Rigs of the 2019 Colorado Trail Race (CTR)

This year’s Colorado Trail Race kicks off this weekend with over 80 riders registered to ride from Durango to Denver along Colorado’s highest and toughest singletrack. Over 40 participants sent in photos of their rigs along with details about their kit. See them all here…

Here are the riders and rigs of the this year’s Colorado Trail Race. The grand depart rolls out from Durango, CO, this coming Sunday, July 28th at 4:00 AM (follow along here). Thanks to a passionate group of participants, we’ve compiled a list of over 40 rigs, each accompanied with the name, age, and hometown of the rider, as well as a brief commentary on their bags and kit. A big thank you to all the riders who sent in your photos and information. Good luck out there, and enjoy the ride!



Rigs of the 2019 Colorado Trail Race

THE BIKE: I will be riding a 2016 Salsa Beargrease fatbike with a custom painted (by me) Rock Shox Bluto 120mm travel fork that I color matched to the frame color, Maxxis Minion FBR and FBF 26 x 2.4″ tires set up tubeless, SRAM Eagle 1×12 with an Absolute Black 32 tooth oval chainring and 10-50 cassette, SRAM Decendent carbon cranks with DUB bottom bracket graciously donated by a good friend, Crank Brothers Candy pedals with custom stainless steel bearings and titanium axles, 70mm Whiskey carbon No.7 wheels with Industry Nine hubs, full carbon saddle, Whiskey carbon seat post, 820mm wide Race Face Six C bar with 35mm clamp, Shimano XT brakes with 160mm rotors and Ice Tech pads, and Salsa foam grips.
BAGS: I am using a combination of Bedrock Bags: seat bag, gas tank (but placed back at the seat post), BOT specific downtube bag, and SPOT holder. Also using a Revelate Salsa specific frame bag and Sweet Roll handlebar bag and a Novarra Map bag with a transparent top for maps located on the top of the stem.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I really like my Bedrock Bags BOT specific bag with the BOT because the BOT is so useful for carrying water and/or gear and tucks away down low on the frame next to the chainring. The Bedrock Bags SPOT holder is also a great way to carry the SPOT tracker on the bike. I also really like my Sea to Summit SP Spark Sleeping bag and my Sierra Designs Flashlight 1FL tent because they are so small and lightweight and provide lots of comfort when camping. I also carry an MSR Whisperlite stove because I like to have hot food and tea along the way for that little extra bit of comfort.

Scott Sidener

Age 48 / Lexington, SC (390ft) (USA)

Rigs of the 2019 Colorado Trail Race

THE BIKE: Modified titanium Salsa Mukluk single speed fat bike
BAGS: Long story: Savannah Bigboy is Dine, of the Edgewater Clan. She was raised in the Four Corners area in Cortez, Colorado. Both her grandmothers weaving contributed to her style of painting. They taught her what it was to be an artist and a Dine woman. She is a traveler, wandering soul, and an artist. In preparation for CTR this year, I decided design and fabricate my 4th generation of Dyneema Composite Fabric (DCF, aka Cuben Fiber) race packs. I wanted to do something very special with these bags. Given how much the area and landscape has touched my soul, I wanted these packs to have a design created by, and representing, the Native American people and culture of the area. Savannah created a beautiful painting for me. Titled “Hummingbird in Flowers”, it represents a hummingbird in flowers in the desert at night with the stars above and the earth below it. Given the constraints of the design of the bags, I couldn’t truly represent the beauty of Savannah’s original work, however, I hope I was able to honor her creativity and intent. I had custom DCF fabric printed from her original painting and used it to create these packs.I am so excited to have and represent her beautiful and meaningful work as I embark upon my journey across the Colorado trail in a few weeks. I am truly honored to be bringing these with me this year. In my mind, the hummingbird will be coming with me and maybe, just maybe, I can fly light and fast through the nights like a hummingbird and be at one with this journey.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Prototype kLite front light, personally designed prototype charging electronics packed into a gutted Garmin external battery pod. The whole charging system is very efficient and uses a custom designed cache battery that switches between the bike in daylight and the helmet light at night. You can also see my prototype “fishing rod holder” on the front fork :)

Joshua Peter

Age 28 / Denver, CO (USA)

Rigs of the 2019 Colorado Trail Race

THE BIKE: I’ll be rollin’ a Trek Mustache with WTB 3.0 tough casing Rangers and a 26T chainring.
BAGS: I’m running a collection of bags. The Bedrock Bags Moab Handlebar, a custom frame bag from Bedrock Bags, a gas tank from Andrew the Maker, and a few from Revelate Designs.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: The piece I’m most excited about is my Bedrock Bags Moab Handlebar bag. This thing is a one of a kind gem. It packs a ton of my stuff and relocates the weight of the bag so well that it’s hardly even noticeable while riding. Besides that, I’m super stoked about that frame bag Tony’s Chocolonely Bar and jar of almond butter I’ll have stashed away which you know is gonna be breakfast one day.

