Rigs of the 2022 Transcontinental Race No.8

After a two-year hiatus, the Transcontinental Race is back for 2022. With help from the organizers, we’ve put together details on some of the race rigs that will be setting out on the roughly 4,000-kilometer route across Europe. Find our gallery of more than 50 rigs here, featuring bag and gear highlights for each…

Founded by Mike Hall in 2013, the Transcontinental Race (TCR) is an annual self-supported, ultra-distance bikepacking race across Europe. The route varies for each edition, but participants are free to choose their own route between the mandatory checkpoints. From the cobbles of Flanders, to the shores of the Black Sea; via rock hewn tunnels, bald mountain tops, navigating pristine asphalt and rock strewn tracks, the Transcontinental will once again cross the European continent in its own unique style.

This year, there are 250 solo riders and another dozen pairs registered for the event, including the 2020 TCR champion Fiona Kolbinger, who traveled over 4,000+ kilometers from Burgas, Bulgaria, to the finish line at Brest in northwest France in just ​10 days, 2 hours, and 48 minutes. You’ll also want to keep a close eye on second-place finisher Ben Davies, who was only eight hours behind Fiona and is likely seeking redemption.

With the help of the organizers and participants, we’ve gathered bike and gear details for 50+ folks who are taking on the TCR this year. Scroll through to get a good look at all the rigs, and then head over to the 2022 Transcontinental Race No.8 event page to follow along live when they roll out Sunday morning.

Paul Alderson

Age 53 / London (United Kingdom)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding my third TCR on my Laverack J.ACK titanium frame, running tubeless 30mm GP5000’s up front with a SON Dynamo hub and a 32mm on the rear. This year I’ll be on an Ultegra Di2 set up, 50×34, 11-34.
BAGS: A mix of tried and trusted and a couple of new bags: Revelate saddle, frame, top tube and feedbag. I’ve got a Restrap race aero bar bag on the tri bars – so nice and fast looking! And lastly, a tailfin bag on the downtube for the spare emergency tubes and sealant.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: In an effort to reduce the weight, I’m leaving the sleeping bag behind. Let’s see if this strategy pays off. Also, a pair of cleat covers as I’m sure there will be a bit of gravel walking involved in Romania.

Ulrich “uba” Bartholmoes

Age 36 / Munich (Germany) / Girona (Spain)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: I´m racing on a BMC Teammachine SLR01 – a custom build 2022 setup with Lightweight Meilenstein EVO Rims powered by Rotor Inspider Aldhu Carbon Crank with Powermeter and 48/35 + 34-10 SRAM RED eTap AXS Road groupset. Everything runs on ceramic bearings by Kogel – the bottom bracket as well as the wheels. For this race I will go with some Hutchinson Challenger 32mm tubeless tires – it’s a prototype designed for all the rough challenges the TCR roads will provide. To light up the night I swear on Supernova Lights. Without luggage my bike has less than 7kg – it helps me to love climbing a lot.

BAGS: I use a minimalistic and also super lightweight Apidura Racing Series kit for my luggage with clothes by Velocio in the saddle bag, and food and spare parts in the Top-Tube and frame pack. Most I love the Apidura Musette which a carry on the frame – I use it a lot on the quick refuel-stops to grab as much food as I can.

GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: The bike and the setup for the race are a work of art and the highlight par excellence. My focus is on the lowest possible weight, good durability, and, above all, reliability. All components, from the Kogel ceramic bearing to the Hutchinson Challenger Prototype tires, have been tested for many thousands of kilometers and will for sure serve me well.

Andreas Brantsch

Age 39 / Stuttgart (Germany)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding the Transcontinental 2022 on a Cannondale Synapse 2018 I built myself. The bike features a classical setup with 700c Wheels / 30mm Continental GP 5000 tyres, 11 speed and Shimano DI2 electronic shifting on both the handlebar and extensions.
BAGS: The bar setup is a mixture of bags from different brands: food pouches on the handlebar (Alpkit), top tube and handlebar bag (Apidura), framebag (Rapha) and last but not least my carbon Tailfin rack with an easily detachable main bag. A mini pump and a ultralight day pack (Sea to Summit) are mounted directly to the frame. Voile straps help to attach gear easily to the frame and on top of the rear bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: My lighting setup is completely battery powered, featuring a strong Lupine SL AF front light and a Lupine Blika on the helmet for night riding. The Lupine battery packs also double up as a power supply for smartphone and airpods. I’m also using long lasting safety lights from Cateye in the front and rear. I introduced many little hacks in the cockpit area where I cut and diy mounted plastic tubing for all sorts of small equipment to be mounted for good visibility and accessibility, esp. navigation (Garmin 1030 and Elemnt Bolt v1 as backup), various remotes for lighting, buttons for shifting, a bell and bags for rain gear and food. For easier climbing I also swapped out the cassette (11-36T). The sleeping setup features a Borah Gear bivy, a superlight sleeping mat and a down quilt (Sea to Summit).

