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Bombtrack Beyond Plus 2 Review
Bikepacking BikesHardtail & RigidPlus Bikes

Bombtrack Beyond+ 2 Review: Up and over the Alps

By Cass Gilbert on October 11, 2018

39 Discussion

With just six years of business under its belt, Germany-based Bombtrack Bikes has grown quickly. It now offers a wide and exciting range of adventure-ready bikes, many of them designed with bikepackers in mind. Cass Gilbert takes a Bombtrack Beyond+ 2 up and over the European Alps, and reports back on the ride…

Pedaled Mido Riding Boot Review
ApparelBikepacking Gear

Pedaled Mido Boot Review: Handsome but Costly

By Cass Gilbert on September 26, 2018

35 Discussion

$305 dollars for a pair of non-clipless riding shoes? After spending a European summer in a pair of PEdALED’s Mido Boots – subjecting them to a prolonged soaking on the Trans Alp bikepacking route in the process – Cass Gilbert wonders whether it’s a price worth paying for such undeniably handsome riding shoes…

Franzi Rider Rig Bombtrack Beyond +
Bikepacking BikesRider & Rig

Rider and Rig: Franzi and her Bombtrack Beyond Plus

By Cass Gilbert on September 21, 2018

10 Discussion

As the writer and photographer behind Tales on Tyres, Franzi Wernsing has spent the last few years wandering the world on two wheels. After following her popular Instagram feed, Cass Gilbert finally got the chance to catch up with her in person on the Trans Alp bikepacking route, to get the full lowdown on her Bombtrack Beyond+, dig deeper into her passion for photography, and find out how she and her partner Jona juggle life on the road…

Kitsbow Icon V2 Shirt
ApparelBikepacking Gear

Kitsbow Icon V2 review: a shirt to live in

By Cass Gilbert on July 26, 2018

24 Discussion

The best clothes are those you can ride in, wear to your local coffee shop, and maybe even use as a pillow, reckons Cass Gilbert. Adding a sense of style to his bikepacking wardrobe, he comes to the conclusion that the technically cut, Kitsbow Icon V2 flannel shirt is here to stay, patches and all…

Tumbleweed Prospector Altiplano Guide Bikepacking
Bikepacking Gear ListsPlan

Lessons Learned: What to Pack for the Altiplano

By Cass Gilbert on July 12, 2018

33 Discussion

After completing a trip through Bolivia and Northern Chile, Cass Gilbert talks us through his setup choices for touring on the South American Altiplano, including thoughts on weight versus practicality, the benefits of running a modular setup over a long trip, a core packlist, what survived and what didn’t, and a couple of nutritious, high plain recipes.

Trans Ecuador Mountain Bike Route TEMBR
Bikepacking VideosPlanRoute Reports

Video Guide to the Trans Ecuador MTB Route

By Logan Watts on June 20, 2018

16 Discussion

In our first-ever video route guide, filmmaker Jay Ritchey and Cass Gilbert offer a stunning and informative look at the Trans Ecuador Mountain Bike Route. If you aren’t familiar with the TEMBR, this is a must-watch feature. And if you’re considering riding the route, this film will surely have you packing your bags…

Bedrock Cairn Adventure sandals review
ApparelBikepacking Gear

Bedrock Cairn Adventure Sandals: 800 Miles in Baja

By Cass Gilbert on May 15, 2018

37 Discussion

Bikepacking in sandals? And non-clipless ones, at that? Cass Gilbert rides 800 Baja Californian miles in a pair of Bedrock Cairn Adventure Sandals to see what all the Instagram fuss is about… and reports back on how they felt for long distance bikepacking and whether he stubbed his toes…

El Silencio, Poderings from the pamper, bikepacking
Feature Stories

El Silencio: Ponderings From The Pampa

By Cass Gilbert on January 18, 2018

35 Discussion

Peruvians call it El Silencio. The highest reaches of the country’s Andean mountains is a quiet, startlingly beautiful, and unrelenting harsh pocket of the world, interlinked by rugged mining roads and faint alpaca trails. But despite its challenges, there’s nowhere quite like it to ride your bicycle, promises Cass Gilbert, as he ponders the cathartic quality of the solo tour and learns to savour its solitude.

Tahoe Twirl Video
Bikepacking VideosInspiration

Ryan Van Duzer Tackles the Tahoe Twirl

By Logan Watts on July 20, 2020

19 Discussion

Ryan Van Duzer recently snuck out for a ride on our Tahoe Twirl bikepacking route. Along the way he made a series of videos to document the ride and the route. Watch them here alongside some nice stills by photographer Dominic Gill…

Baja Divide, Esker Hayduke, Surfing
Bikepacking GuidesPlan

A DIY Approach to Surfing Baja’s Cape Loop

By Guest on June 18, 2020

21 Discussion

On a $100 budget, Dan Stranahan bought a used surfboard and built a homemade rack to haul it on his bike so he could ride between surf spots on the Baja Divide’s Cape Loop. Find his guide to sourcing a cheap board, making a DIY rack, and finding the best waves in Baja here…

Iditarod Trail Invitational, Fat Biking, RJ Sauer

Isolation Archives: Our All-Time Favorite Bikepacking Stories

By Lucas Winzenburg on May 22, 2020

10 Discussion

Presenting the second installment of the Isolation Archives, our roundup of highlights from our deep well of bikepacking content. This time around, our editors share their favorite bikepacking stories of all time. See our picks here…

Bikepacking Journal 04

Last Call for The Bikepacking Journal 04!

By Lucas Winzenburg on April 16, 2020

12 Discussion

The deadline to join our Bikepacking Collective and have your membership kick off with the Issue 04 of The Bikepacking Journal is tomorrow at 11:59 PM EDT! Find out what a membership includes here, plus a list of upcoming giveaways and a peek at the exclusive Baja Divide map included with each copy…