Artec Durham

Age 33 / Flagstaff, AZ (USA)

Rigs of the 2019 Colorado Trail Race

THE BIKE: My bike of choise for the Colorado Trail is a Kona Hei Hei DL 29er with a Maxxis Ardent Race 2.35 in front and a Aspen 2.25 in rear. The Hei Hei is nice and slack with a 68 degree HT angle and has a Fox 34 120mm fork for a more Trail Bike feel, complete with a 6″ droper post (of which I will be able to use 4″). Drivetrain is Sram 12 speed with a 32T oval front chain ring. This will be my third time riding the Coloardo Trail on a Hei Hei, I think it’s the perfect michine for the task, remember 70k of climbing means 70k of decending!
BAGS: The Hei Hei is fited with custum bags made by Rogue Panda Designs right here in my home town of Flagstaff, AZ. I particulary like the Zebra print top tube bag! For hydration I will be using the new Bismarck Bottle Bucket by Rogue Panda with a 1L bottle. With an aditional 1L bottle on the fork I wont have to carry any water on my back.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’m in Love with my Sea to Summit Aeros Pillow, although some people think bringing a pillow on the CTR is rediculous, they don’t know what they’re missing! For a shelter I will be using a Big Agnes Fly Creek UL1. For navigation I’ll be carrying an eTrex 30, with a backup track on my phone.

Joe Tonsager

Age 37 / Denver, Colorado (USA)

Rigs of the 2019 Colorado Trail Race

THE BIKE: I’ll be pedaling a 2019 Salsa Horsethief down the Colorado Trail. 29×2.6 DHR II up front and 29×2.5 Agressor rear. Industry Nine Backcountry 360 wheelset w/ Hydra hubs. Eagle 1×11 with 28T elliptical chainring, ESI grips and SQlabs saddle. Rockshox 140mm Pike up front.
BAGS: All handmade in Colorado by me, JPaks! A full set of JPaks including: Dropper SeatPak, FramePak, FarvaPak, RukSaks and a custom H-BarPak and downtube BattPak. No backpack needed with the extra frame space Salsa squeezed out of the new Horsetheif. The highlight being the custom bolt-in FramePak that utilizes the stock H2O mounts and some adhesive velcro to hold in in place and has storage for daaaays! 70oz hydration bladder in the FramePak and 1 bottle on the stem.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Black Diamond bipod bivy for shelter with Seat to Summit Micro MCII down sleeping bag and pillow. No ground pad. A small Primus stove and Salsa ti mug will accompany me this trip for those cold, rainy afternoons and mornings. Also carrying a Limefuel 20,000mah cache battery, Light and motion Trail FC1000 light as well as Black Diamond Icon headlamp and a Garmin Edge 810 for Nav. Also bringing a Dakine Hot Laps 5L hip pack for those bonus trail beers!

Eric Morton

Age 36 / Salida, CO (USA)

Rigs of the 2019 Colorado Trail Race

THE BIKE: 2019 Santa Cruz BlurC, GX Eagle build and a 28 oval chainring. (23 lbs unloaded/42 lbs loaded with food & water)
BAGS: Centerpiece is a custom Jpaks frame bag and custom Jpaks “fat” Barrito. Everything else is OvejaNegra. (Might run a RockGeist Gondola if I need more dropper post room)
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Sleeping setup stays super compact and light with an Enlightened Equipment quilt, custom RockGeist bug bivvy, and Big Agnes AXL Air. And so I have warm coffee and soup, I’m taking an ultralight Ti cooking setup at only .78 lbs.

Max Milburn

Age 30 / Jackson, WY (USA)

Rigs of the 2019 Colorado Trail Race

THE BIKE: I call my bike Nintendo 65 (I pretend I’m in a video game when I bikepack) Its a 2017 Specialized Stumpjumper running 27.5 x 3” Ikon tires. Eagle 1×12 drivetrain. Ergon cork grips modified to allow Cane Creek bar ends. Ive got a Son Dynamo With a Sinewave Beacon attached.
BAGS: Custom Rockgeist fame bag. Salsa top tube. Revelate seat pack, jerrycan, and 2x mtn feedbags.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: A cool feature of my bike is all the stash spots. I can fill my downtube with stuff by accessing the hollow space through a little door where a waterbottle cage is traditionally mounted. In there I put all the things I hope not to use (tubes, repair, first aid.) I have a SWAT multitool that clips directly to the bike via a plastic bracket above the rear shock. My chain breaker tool hides inside the stem cap. I think these features are totally awesome, but I’m a giant nerd. Ill be bringing the Big Agnes Fly Creek UL 1 Bikepack tent attached to the handlebars, and a full Neo Air sleeping pad.