Sebastian Breuer

Age 32 / Bensheim (Germany)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding across Europe with a brand new Rose XLite 06. Tailored to the needs of the Transcontinental Race, I use certain parts to help me have an adventure. I will ride fast with the Acros Allroad Disc Carbon wheels in combination with the Schwalbe Pro One in 34mm (tubeless). The Deda Jet One Aerobars, the OSPW Aero and the specially waxed CeramicSpeed chain will make it as fast as possible. I will sit comfortably on the Selle SanMarco saddle (including handlebar tape).
BAGS: I stow my luggage in the perfectly fitting bags on the handlebars and in the frame from Cyclite.cc. The carbon luggage carrier from Tailfin provides optimum support, even off-road. When it gets dark at night, the SUPERNOVA M99 DY PRO dynamo-operated LED headlights with high beam function make it bright again. And how do I find the right way? The Garmin Edge 1040 Solar will help. My Abus Airbreaker helmet will protect my head.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Due to my affiliation to the RnD team of Tailfin, I use a special 3D printed attachment on the frame. Prototype Style. My private Garmin Inreach Tracker is also an SOS device. However, as a person with severe allergies to vespertine stings, I hope I won’t have to use it. Regeneration and sleep is also monitored by Garmin ENDURO. My personal gear highlight is my Comandante Coffee Grinder with Beans from my own coffee start up: Lenas Coffee Brand.

Radu Cristian

Age 31 / Ploiești, Prahova County (Romania)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: Canyon Endurance CF SL8 equipped with DT Swiss R500 custom wheels, Continental 4 Seasson tyres and a SON Dynamo hub up front, 2×11 drivetrain with 50/34 chainrings and 40t cassette.
BAGS: I’m using a full complement of Apidura Racing packs: Long Top Tube Pack (2L); Frame pack (4L); Saddle Pack (7L); Handlebar Pack (5L); 2x Backcountry Food Pouch (1.2L).
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Klite will light my way, GARMIN Edge 1030 it will show me the direction to the finish line and for sleep i carry a LACD – Bivy Bag Super Light and SEA TO SUMMIT sleeping bag.

Raymond Dulieu

Age 56 / Namur (Belgium)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: After breaking the frame of the bike I used for TCRN06 two weeks prior TCRN08, I’ll be riding my race bike, a Specialized Aethos SRAM Red AXS 46/33 10×33 equipped with Continental GP5000 28, SON Dynamo Hub on a Duke wheel in the front, Roval Alpinist wheel at the rear. I’ll be using a Hammerhead Karoo 2 GPS, K-Lite dynamo front light, and Look pedals.
BAGS: As the weather forecast is for very hot days after the alps, I’m travelling light with Apidura bags: 7L saddle bag, 1L top tube, 4L frame bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Travelling light means resting in hotels. In the saddle bag I have a Cumulus down jacket, a Biehler reflective rain jacket, Rapha merino arm and legs warmers, Rapha pro team gloves, Sea to Summit sleeping mat (should I not find a hotel), a reflective Rapha gilet. I’m using drink mix 320 and gels from Maurten.

Barry Duplock

Age 42 / Oxfordshire (United Kingdom)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding the Transcontinental Race 2022 on a Handsling A1ROevo road bike. Handsling are a small bike manufacturer based in Hampshire, UK and this is their carbon aero frame race bike. The bike is custom painted in Mclaren Formula 1 colours and is running Shimano Ultegra Di2 groupset with 50/34 chainrings and 11/34 cassette, with a Stages power meter. I’m running Continental GP5000 32mm tubeless tyres which are extremely puncture resistant and so comfortable to ride. I also have a set of prototype out front aero bars to allow a change on body position during the long rides, and offer a slight aerodynamic advantage.

BAGS: I have fitted a set of Restrap bar bags, frame bag, stem bags, top tube and saddle pack. These are really rugged and offer great storage solutions. The stem bags allow me to keep food in a place where I can eat while riding, cutting down stationary time.

GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: The front wheel is built around a SP dynamo hub powering a set of Supernova lights, as well as being able to charge a power bank. I’ve also fitted a nifty saddle pack stabiliser which fits on to the saddle rails, and also allows me to store two extra water bottles. For navigation I’ll be using a Wahoo ELEMNT Roam.

Dominik Engelke

Age 44 / Duisburg (Germany)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding the Transcontinental Race 2022 on a custom Cicli Bonanno “Italo Disco”. Wheel set from Laufrad-Tuning is equipped with a fresh pair of Schwalbe Pro One in 30 mm (tube type). Drivetrain comes with absoluteblack oval chain rings 50/34 in the front and a 11-32 cassette in the back. The night is illuminated by a Lupine Neo in the front.
BAGS: Apidura Racing saddle pack (7L), Apidura Racing aerobar pack (2.5L) and a Restart Racing frame bag (4L).
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: My well proven Tune “Komm-Vor“ saddle.

Matthew ‘Birdman’ Falconer

Age 44 / Claygate, Surrey (United Kingdom)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: Curve Belgie Ultra 54, Sram Force AXS etap 48/33 x 10/36, curve G4T 45’ tubeless with Schwalbe pro one 30mm, Son Dynamo, Fizik Vento Argo saddle, Supernova Dynamo lights plus Exposure front and rear lights.
BAGS: Apidura Expedition frame (4.5l) and saddle pack (14l), with bolt on top tube and food pouch. Packable backpack hidden away for those service station raids.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’m running a fairly light bivvy set up with the view to staying clean in hotels as much as possible. I’ve maybe packed a few too many spares and tools, but just enough to feel comfortable on such a big ride! Will be taking 3x pairs of spare socks to help look after my feet.

Daniele Fonelli

Age 31 / Milano, Italy

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be racing TCRN08 with a fixed gear, custom steel track bike frame made in Italy by AlmanCycles, with 700×32” Continental 4season tires. I will use a 47T Aarn chainring and a 17t/22t fixed/fixed hub by Philwood, Shutter Precision Dynamo hub up front. There is a modification on the brakes on the back; I have V-Brakes and front Disc brakes, this is the way I had to maintain the ability to switch the gears by flipping the wheel. Tri-bars from Profile Design T4+, ARCH-IND custom bike bags.

GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’ll use a SOL bivvy bag and an air mat from sea to summit, a down jacket + rain jacket for eventually cold nights or high mountains descents. A Camelbak bag of 1.5l plus 1.5l in normal bottles. I’ll use a Karoo2 by Hammerhead as a main navigation unit plus I’ll bring another GPS for emergency use only.

Michel Font

Age 33 / Caracas (Venezuela)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding the TCR on my Kinesis RTD, geared with Shimano 105, 52-36 in the front and 11-34 in the back. Rolling over Mavic Open Pro wheels with 32mm Pirelli Cinturato, DT-Swiss 350 hub in the back and SON28 in the front, which feeds my exposure lights.
BAGS: A complete set of Apidura bags.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: On the handlebar bag I carry my sleeping kit (summer sleeping bag and mat) and the backcountry food pouch with an extra water bottle. On the top tube bag some food and essentials, like charger, sunscreen and electrolytes. On the frame bag I carry inner tubes, spare parts, inflator, patches, hygiene items, extra power bank and more food. On the saddle bag some pieces of kit, e.g. leg warmers, down jacket, extra tire, arm warmers, And waterproof jacket. I also carry a packable musette for extra food for the long stretches.

Torsten Frank

Age 51 / Wuppertal (Germany)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding my No. 22 Drifter. With full SRAM Red etap AXS 2x drivetrain where I just swapped the 10-33 red cassette for a force wide 10-36. Works. Profile Design Aerobars on a handle bar mounted on a redshift sports shockstop stem form my tried and tested comfy cockpit where this year the navigation is provided by Garmin. DT Swiss Wheels with a SONdelux Dynamo hub are shod with Panaracer Gravelking Slick TLC 700 x 35c tires.
BAGS: Main volume will be provided by my Tailfin Aeropack in the rear. Out front I use the cyclite Handle Bar Aero Bag. I aero-tested this configuration and it is fast. Unlike the rider. On top and below the top tube I run prototype Tailfin bags.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Certainly the bags but also the kLite Bikepacker Ultra light I’m very fond of. Together with my Forumslader charger it provides much needed peace of mind that whereever I go I’ll have light and means to power my devices.

Antoine Gary

Age 32 / Lille (France)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding my 2020 Canyon Endurace cf sl 8 XL size. I’ve added custom wheels with 40 mm rims and a Shutter Precision front hub. Rubber is 30 mm Hutchinson Fusion 5 tubeless tyres. The gearing is 52/36-11×11/34. Aerobars stand 60mm above the handle bar and they are coupled with an ISM short saddle. For light and charging, the Sinewave beacon will feed me. And for sleeping I’ve packed a bivy sack, a down jacket and and air mat.
BAGS: Apidura saddle bag, frame bag, and top tube bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’m very proud of the leopard stickers on my fork and chainstays. They are reflective at night!

Richard Gate

Age 55 / Leeds, Yorkshire (UK)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: My bright red Genesis Datum 2017 carbon-frame was upgraded to eTap when first raced in TCRNo6 (2018) and has now covered 40,000 km. Little has been changed as this has proven a perfect set up for me. The same Fizik Aliante saddle is still living with me!
My wheels use Carbon rims with 50mm rear and 38mm front, a Hope RS4 rear and dynamo front hub. I’m running Schwalbe One 30mm tyres WITH TUBES. Gearing comes from a 34/50 chainset with 11-34 cassette. The cockpit is based on Profile design T3+ aero bars with 50mm risers. Lighting is from an Exposure Revo/Redeye and I use an Igaro D1 USB charger.

BAGS: The main point of difference is a customized (aka butchered) lightweight Topeak rear rack and a Rhinowalk trunk bag adding convenience & accessibility over a more typical seat pack or Tailfin. An Alpkit Anoloko frame bag offers plenty of space on my large frame and a custom made Alpkit Stem cell with generous snacking storage sits between my aero bars. An Apidura Race top tube bag completes the set-up for waterproof electrics and magnetic flip-open access.

GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: The eTap gears with home-made aero bar-end shift buttons still put a smile on my face. My self-built carbon wheels are sublime. I use a Stages power meter which helps ensure I pace myself on climbs and into headwinds, but also makes sure I don’t get lazy as well! Whilst the bike remains mechanically almost unchanged since my first Transcontinental, the luggage has been refined constantly since TCRNo6 and the dynamo is upgraded to Son28 for lower rolling resistance. After suffering feet issues and numb toes in 2018, I made shoe and cleat changes to Lake CX237 Shoes, orthotic insoles and longer pedal axles which have proven successful in two Transiberica races. I have always used the Wahoo Bolt for navigation and have recently upgraded to the new colour screen Bolt which continues to perform faultlessly.

Sam Gate

Age 25 / Leeds, Yorkshire (UK)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: Kinesis RTD, Ultegra Di2 with hydraulic disc brakes with 34/50 11-32t gearing homebuilt carbon wheels running Schwalbe One 28mm tyres. Profile design TT bars up front with risers for comfort and shifter buttons on the extensions. A Specialized Power Arc saddle is comfortable for me in all riding positions.

BAGS: I’ve got a mixture of brands: Apidura top tube bag; Alpkit frame bag, secondary top tube bag and stem cell feed pouch; and Topeak saddlepack. They were all chosen to suit my needs rather than buying a matching set. None are particularly exciting; they’re functional, practical and were reasonably priced.

GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Exposure strada/tracer lights, battery powered as I am not running a dynamo. Bottle cage adapters improve clearance for larger bottles with the frame bag. A Klymit inertia X frame air mattress, highlander trekker superlite sleeping bag and a SOL emergency bivvy make up the sleep system. Wahoo elemnt bolt will be used for navigation(when I’m not sat on my dad’s wheel). Goretex shakedry for the inevitable rain, and photochromic Oakley sunglasses mean I only need one lens for use in all weathers and times of day.

Malte Hager

Age 35 / Cologne (Germany)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: I simply feel at home on Rose-a 2015 aluminum frame and carbon fork that stood their test on many adventures. She’s set up with all kinds of perks for comfort: custom gearing to get me up allll the climbs and high gear resolution in the flats (Force22, 46/33 + 12-36), Rockshift suspension stem, 32mm tubeless Schwalbe Pro 1, padded bar tape and T4 aerobars, Specialized Power saddle and overall perfect geometry in all positions.
BAGS: All set up for ease of access/handling, stability and small frontal area: Two Revelate Designs food pouches (in line between aero bars) and Gas Tank, Tatonka phone pouch, small Vaude triangle bag for mostly bike mech and spare parts. Tailfin aluminum frame-mount with quick-release trunk bag. Two 1-Liter bottles in the frame
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Power supply: SON-dynamo charging with an Igaro D2 and 2 power banks for maximum independence for several days between BnB stops. Bedroom: bivy, light mat, silk/cotton liner and dedicated shirt/boxers. My favourite accessories are still: good headphones (will post my soundtracks), a small rear mirror and my beloved but not-to-joke-with bell.

Neil Henderson

Age 42 / Edinburgh (Scotland)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding my Albannach Torragar, the bike I built up and rode during TCRNo7. Custom designed by Albannach Frameworks with a Rodeo fork painted by the very talented Euan Lindsay. Light Bicycle wheelset was built up by The Bicycle Works in Edinburgh and has plenty of scars from going across Europe and Morocco, still running strong though and barely needed trued!
BAGS: In an attempt to make sure nothing matches, I’m taking Apidura bags from three different collections. MAAP saddlebag for sleeping kit and spare clothes, Racing top tube for snacks/electronics and an Expedition frame bag for everything else!
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: My Gore Shakedry is an absolute MVP, I’m 100% sure I wouldn’t have completed TCRn07 without it. That and some Velotoze shoe covers mean I’m sorted for bad weather. They’re both so small and light that they’re always in my pack.

Thomas Horre

Age 56 / Gdańsk (Poland)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: Mason Aspect, Sram force tap AXS; 36 x 10-36. Hunt wheels (alloy) with Schwalbe G-one Speed 30mm (tubeless). Stem and handlebar from Deda Elementi. Exposure lights. Profile design aero bars; not for being aero, but for taking load off my hands.
BAGS: Small frame bag, small saddle bag and a small roll at the handlebar.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Clearly the Mason Aspect titanium frame. It feels like made specifically made for my body measures, but it’s just the ordinary 56cm model. And an ultralight sleeping bag and mat, which give me feeling of safety. Plus Pedaled winter gloves because I don’t know what kind of weather to expect at 2500m.

Wout Jacobs

Age 33 / Utrecht (Netherlands)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding on my Carbonda CFR505 frame with Profile Design aerobars and a Brooks C13 Cambium saddle. Groupset is Sram Rival 1x (42 front, 11-42 cassette) with hydraulic disc brakes. Wheels: H+Son The Hydra with SON dynamo and Hope rear hub. The dynamo is powering Busch + Müller lights and provides usb charging. Tyres are Continental GP5000 TR, 32mm.
BAGS: All Apidura: Handlebar pack for sleeping kit (mattress, bivy and sleeping bag). Racing Long top tube pack for access whilst riding, mostly for food. Frame pack for spares, electronics and more food. The saddle bag contains clothes to cover the different riding temperatures. Food Pouch for extra drinks and of course even more food.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Wahoo Bolt V2 for navigation and I’ll be carrying a second Bolt as a backup. Lots of electrolytes and UV sleeves to cope with the heat.

Thomas Johnston

Age 34 / Hamburg (Germany)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: Adventure Disc from Temple Cycles in Bristol with a Son dynamo hub & Brooks B17 saddle.
BAGS: Restrap bags—large frame, top tube, 2x stem, canister, race aero & saddle bags.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I simply love this bike, it won’t be the lightest or most aero on the start line, but it’s super comfy and reliable—the only dodgy component is the fleshy bit sitting on it!

Christine Kammerer

Age 52 / Ludwigsburg, Baden-Württemberg (Germany)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: I will be riding with my customized bike with an OPEN U.P. small frame size, Shimano ultegra Di2 gear with a 165mm crank. Hunt wheels with a SON dynamo hub up front and a sinewave cycles revolution to charge my electronics while riding. As tires I am using 28-622 Continental Grand Prix 5000 S TR tubeless and aero bars.
BAGS: Apidura Expedition Saddle Pack (9l) for my tools, spare tube, extra clothing, rain jacket, etc. Apidura Racing aerobar pack (2,5l) for sleeping bag and space blanket and long gloves for maybe riding in a cold night. Racing bolt-on top tube pack (1L) for electronic stuff, mobile, money… and two Apidura backcountry foodporches 1,2L plus.
For navigation I use a Garmin edge 1030 plus and a Garmin Akku pack.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I love my food pouches where I can easily store and access my food during the ride and on the outside of the bags I can put my toothbrush, sun protection, and whatever I need to access easily. And after the race I can just put them in the washing machine and they look like new again. Additionally I love my new aerobar pack for my sleeping back, since in a previous event my sleeping bag was only tied to my aerobars with a strap, which came loose that I lost my bag during a downhill and I had stop an go back to pick it up. But in this I can just access it easily and it will not fall of again.

