, long distance bikepacking trails in the US. It travels through the incredible Colorado Rocky Mountains amongst peaks, glacial lakes, creeks, and a spectacular array of ecosystems. The trail dramatically rises and falls with an average elevation of 10,000 feet (3,048 meters) and tops out above 13,000 feet […]

Bikepacking Photography Gear Lists
Bike PhotographyPlan

Shooting From The Saddle Vol. 02: Bikepacking Photography Gear

By Logan Watts on June 10, 2015

31 Discussion

What’s the best gear to capture great bikepacking photos? Here are bikepacking photography gear lists and insights from six noteworthy photographers …

Porcelain Rocket Orbiter Roll-top Frame bag
Bikepacking BagsBikepacking Gear

Porcelain Rocket Orbiter: Roll-top Zipperless Frame Bag

By Logan Watts on May 14, 2015

12 Discussion

The next generation of frame bags are zipperless. The Porcelain Rocket Orbiter frame bag uses a roll-top design inspired by long-term bikepacking expeditions…

Shooting From The Saddle - Bike Photography Tips
Bike PhotographyInspiration

Shooting from the Saddle Vol. 01: Tips

By Logan Watts on April 8, 2015

10 Discussion

Bikepacking not only allows people to access interesting and beautiful places, it also offers a slow and contemplative means of exploration that’s conducive to photography. We asked six skilled photographers to share their bikepacking photography tips back in 2015.