Adam Lisonbee

Age 41 / Highland, UT (USA)

Rigs of the 2019 Colorado Trail Race

THE BIKE: I’ll be riding a Trek Stache 9.7 with 2.6 Maxxis Rekon tires, Bontrager Kovee Pro 30 rims, and a SRAM XO drivetrain.
BAGS: My gear will go into custom frame bags from Broadfork, an Oveja Negra seat bag, and a sweet roll from Revelate Designs. I’ll also be wearing an Osprey Syncro 5 on my back.

Steve Denny

Age 30 / Aspen, CO (USA)

Rigs of the 2019 Colorado Trail Race

THE BIKE: Why Cycles Wayward 29+ on carbon wheels and Maxxis Chronicles. SRAM Eagle X01 drivetrain with that Gold XX1 chain and Cranks. Wolftooth 32T oval chainring. XTR Levers w/ XT 4 pistons. MRP Ribbon fork. Why Ti bars. Ergon grips and saddle. SON hub w/ Klite light and charger. DT350 in the back.
BAGS: Rockgeist everything. Running his Barjam front harness with Sealine Blocker drybag. Custom frame bag with map pocket. Foxglove Saddlebag. And a pair of Honeypots and possibly a Cache bag (not pictured) on the Spacelink.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I ride CB Mallet pedals on the bikepacking rig, for easy on and off plus the always useful HAB scooter. Got a couple 29+ Tubolitos in the fix kit, along with a OneUp Components EDC toolkit to keep it all slim and trim. Enlightened Equipment quilt and the new Ultimate Direction FK Tarp + bike addon (fairly real shelter in case it’s like CTR 2017 all over). Neoair shorty. Etrex for nav, Garmin for stats. Stylin’ outfit and some big sunglasses because that’s how we roll in Aspen…

Josh Uhl

Age 27 / Boulder, Colorado (USA)

Rigs of The Colorado Trail Race, cTR

THE BIKE: I’ll be riding my Chumba Stella TI single speed (32×22) with Niner carbon fork rolling on 27.5 Velocity Blunt 35s. A Moonmen Moonriser Bar, i9 front and rear hubs. Maxxis Rekon+ 27.5 x 2.8’s, TRP Spyke brakes and a Sinewave Beacon light.
BAGS: JPaks Bags
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: 2019 Tour Divide Pie Town headset top cap, and a Living The Fu♥king Dream patch.

Petr Ineman

Age 41 / Grove, IL (USA)

Rigs of the Colorado Trail Race, CTR, 2019

THE BIKE: I’ll be riding the CTR on a board of my trusted Carver Gnarvester 29+ TI hardtail with a Fox 34 float SC fork and a Nextie/DT Swiss wheelset with 29×3 WTB Ranger tires. I’m running a Son dynamo hub to power up my light and a Sinewave USB charger. The drivetrain consists of a 1×12 Sram Eagle XO1, a Crane Creek’s eeWings crankset with a Wolftooth ss Camo 28t chain ring.
BAGS: My setup is a mix of a Revelate Designs (front Sweet roll/w pocket, Feedbags, Terrapin 8l seat bag, Polecat dry bag); The Bike bag dude frame bag with 2 liter Hydropak water blader. Bedrock Bags Dakota tank top tube bag. The BarYak system is supporting the front roll and making an extra room for electronics, a light and a Garmin Edge 830 for the navigation. The King cage accessory cages on the fork and the down tube.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: THE GEAR: My sleep system is a combo of a Nemo Apollo pyramid shelter, a Enlightenment Equipment Recon bivy, a BA Axl air pad and a Thermarest Vesper quilt.

Michael Devitt

Age 51 / Boise, Idaho (USA)

Rigs of the Colorado Trail Race, CTR, 2019

THE BIKE: Specialized Epic FSR 29, Eock Shox Reba fork, Vitoria Mezcal Trail tires 2.1 rear, 2.35 front, Ergon grips and saddle.
Bags: J-Paks gas tank, Rogue Panda custom frame bag, Ortlieb seat bag
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Sleep System: Enlightened Equipment 900-fill quilt, Klymit sleeping pad, OR Alpine bivy. Just in Case: Esbit titanium stove and cup, so I can enjoy a hot cup of coffee while waiting out a Colorado thunderstorm.