Richard Lake

Age 45 / Lincolnshire (United Kingdom)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding the Transcontinental Race 2022 on a Sonder Colibri titanium road bike. The bike features 28C Continental GP5000 tyres, gearing at 42/30 on the front thanks to AbsoluteBlack oval chainrings with a 34 cassette on the rear. I will be rolling with HUNT 4 Season Superdura Disc Wheelset coupled with a PedalCell dynamo setup for charging devices on the move. For added comfort I’ve got two layers of Lizard Skin bar tape on the handlebars extended to the tops of the aero bars.
BAGS: Hanging of the aero bars I use a Restrap Race Aero Bag, Apidura 2L Race Top tube bag and my saddle bag of choice is the Koala 17L from AlpKit. For pitstops I have packable backpack that shrinks down to nothing.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: An Alpkit Hunka bivy paired with a Klymit Inertia sleeping and Mountain Warehouse season 1 sleeping bag should be ideal for Summer sleeping under the stars. I’ll also be carrying a Garmin 530 as my cycling GPS computer of choice with a Wahoo Elemnt Roam for backup.

Matthieu Lifschitz

Age 47 / Marseille (France)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: I will be racing my fourth Transcontinental with Gaby (my bike’s nickname), this being his second. It’s a 2019 Victoire Cycles custom steel Columbus. SRAM Force 1 groupset + Garbaruk 38 T + E-Thirteen 9-46 T. Handcrafted wheels: Mavic Allroad Carbon rims + Mavic rear hub / Son dynamo front hub / Sapim spokes. Teravail tubeless Rampart 700×42 tyres. Front light / USB charger Sinewave Beacon and rear Son.
BAGS: Complete Helmut Equipment set, in high visibility X-pac.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: The Helmut Equipment set is definitely the best companion for my Victoire Cycles. It allows me to store the different elements clearly and to access them quickly. Like ‘the room’, stored on each side of the fork where I can modulate my bivouac according to my needs without having to take everything out. To limit the hotels to a minimum and to face a wide spectrum of weather, I will leave with a complete equipment kit, including Pajak sleeping bag, Sea To Summit mattress, Ultimate Direction Bivy with carbon arch, Big Agnes pillow. My luxury item is my Ricoh GR3x camera (which is stored in the outside pocket of the food pouch, with a magnetic lock for quick and easy access, even when riding), because if the memories fly away, the pictures stay.

Jan Machian

Age 42 / Vienna (Austria)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: I‘ll be on a 2018 Rondo Ruut ST (Steel) frame with a Ragley Gravel Carbon Fork. Wheelset is from Hunt, tyres are Panaracer Gravel King Slicks which are set up tubeless. Finishing kit (seatpost, handlebars, stem) comes from Zipp and the groupset is a Sram Rival AXS with 46×33 Chainrings and a 10-36 casette.
BAGS: On the front I will be using a race aero bar bag from Restrap for all my spare clothes and wash kit. The saddle bag is also from Restrap‘s race range and will keep all my sleeping gear. From Apidura I will be running a 5.3 litre frame bag for all my electronics, first aid kit, chamois creme, tools etc. My cockpit bags (top tube bag, 2 x food pouches) are all from Acepac and will carry food, sun creme, chain lube, bug repellent, etc. I will have three 750ml water bottles – two attached to a Woho Saddle Bag Stabilizer on the back. On the downtube I will have all my repair kit in an BBB tools bottle.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: My sleeping gear consists of a Cumulus ultralight bivy, liner sleeping bag, Alpkit inflatable pad and a Patagonia micro puff jacket as well as some Odlo long johns. I will be running 3 rear lights from Lezyne as well as a front light from Ravemen (PR2400).

Olivier Maillard

Age 47 / London (United Kingdom)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: I will be riding/racing the Transcontinental with a Temple Adventure 3 made of steel, 3×9 gears with Hunt wheels and inner tubes, only modification is the arm rests.
BAGS: Zefal saddle bag fully waterproof, frame bag and handlebar bag. I found a good place for the computer so i fully utilise the space for lights etc… I don’t have a dynamo so it’s batteries pack all the way.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Karoo 2 from Hammerhead.

Sami Martiskainen

Age 42 / Helsinki (Finland)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding on a Pelago Sibbo. It has tyres and 22 gears. Gears are Shimano Ultegra with Absolute Black 46/30 chainring. Small chainring might be useful on those long climbs. Wheels are custom made by LBS Velobia: MCarbon rims with SON Dynamo hub at front and DT 350 at rear.
BAGS: Mostly boring but trustworthy Apidura. Top tube bag is from Bike Bag Dude. Love it!
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Nothing special. Garmins (eTrex and 830) for navigation and data. Son Edelux to light my way. Usually I don’t leave home without my Patagonia down jacket and this bike ride does not make exception.

