Gear Index

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Welcome to the Gear Index, our comprehensive reference and comparison tool for various types of bikepacking and bike travel gear, much of which has been tested. Every Index features a complete list of products in a particular category, with each item displayed alongside several factors that we found particularly important for comparison. You can click on any product to see larger photos and additional details. Lists are displayed in alphabetical order, with products we’ve tested grouped at the top with a hexagonal “T” icon. Stay tuned, as we have many more Indexes on the way.


A growing list of bike Indexes based on popular types of bikepacking rigs and criteria that we find interesting. Click on each to compare hundreds of bikes in the following categories:


This category includes everything from small parts like bottle cages to ride-changing components like forks, handlebars, and tires. Here's our growing Index of bike components and accessories for bikepacking and touring:


Soon, we'll be launching various Indexes of camping and outdoor gear that pertains to bikepacking and two-wheeled travel, from tents to sleeping bags to outerwear.