Tim Tait

Age 36 / Salt Lake City, UT (USA)

Rigs of the Colorado Trail Race, CTR, 2019

THE BIKE: I’ll be riding the Colorado Trail on an Ibis DV9. I’m running 29 x 2.4″ Maxxis Ardents, 32T with Eagle, a Roval Traverse SL wheel in the back and a DT Swiss M502 rim laced to a SP Dynamo up front. The front end is super plush with ergon grips,ENVE handlebar and a Fox 34 140mm fork.
BAGS: The centerpiece of my bag setup is a custom Rockgeist frame bag. I am also running a Apidura seat pack, Bedrock gas tank and Honoker bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’m really enjoying my Ti Fabrications seatpost and Sea to Summit Spark Ultralight sleeping bag.

Eddie Urcadez

Age 56 / Denver, Colorado (USA)

Rigs of the Colorado Trail Race, CTR, 2019

THE BIKE: I’ll be riding the Colorado Trail on my Niner Air 9 RDO with a Fox Float 29 100mm fork. I’ll be running Maxxis Ikon 2.2 front/rear on Stans Crest ZTR wheels. Sram Eagle GX Drivetrain with 32T up front and 10/50T bringing up the rear.
BAGS: Revelate Designs Terrapin Seat Bag, Ranger frame bag and two Mountain feed bags. A Rogue Panda Oracle Downtube bag and a Rockgeist Barjam Harness to hold Sea to Summit Compression Dry bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Sierra Design Nitro Quilt 800 35 degree, Backcountry Bivy, and a Big Agnes AXL air pad. For navigation I’ll be using the Garmin Etrex 20x

Eric Zubick

Age 46 / Simi Valley, CA (USA)

Rigs of the Colorado Trail Race, CTR, 2019

THE BIKE: I’ll be racing the 2019 Colorado Trail Race on a 2019 Specialized Sworks Epic Evo with 12 speed XTR drivetrain and brakes with a wolf tooth 30 tooth front ring. I’m running Maxxis Ardent Race 2.35 EXO, 3C, TR. maxx speed on the front. On the back it’s a 2.2 Maxxis Ikon with all the same protection as the front. Sealed with 2 scoops of Stans race sealant. I’ve got a Spank Vibrocore 180 bar trimmed to 140mm with Ergon GS3 grips. Two Nightrider 750’s light my way at night from the bars and a Nightrider 950 sits on my helmet. I’ll be sitting on a Specialized Sworks Phenom saddle 143mm wide.
BAGS: The center of attention is a custom Fiber Flight 2.92 Cuben Fiber Hybrid frame bag from Rockgeist. It’s extra sweet thanks to the flared nose and the black sparkle zipper. The saddle bag is a Bedrock bags Black Dragon dropper Seat Bag with a Wolftooth Valais to keep the post safe from chaffing. At least something will be safe! The top tube has a Oveja Negra Snack Pack small aft and a Revelate Designs Mag Tank 2000 up front to hold a ton of calories for easy access. I may switch this out for a more weather proof Oveja Negra XL Snack Pack. I’m also running the Bedrock Bags Tapeats Handlebar Bag OG version on the left side. On the right is a Revelate Designs Mountain Feedbag. The bar mounted bag up front is the Revelate Designs Pronghorn medium to hold my tent and sleep setup. In front of that is a Oveja Negra Lunchbox Handlebar bag. Under the down tube are 2 storage 2 bags. The orange one is from Rockgeist to hold tent stakes. The black one is from Wolftooth called the B-Rad Roll-Top bag and it holds all of my repair stuff including 2 Tubolito tubes. Thanks to all of the makers of this awesome gear!
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: The biggest highlight for me is to be racing next to my 17 year old son Hunter. The Zpaks, Duplex Tent is looking to be pretty awesome. Also, the BarYak ultra setup is really nice for extra cockpit and mounting space up front. The bike with 2 liters of water and little food is just under 46 pounds. See you in Denver!