Stan Meunier

Age 32 / Grenoble (France)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding a titanium Lynskey GR270 nicknamed Cronos (he’s a titan bike and loves racing against time). We raced TCR N°7 together and he was way better than me. Fortunately, he’s a nice bike and still wanted me as a rider for this year’s race. He has a 1*11 Sram Force drivetrain (42T ahead, 11-42T cassette) that my poor legs can barely support when the road gets steep. Son dynamo hub in the front wheel allows me to ride in the night with my Supernova light with no mental workload. Sinewave USB output allows me to charge my phone to get unlost while lost. Profile Design aerobars risers, above saddle height, offer much appreciated comfort even if I look like a grandpa on the bike.
BAGS: Large Apidura frame bag is mostly for food as food is fuel in TCR ;-) Woho saddle bag stabilizer allows me to have bottle cages at the back. Ortlieb saddle bag at the back offers so much room that I bring way too many useless stuffs I regret later on!
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Klymit Intertia X-lite mattress. A small pad of 165g and no bigger than a 25cl can of Coke! “It’s real comfort” as they say on the packaging. Hard to trust at first sight but it is actually after 18-20 hours of riding!

Niklas Muxel

Age 27 / Baden-Baden (Germany)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: My bike is a VPACE Flint Gravel bike with a custom built Lightwolf Dynamo wheelset. I run ENVE SES wheels with 31mm tubeless tires and I’m using a Shimano GRX 810 2×11 drivetrain. My handlebar is a 44cm wide Easton EC70 AX for lots of space and good control while off road.
BAGS: A lightweight and minimalistic setup consisting of an Apidura Race toptube, Apidura saddle bag, and Cyclite Frame bag. I’ll also carry a small backpack with 1.5L water bladder and some food.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I think the best thing is my dynamo and the light. I do not need any stops to charge my devices while riding. The second thing is my nice Attaquer Primaloft jacket which keeps me warm during the nights and in the high mountains.

Berk Okyay

Age 40 / Istanbul (Turkey)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: 2022 Giant TCR Advanced SL Disc frame, Shimano Ultegra Di2 52/36-11/34 groupset, Cadex Classics 28mm Tubeless tyres, Giant SLR 1 42mm Wheel set, Specialized Power Saddle.
BAGS: Giant H2Pro bags.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Biehler, two jerseys, two bibshorts, two socks, gilet, light rain jacket, jacket, Garmin 830, rear lights: 2 Giant recon TL, Knog R70, Exposure Blaze MK2, front lights: free camp 600 lumen, moon meteor vortex pro 1300.

Jamie Oliver

Age 36 / London (United Kingdom)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: Fairlight Strael with dynamo front hub and Continental 32mm tubeless tyres. I use a 48/32T super compact with 11-34T on the back to get up the steep stuff.
BAGS: Rogue Panda custom full frame bag, Revelate saddle bag, and a couple of small Apidura bags up front for snacks and electronics.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: For the Transcontinental this year my rig is set up for hot weather with the frame bag carrying a 2.5L water bladder plus another 1L bottle between the aerobars. I use a Wahoo Bolt for navigation with a Garmin Edge 520 and eTrex 20 for backup. My sleep kit is very simple, just a bivvy bag and ultralight mat with a down jacket instead of a full quilt.

Alex Otterbach

Age 36 / Hof, Bavaria (Germany)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: Giant Defy Advanced 2 2020, upgraded with DT Swiss Wheelset and Brooks Saddle. The main light is a Supernova Airstream (front/rear). I’ll ride on 28mm Continental GP5000 tires.
BAGS: Saddlebag is from Ortlieb and top tube / frame bag are both Restrap.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Nothing special but everything is pretty solid. The Ortlieb saddlebag, my Garmin etrex 30, and Shimano 105 groupset have never let me down in the past 30,000km of bikepacking.

Adam Popovec

Age 32 / Bratislava (Slovakia)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: On my second TCR attempt I’ll be riding the new 3T Exploro Ultra running 32mm Continental GP5000 on custom laced carbon wheelset with a SON dynamo, 1x drivetrain with a 44T chainring up front, and a 10-50T SRAM Eagle cassette with an XX1 AXS derailleur paired to Rival AXS shifters. For my personal comfort I use Brooks C13 carved saddle and Aptonia aero bars.
BAGS: Complete Apidura Racing setup, front aero bag is still on the way to me.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: For easy night riding, I’ll be using the new Supernova M99 DY Pro dynamo headlight, with high beam and light sensor, Igaro D2 for charging duties on the road and Wahoo Roam for navigation. Sea to Summit Spark SP0 sleeping bag with cheap bivvy and Therm-a-rest Neoair Uberlite mat.

Pawel Pulawski

Age 39 / Wroclaw (Poland)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: “Kajak Custom” Columbus steel frame, with lots of carbon parts on it. Running on Ultegra Di2 groupset with 11-34T/34-50T gearing, equipped with a SON Deluxe dynamo hub. I’ve got 45mm carbon rims with 32mm Continental 5000S TR tires.
BAGS: All bags are from the Apidura Racing Series: 5L saddle pack, 2L long top tube pack, and 4L frame pack.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: All clothing from Assos Switzerland including my favorite Mille GT Thermo rain shell pants and Equipe RS Schlosshund rain jacket. My bags will also carry a Snugpack BIVVI with a silk liner, some tools and spares, a tiny bathroom like a toothbrush and wet wipes, and lots of food. Everything that I won’t fit in them, will go in Apidura’s packable musette.

Krisjanis Ratiniks

Age 37 / Baloži (Latvia)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: 2022 Scott Addict 30. Low weight for all day use—6.98kg.
BAGS: I will be riding Transcontinental with all necessary equipment and one Ortlieb bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Less is more.

