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Friday Debrief: Anchor Bar, DIY Survey, Packable Pogies, Chunk in Canada, and More…

By Team Work on December 15, 2023

4 Discussion

This week’s Debrief features the new Stridsland Anchor Bar, revamped Black Hole Duffels, CNC-machined Pinion cranks, packable pogies, a DIY survey, Raw Silver components, and more. Find it all here…

Flip Flop Pedal DIY

Flip-Flop Pedal DIY

By Logan Watts on December 6, 2023

23 Discussion

Curious about Goat’s flip-flop pedals shown in our Crust Scapegoat review yesterday? Find a little more backstory and a step-by-step video tutorial that walks through how to make your very own DIY flip-flop pedals here…

Friday Debrief

Friday Debrief: Ideal 2x Gearing, DIY Tool Pouch, MADE Interviews, IMBA/Diné Trail School, and more

By Team Work on September 1, 2023

30 Discussion

This week’s Debrief features the ideal 2x gearing, a new handlebar harness collaboration, a DIY tool pouch, a light mount that doubles as a crank bolt tool, MADE video interviews, the IMBA/Diné Trail Care School, two events to follow live, and much more. Find it all here…

Rackhacker Cannier DIY Kit
DispatchNew Bikepacking Gear

Rackhackers Cannier DIY Kit Turns Plastic Containers Into Panniers

By Miles Arbour on August 17, 2023

7 Discussion

The new Rackhackers Cannier DIY Kit includes everything you need to transform large plastic containers into a sturdy set of panniers. Find photos, the backstory, and more info here…

Ergon 2024 Grips
DispatchNew Components

New 2024 Ergon Grips, Saddle, and DIY Fit Kit Announced

By Miles Arbour on June 28, 2023

12 Discussion

Ergon just teased some new grips and saddles to celebrate their 20th anniversary, and they’ll be available next spring. Find a sneak peek at what’s coming from the German brand here…

DIY Cargo Bike video

How to Build a DIY Cargo Bike (Video)

By Logan Watts on May 17, 2023

5 Discussion

YouTuber Elliot Andal built a small, easy-to-ride, easy(ish)-to-build, DIY cargo bike with minimal tools, an old steel frame, some scrap parts, and a little creativity. Watch the video documenting the process here…

DIY Seat Packs
Bikepacking BagsPlan

Bikepacking Hacks: 3 DIY Seat Packs

By Logan Watts on February 15, 2022

24 Discussion

Seat packs and saddlebags are quintessential pieces of bikepacking gear, but they’re often pricey. In our latest Bikepacking Hacks video, Neil walks through some simple and affordable DIY solutions for carrying gear at the rear end of your bike. Watch it here and find a list of options and notes we put together for other low-budget seat pack solutions…

DIY Handlebar Bag
Bikepacking BagsPlan

Bikepacking Hacks: Budget & DIY Handlebar Bags

By Logan Watts on February 9, 2022

23 Discussion

Getting into bikepacking can seem expensive and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. In our first Bikepacking Hacks video, Neil talks through a few free and cheap ways to carry gear on your handlebars…

Make Your Own Stem Bag, Feed Bag, bikepacking

We’re Looking for DIY Bikepacking Gear Guides!

By Lucas Winzenburg on December 27, 2021

16 Discussion

We love making our own bikepacking gear and finding money-saving DIY hacks, and we’re looking for more MYOBG (Make Your Own Bikepacking Gear) tutorials from the community. Curious to know more or have one to share? Browse our existing how-to guides and find a link to submit your own here…

Favorite bike shop tools video
AccessoriesBikepacking Gear

Our Favorite Bike Shop Tools (Video) + A DIY Bike Pulley System

By Logan Watts on September 22, 2021

8 Discussion

Working on your own bike can be a fun and rewarding task, but it’s not possible without the proper tools to do so. In this video, Neil shares six of the most used and loved tools he keeps in his shop and also asks Logan and Miles to chime in with one tool they frequently use, too. Plus, a DIY bike pulley storage system, one of Logan’s personal favorites…

Baja Divide, Esker Hayduke, Surfing
Bikepacking GuidesPlan

A DIY Approach to Surfing Baja’s Cape Loop

By Guest on June 18, 2020

20 Discussion

On a $100 budget, Dan Stranahan bought a used surfboard and built a homemade rack to haul it on his bike so he could ride between surf spots on the Baja Divide’s Cape Loop. Find his guide to sourcing a cheap board, making a DIY rack, and finding the best waves in Baja here…

DIYgravel Dirty Kanza Ted King
Bikepacking VideosInspiration

Ted King’s DIYGravel (Film)

By Joe Cruz on June 11, 2020

34 Discussion

Last night Ted King premiered a film on his inspiring gravel ride across the state of Vermont via the forthcoming VTXL bikepacking route. He pedaled 310 miles (499 kilometers) with 35,000ft (10,700m) of climbing—90% of which was on dirt—in under 23 hours. Watch the video here along with a Q&A with Ted and the filmmakers.