Hunter Zubick

Age 17 / Simi Valley, California (USA)

2019 Colorado Trail race Rigs

THE BIKE: Riding for INCYCLE, Tasco, PhysioPhyx Sports Nutrition! I’ll be racing the ColoRado Trail on a size Large~ Specialized Sworks Epic with SRAM AXS drivetrain. It’s a 1×12 with a 30 Tooth front ring. I’ll be running some sort of awesome tire combo from KENDA tires. Put on after my Mountain Bike Nationals Race on Saturday July, 27 in Winter Park. Thanks, Roger! Three Nightrider 850 lights will be turning night into daylight. Spank Vibrocore bars with Ergon GS3 grips to control the rig.
BAGS: The nucleus of the rig is my custom made Fiber Flight series frame bag from Rockgeist. 2 Oveja Negra Chuckbuckets to hold water bottles and food. Out front I have a set of Baryak Expedition 2019 bar rails with a 12 inch carbon cross bar to mount my Wahoo Bolt, 2 Nightrider 850 lights and a Baryak Talon Harness with a Sea to Summit 20L event dry sac. Oveja Negra XL Snack pack and a Snack Pack Small in the Wack Pack colorway. Bedrock Bags Black Dragon Dropper Seat Bag attached to a Wolf Tooth Valais dropper seat post bag adaptor.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Personal highlight is racing with my Dad! The highlight of my gear is definitely the SRAM AXS drivetrain, the SOL Escape Bivy and the Oveja Negra hip Pack in the wack pack color way as well. Denver or bust!!

Timon Fish

Albuquerque, NM (USA)

Rigs of the Colorado Trail Race, CTR, 2019

THE BIKE: XL Giant Anthem Advanced 29er, SRAM XX1, Fox Float, Thomson cockpit/seatpost (dropper TBD), Ergon Saddle and Fat Ergon Grips. Maxxis Ikon 2.35 Exo in the rear and Maxxis Ardent 2.4 in front.
BAGS: Nuclear Sunrise Stitchworks custom frame bag with Revelate Mag-Tank, Jerrycan and Feedbag for food.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Fenix BT10 & LD22, Garmin eTrex 30, Enlightened Equipment Torrid Pants & Jacket. OR Helium Bivy. Arc’teryx Norvan Jacket, OR Helium pants, PI arm/leg warmers, warm gloves, warm socks, hat, Katadyn filter, Osprey pack, tools/tubes and food.

Corrie Smith

Age 40 / Anchorage, AK (USA)

Rigs of the Colorado Trail Race, CTR, 2019

THE BIKE: Riding a Norco Revolver. Tires are Ardent race 29×3.35 in the front and Ardent Icon 29×2.35 in rear. 1×11 drivetrain with a 28T oval chainring, and a sweet gold chain. Ergon grips and a wtb seat that I stole off my Otso fatbike!
BAGS: Using a Revelate Vole seatpost bag, custom made frame bag, and lots of feed bags.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’ll have a water bottle on my down tube and lots of water on my back. I’ll be carrying lots of warm and waterproof clothing and a bivy/sleeping bag/pad.

Courtney Sockwell

Age 41 / Centennial, CO (USA)

Rigs of the Colorado Trail Race, CTR, 2019

THE BIKE: Santa Cruz Bronson V2 C
BAGS: Revelate bags and one Bedrock handlebar bag.

John Price

Age 33 / Ojo Caliente, NM (USA)

Rigs of the Colorado Trail Race, CTR, 2019

THE BIKE: I’ll be riding an Advocate Cycles (now Esker cycles) Hayduke, steel frame, hardtail with fall line dropper post 27.5 x 2.6 maxxis vegan tires.
BAGS: Rogue Panda frame bag and Schmidt Dynamo hub. For my bags I’ve got tools and parts in a Revelate Jerry can, food in Revelate gas tank and feed bags with a sleep system stuffed in the frame bag with water bladder for extra h2o and some clothes to keep me warm in my backpack.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Gear highlights include some water proof socks, second hand vegan Jersey and head band to keep my hair and sweat at Bay. Also a wolf finger puppet attached to handlebars to remind that I’m racing this to raise money for a non profit to “end the war on wildlife”

Lewis Ciddor

Age 30 / Melbourne, Australia

Rigs of the Colorado Trail Race, CTR, 2019

THE BIKE: Giant Anthem Advanced 29, Curve Cycling 30×30 wheels, K-Lite Ultra light, SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain, Shimano XT brakes.
BAGS: Bike Bag Dude custom frame bag and gas tank, Revelate Vole saddle bag and feed bags, Overland Gear handlebar bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: The centrepiece of my sleep kit is a 180g half sleeping bag made in Melbourne by Evan at Terra Rosa Gear. Paired with my puffer jacket and SOL Escape Lite Bivy for a 635g setup.

Ty Hopkins

Age 48 / American Fork, UT (USA)

Rigs of the Colorado Trail Race, CTR, 2019

THE BIKE: Canyon Lux, Fox Float SC32, XX1 Drivetrain, Roval Control SL Wheels
BAGS: Custom Broadfork frame and Toptube bags, Apidura Bar and Seat bags
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Favorite piece of gear: MLD Bivy.