Axel Restrup

Age 47 / Oslo (Norway)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: Cervelo Aspero. The bike features a new pair of 32mm Continental 5000 TLR tubeless tires, a GRX 1×11 drivetrain with a 44T chainring, 10-42T SRAM cassette. Duke world runner carbon 38 front wheel with a SON Dynamo hub up front and Unaas wide 40 rear wheel. Supernova dynamo lights on the front and rear.
BAGS: EVOC front bag and Apitura frame bag, seat bag and top tube bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Sea To Summit sleeping bag and mat. Garmin 830 computer, Wahoo speedplay powerlink zero pedals.

Adrian Reynolds

Age 47 / Taunton, Somerset (United Kingdom)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: J.Laverack, Jack Titanium frame running Ultegra Di2. The bike is equipped with a SON Delux dynamo hub for lights and charging on the move, Aera carbon 46/36 wheelset running GP5000 TL 32mm (Searched high and low for TL rather than new S version which are thinner). Drivetrain runs Absolute Black 42/36T chainrings and an 11-speed Miche Primato Light 13-34T cassette. Rear mech is Ultegra RX.
BAGS: Apidura handlebar bag and backcountry frame bag with a 3L bladder, Tailfin Aeropack with a Wolftooth B Rad pump bag mounted on the rear to hold my spare tubes, lube, leavers and tools for easy access.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Sleeping kit weighs in at 860g: Sea to Summit Spark Sp0 (225g), Alpkit Kloke bivvy (285g), and Alpkit Numo Mat (350g).

Max Riese

Age 32 / Salzburg (Austria)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: I will be riding my 2022 Cervélo Caledonia-5 with Shimano Ultegra Di2 shifting. I chose a fast and wired gear range with 52-36T up front and 11-34T out back. The bike is fitted with 32mm Continental GP 5000 S II tires, which are mounted on K-Lite’s Revolution Rims with an SP Dynamo hub. Speaking of K-Lite, I am using their Ultra Bikepacker Pro Ultra Low Drag Lamp and a USB Rear light. Of course I also carry their USB dynamo charger. I opted for comfy Profile Design Aero Bars and SPD Pedals for the sake of walking in shops etc. Another highlight is the GPS double stem mount which keeps my Wahoo Bolt and the light very tidy up front.
BAGS: I am running a full set of Ortlieb bags. A small saddle bag, a large half frame bag, a new top tube bag. I also carry a food pouch up front (Revelate Design).
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Thanks to my 7mesh gear I am able to travel super light. I am carrying a sleep system consisting of an Outdoor Research bivvy bag, down pants and my 7mesh Outflow puffy jacket. Other than that I carry a Rebellion rain jacket and Thunder Pants some Thermal tights, and a Freeflow jacket. Quoc shoes keep my feet happy and Alba Delta photocromatic lenses will only leave my eyes while sleeping.

Pierre-Yves Robert

Age 40 / Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding on an Argon 18 Gallium named “Chief Joseph”, named after his ability to guide me through the mountain passes of Montana during the Trans Am Bike Race in 2019. It’s equipped with a 11-32T cassette and a SON Deluxe dynamo hub.
BAGS: An Apidura 14L bag in the back for things that really need to remain dry, an Apidura race-series bag on the bar extenders on the front for food and things that need to be accessible, and a pair of Oveja Negra frame and top tube bags for tools and stuff.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: An always reliable Sinewave Beacon front light, and a city-park-camping sleep system consisting of inflatable mattress and pillow, and an Enlightened Equipment quilt.

Kim Roelants

Age 43 / Bunsbeek (Belgium)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding on a Mason Bokeh, originally built up as a gravel bike but tweaked for long-distance road riding. It features a GRX 1×11 mechanical groupset because I like the simplicity and robustness of a 1x drivetrain, even on the road. I’ll keep the 11-42 cassette but will be changing the chainring from 42T to 44T. The wheelset is a combo of Hunt SuperDura with SON dynamo (front) and Hunt 4 Season (rear), decorated with Flectr 360 Wing reflectors and mounted with 28mm Continental Grand Prix 4-Season tires. The dynamo will feed a Sinewave Beacon front light with USB outlet to charge a powerbank. A Pro PLT handlebar is fitted with Profile Design Ergo 35a clip-on bars; a Fizik Alliante saddle is mounted on a Canyon S13 VLCS seatpost. I’ll be navigating with a Garmin Edge 830.
BAGS: I’ll use an Apidura Expedition 14L saddlebag, an Apidura Racing handlebar bag and a Topeak 4.5L frame bag. I’ll also use three bottle cages with 710ml bottles, including one mounted underneath the downtube.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Due to an old shoulder injury, I had trouble getting used to the clip-on aerobars. Adding 20mm of spacers to raise them higher solved that issue and now I love them! Apart from the obvious aero advantage, they save my hands from nerve pain after hours on the hoods. I’ll be sleeping in an Alpkit Hunka bivvy bag with a liner sleeping bag. To save weight and time, I won’t take a sleeping mat but might use a first aid blanket if it gets really cold. A small inflatable pillow will add a bit of comfort.

Juhani Saario

Age 25 / Oulu (Finland)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding the Transcontinental Race on a Merida CYCLO CROSS 100, a great value, versatile bike. The bike features a new pair of Continental GP5000 32mm tires with Schwalbe aerothan TPU tubes mounted on standard aluminum wheels with 32 spokes, a 1×11 drivetrain with a 46T absoluteBLACK oval chainring, and 11-46T cassette. I’ll be sitting on a 152mm PRO Griffon saddle. One other modification to note is an extra narrow HUP 32cm handlebar.
BAGS: Sleeping gear, clothes, and spare parts reside in a large ROCKBROS 14L seat bag. More frequently needed items are stored in a large Blackburn Outpost frame bag. Two 1L water bottles are mounted in cages inside the main triangle.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: A small ruggedized smartphone with the Komoot app will serve as my navigation device, allowing for easy modifications to the route while riding. The phone is mounted neatly on the end of the steerer tube with the stem bolt, further decluttering the cockpit area.