Emma Holgate

Age 35 / Fort William, Scotland, UK

Rigs of the Colorado Trail Race, CTR, 2019

THE BIKE: The bike I’ll be riding has done a lot with me, it is a Trek Stache 9, modified/grown with age. Exciting parts are 29er DT swiss wheels with 29×3.0 maxxis chronicles, RockShox Yari’s, 1×12 SRAM Eagle drive chain, Ergon Grips, Hope X2 brakes.
BAGS: This bike has character attached, a total mishmash! Some high value & bargain buys, birthday treat is a Revelate Mag tank XL, then there is an ageing Specialized front harness to a UK designed frame bag by Altura.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: A super snuggly Rab Nutrino Pro 400 sleeping bag, a high priority of mine is not to get chilly when trying to get the power naps in. An Alp Kit micro sized stove for hot treats. Next favourite lightweight kit is my team Endura, Nevis Cycles gillet, colourful & functional.

Huw Oliver

Age 28 / Nomadic, Scotland

Rigs of the Colorado Trail Race, CTR, 2019

THE BIKE: I’ll be riding a Santa Cruz Tallboy 3 on the Colorado Trail, set with a 130mm travel Fox 34, and rolling on Hope Pro4 hugs laced to Stan’s Arch Mk3 time wearing 29 x 2.35 Maxxis Ardent Race and Rekon Race tyres. I’ll be using Hope Tech3 X2 brakes and a GX Eagle drivetrain with a 28t Wolftooth Camo chainring.
BAGS: I’ll be using a Revelate full-suspension framebag alongside their Pronghorn harness with small dyneema drybag, Vole seatpack and my favourite XL gas tank for snacks. I’m also planning to use their Joey downtube bag to store extra food, and an Inov8 race vest for water and overflow storage on my back.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: For sleeping, I’ll use a custom Borah Gear eVent bivvy bag, a Cumulus 150 quilt and a Klymit Inertia X-lite sleeping pad.

Annie Evans

Age 29 / St Andrews, Fife, Scotland

Rigs of the Colorado Trail Race, CTR, 2019

THE BIKE: custom steel Swarf Cycles hardtail, made in peebles scotland. 27.5 on WTB scrapers with maxxis chronicles. Hope hubs for that bear scaring click and hope X2 brakes. I’m running an oval absolute black 26 chainring and slx 11-46.
BAGS: Bags are a full Revelate setup, harness and salty roll for sleeping bag and clothes, mag tank 2000 and Jerry can for snacks, frame bag for tools and food and baby terapin for tent and first aid.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’m using a Hyperlight Dirigo 2 tent in case of savage thunderstorm rain and drinking from a katadyn be free filter.

Greg Gleason

Age 52 / Sioux Falls, SD (USA)

Rigs of the Colorado Trail Race, CTR, 2019

THE BIKE: My 2019 CTR rig will be on a titanium Binary Bicycles SuperB. The bike features a new pair of Maxxis Ardent Race tires, a SRAM Eagle XO 1×12 drivetrain with a 32T chainring, and Specialized Roval Control carbon rear wheel with DT Swiss 350 hub and a Nextie Carbon front wheel with a SON Dynamo hub. And a kLite lighting system to light my way into the late night hours.
BAGS: My bags consist of a Revelate Design’s Sweet Roll, Jerry Can, two Mountain Feedbags, Bike Bag Dude gas tank and the Revelate Design Terrapin dropper post bag on the rear.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: My sleep system: My comfy sleep system consist of a Klymit Inertia pad with a Klymit Pillow X pillow, Montbell Breeze Dry-Tec bivy, Alpine Ultra Half Bag and a Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Down Jacket. I will be carrying an eTrex 30x for navigation and an Edge 1000 for backup and daily stats.

Josh Cameron

Age 41 / Fort Collins, CO (USA)

Rigs of the Colorado Trail Race, CTR, 2019

THE BIKE: Specialized Stumpjumper carbon expert frame, I use an E13 cassette 46-9 1×11 drivetrain and SRAM shifter and derailleur, Shimano XT trail brakes, Rock Shox Pike 130mm fork, Shimano XT pedals, Roval carbon rims and hubs, Maxxis Ardent 2.25 rear and Maxxis Aggressor 2.30 front tire
BAGS: My bags are all Revelate Designs, I use an Osprey Syncro 10 pack for hydration and first aid equipment. My sleep system is a SOL emergency bivey with down pants and jacket for warmth. I use OR helium rain jacket and pants for soggy days. Shimano XM7 shoes transfer the power to the pedal and hike the bike when needed. I use an Exposure Toro light on my bars and a black diamond headlamp on my helmet for the night. Navigation is done using a Garmin etrex 20x if I lose the trail.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: This is my third go at the CT and it looks like it’s gonna be a challenging race this year! I can’t wait🍻

James MacPherson

Age 52 / London, UK

Rigs of the Colorado Trail Race, CTR, 2019

THE BIKE: Ibis Ripley, DT Swiss 120mm forks, JRA Traildog carbon wheelset, Next SL cranks running 28t, 11-42 cassette, Formula R1 brakes, SDG Silverado saddle, Ikon 2.35 up front and 2.20 rear.
BAGS: Wildcat harness holding Relevate Saltyroll, PodSac seat pack, BikeBags framebag (holds 1.5tr bladder), Relevate Pocket (probably), Bedrock Bags Tapeats feedbags, Wolf-Tooth B-Rad tool bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: SQ Lab Innerbarends – don’t know how I managed without them. I like my sleep so I’m packing a Z-Packs Solplex tent, Uberlite mat and decent quilt. Also packing a Crux Pryo down jacket and for super-comfort some down booties. For lighting, as I’m scared of the dark, I decided to banish it by taking an Exposure Six Pack: 24 hours of 1,000 lumens, plus a Petzl ReactiK headtorch. Taking an old OMM 20ltr rucksack for the tent and food. May pack a GoPro. Love my Goretex ShakeDry jacket and Vibram soled Shimano MT54s. Hope those wheels hold out: they are super-light 1,428g beauties, if they survive.

Brian Lovett

Age 45 / Lehigh Valley, PA (USA)

Rigs of the Colorado Trail Race, CTR, 2019

THE BIKE: Santa Cruz Tallboy. 29 x 2.3″ Maxxis Minion tires. 1×11 drivetrain, 28T chainring. Front wheel: Race Face. Rear wheel: DT Swiss.
BAGS: Frame: Rockgeist Mudlust Fully custom (in frame); Revelate Gastank & Jerrycan (on top). Handlebar: Revelate Pronghorn (small). Cockpit: Revelate Mountain Feedbag; Bedrock Tapeats. Saddlebag: Bedrock Coconino. Backpack: Osprey Raptor 14 (with 2.5 or 3L hydration bladder).
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Shelter: Outdoor Research Molecule bivy. Sleeping Bag: REI Igneo. Sleeping pad: none. Navigation: eTrex 30x; iPhone. Lights: Fenix BC21R with modified bar attachment (handlebar); Fenix PD35 (zip tied to helmet). Standard battery power for both lights. Pedals: clipless. Shoes: Giro Terraduro.

Bailey Newbrey

Age 32 / Santa Fe, NM (USA)

Rigs of the Colorado Trail Race, CTR, 2019

THE BIKE: Just the same old bike that’s been on here a coupla other times: Salsa Woodsmoke with Salsa Firestarter. 32×22. 29×2.6 Teravail Honchos. Whisky bars, post, rims. Son28. DT 240. Cane Creek Bar Ends. Sinewave Beacon.
BAGS: Porcelain Rocket Mr. Fusion. JPaks frame bag and top tube bag.

Mike Neal (Cookie Mike)

Age 43 / Bellvue, CO (USA)

Rigs of the Colorado Trail Race, CTR, 2019

THE BIKE: Trek Stache, SS
BAGS: Revelate bags, all 5 of them
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Going a little lighter this year so I’ll be leaving the 1 lb. of tortillas and Nutella at home.

Aaron Thrasher

Age 34 / Anchorage, AK (USA)

Rigs of the Colorado Trail Race, CTR, 2019

THE BIKE: I’ll be riding on a Yeti SB100 with a 28T oval chain ring, nox farlow rims, I9 hubs, maxxis ardent race up front, Ikon in the back, fox transfer dropper
BAGS: revelate gas tank with 2x feedbags, revelate dyneema frame bag/jerry can/vole seat bag, Becker Bags downtube bag
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: SQlab inner bar ends and 15deg sweep riser bars. Light bivy, puff pants/coat. Garmin etrex 20. Fenix BC21r lights x2

Beth Shaner

Age 40 / Crested Butte, CO (USA)

Rigs of the Colorado Trail Race, CTR, 2019

THE BIKE: I’m riding a Rocky Mountain Element with a Sram Eagle drivetrain and a 28 tooth chainring. Nox wheels laced with I9 hubs running a Maxxis Ardent 2.40 in front and an Ikon 2.35 in the rear. Fox transfer dropper post and Ergon SR Pro saddle.
BAGS: Bedrock Bags custom frame bag, Bedrock Chinle handbag harness with Big Agnes dry bag, Bedrock Black Dragon seat bag, Jpaks top tube bag, Defiant and Revelate silo / feedbags.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’m bringing a MLD tarp for shelter if needed, a 3/4 length NeoAir pad, and a 20 degree Zpaks sleeping bag. I’ll be using my trusty Etrex30 for navigation, Fenix lights, and Goretex rain gear for the inevitable cold Colorado rain.

Brian Barrett

Age 41 / Fort Collins, CO (USA)

Rigs of the Colorado Trail Race, CTR, 2019

THE BIKE: I will be riding the Colorado Trail on a Surly ECR with Maxxix Chronicles 29×3, a Jones loop bar with Ergon grips, 2×10 drivetrain.
BAGS: Revelate Designs frame bag, large sweetroll, gas tank, jerrycan, & mountain feed bags holding my water bottles. Along with an Ortlieb 16.5L seat-pack.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: An MSR hubba hubba NX will be my shelter along with a Northface sleeping bag and a Big Agnes air core inflatable sleeping pad. I will be using a Goal zero solar panel & battery for my electronics. Navigating with a Garmin 1030. Cooking with a MSR whisperlight, carrying two bottles of fuel.

Alberto Gil

Age 48 / Tucson, AZ (USA)

Rigs of the Colorado Trail Race, CTR, 2019

THE BIKE: Vassago Radimus Ti 27.5+, Maxxis Icon 2.8 tires, Nox Carbon Wheels, Fox 34 fork, SRAM XO components
BAGS: Revelate Designs Terrapin saddlebag, Revelate Designs Ranger frame bag, Bedrock Bags handlebar bag
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: My travel size deodorant. My fiance gives me grief about it, but hey, i’m the one who has to smell myself! I’m also really loving my Bedrock Bags handlebar bag. It fits all of my sleeping gear plus extras.

Hunter Hamilton

Age 33 / Allenspark, CO (USA)

Rigs of the Colorado Trail Race, CTR, 2019

THE BIKE: Orbea Rallon M10 with 10x50t cassette, 12 speed, 32t chainring.
BAGS: Bedrock Bags custom frame, Bedrock Bags Black Dragon dropper w/ valais, Bedrock Bags Entrada handlebar (sub Voile straps for front pocket with straps), Bedrock Bags Dakota tank, Oveja Negra Chuckbucket feed, Blackburn Outpost feed. Pa’lante fanny pack. No backpack.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Nemo Gogo Elite bivy/tent, Mountain Hardware Phantom Spark bag, and NeoAir torso pad. Exposure Six Pack stem mounted light. Etrex 30x GPS.

Kurt Refsnider

Age 37 / Prescott, AZ (USA)

2019 Colorado Trail race Rigs

THE BIKE: Pivot Mach 4SL. Designed for the World Cup circuit, this bike is right at home in the backcountry with a 120 mm fork. Industry Nine 240c + Hydra hub wheelset. Suspension handlebars from Fasst Company MTB. Maxxis Ikon + Ardent Race tires. SRAM 12-speed drivetrain with stainless 28T Wolf Tooth CAMO chainring. 9Point8 dropper post.
BAGS: Revelate Designs bags all around – Vole, Pronghorn, and Mag Tank 2000. Follow along during the race for an update or three on Instagram: @kurt.refsnider

Katie Strempke

Age 26 / Olathe, KS (USA)

2019 Colorado Trail race Rigs

THE BIKE: Rocky Mountain Instinct
BAGS: Custom by Andrew Strempke, Seatbag by Rockgeist
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Arc’teryx hooded down jacket

Andrew Strempke

Age 26 / Olathe, KS (USA)

2019 Colorado Trail race Rigs

THE BIKE: Santa Cruz Chameleon, SS (32×22). SP dynamo/Arch front wheel and i9 Trail S rear wheel with 29×2.6″ Maxxis Rekon/Ikon tires. XT brakes and crank. Fox dropper. Ergon grips and saddle.
BAGS: Made by me.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Garmin Edge 830 for navigation, inReach mini for tracking, and Sinewave Beacon for headlight/charging. Loco Libre 30° quilt with homemade bivy. Plenty of room for pop tarts.

James Erario

Age 24 / Boulder, CO (USA)

2019 Colorado Trail race Rigs

THE BIKE: I am riding a 27.5 Salsa Timberjack that is almost fully stock.
BAGS: I have a craigslist saddle bag and gas tank, Salsa framepack, and Amazon handlebar bag. I’ve got my tent and tarp attached to my front fork in two dry bags.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: My favorite gear in my kit is myself, because the most important thing about your bike is that you are riding it! And training for this race has had me riding a whole lot! Also a light up rubber ducky on my handlebars keeps me company.


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