Marin de Saint-Exupéry

Age 25 / Lausanne (Switzerland)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: Bike frame is from Cycle Ricca, steel road prototype. I set it with Hunt 48 Limitless wheels, with a front dynamo hub. The groupset is Shimano Ultegra.
BAGS: Complete Apidura set.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Albion ultralight insulated jacket, it’s only 105g and I can rely on it for cold mountain passes.

Michael Schlotter

Age 42 / Nuremberg (Germany)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding a Carbonda CFR696 frame featuring a SRAM 1×11 drivetrain with a 46T chainring and a Shimano XT 11-42T cassette. The wheels are self-made using DT Swiss components and a SON Dynamo hub up front. Other components include the Selle Italia SLR Boost Gravel Saddle, Syntace P6 seatpost, Syntace Liteforce stem, as well as 3T handlebars and Profile Design / 3T aerobars.
BAGS: My main bag is the new Ortlieb Seat pack QR13, which is really great because it does not sway at all. I am also using an Apidura Racing Aerobar Pack, as well as a small Profile Design ATTK S top tube bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: My Everve Tech bib shorts and Bont Vaypor G shoes.

Juris Skrebels

Age 42 / Riga (Latvia)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: 2022 Scott Addict RC10. The bike will feature a new pair of Pirelli P Zero Race TLR 28 mm tires, Force AXS 2×12 drivetrain with 48/35T chainrings (with power meter), 10-33T cassette, and stock Syncros Capital 1.0 35mm carbon wheels.
BAGS: Complete set of reflective Restrap x Look bags (Race Top Tube Bag 1.5L, Canister Bag 1.5L and Saddle Pack 4.5L).
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Garmin 1030 Plus as a main unit, Garmin Fenix 6X as a spare unit. Main light is the Bontrager ION Poro RT 1300, a Petzl Swift RL spare headlight, and two Bontrager Flare RT lights out back.

Sergey Shulubin

Age 51 / Wangi Wangi, NSW (Australia)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: FTI (Formula Titan) frame around 1999 (presumable one of few built for Russian Olympic track team), Mavic Ellipse wheels, double brake levers. Fixed gear dingle 46x13T / 39x19T.
BAGS: 5$ frame bag, DIY easy reach front panniers (old bike bag rags + Velcro), DIY rear rack, former handlebar bag converted to an easy reach seatpost bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Nothing special actually, few garbage bags and basic bivvy has worked alright for me for a long time. I finished TPR01 with a similar setup as well as around 15 1000-1200km Audax events in last couple of years.

Vilas Silverton

Age 54 / Bristol (United Kingdom)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: Pinnacle Arkose D1 Women’s with all gear taken off and replaced with Shimano Di2 and Hydraulic discs. 30/46T absoluteBLACK sub compact rings (bought before GRX) and 11-34 out back. Wheels are handbuilt locally by Ryan. DT rims on Bitex rear/SON delux front. Tyres are Pirelli 32mm tubeless.
BAGS: As a short rider, I’m using a Tailfin, plus a mixture of Apidura up front. I will also use a bag under the tri bars.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Side entry bottle cages set up facing opposite ways so I access both sides throughout the ride. Tri bars set up high to protect my back and neck. Road pedals as my MTB shoes are a bit uncomfortable on longer rides.

Grigore Simona-Iuliana

Age 40 / Bucharest (Romania)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: Canyon Endurance CF SL8 equipped with DT Swiss R500 custom wheels, Continental 4 Seasson tyres and a SON Dynamo hub up front, 2×11 drivetrain with 50/34T chainrings and 40T cassette.
BAGS: Apidura X Canyon Frame Pack (4.5L), Racing Handlebar Pack (5L), Riverside Top Tube (1L), 2x Riverside Food Pouch (0.5L), ROSE Saddle Pack.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’ll sleep in a Sea to Summit sleeping and LACD Bivy Bag Super Light. I run the K-Lite lighting and charging system and a GARMIN Edge 530 for navigating.

Christoph Strasser

Age 39 / Graz (Austria)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: Specialized S-Works Roubaix. I chose this bike because it is very solid, very comfortable, and built for racing on cobbles. And a bike which survives Paris-Roubaix will also survive the TCR. Even if it is not as lightweight as others, I do not want to take the risk of technical issues with a super light frame. My tyres are classic clinchers, and I chose the Roubaix 28mm tyres, since they are super durable and even survived the TCR gravel parcours in one of my training rides in Romania after having them as training tyres for a whole year. My drivetrain is a 33-46T chainring set with a 10-33T cassette. I would have chosen a different chainring, because you can’t really ride fast in the flats. But as we all know, parts are readily available these days.
BAGS: On the bike I have Apidura bags (Racing 1L Top Tube, 7L Saddle and 4L Frame Pack). I can mount an additional bottle on the Saddle Pack if needed. I really like the aerodynamic advantage. These bags do not really slow you down (except when climbing uphill, but climbing with a fully loaded bike is a different story).
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: This is my first ever unsupported race (after doing many supported ultra races like Race Across America, which I won 6 times), so I have most of the gear that racers carry. Sleeping bag, spare parts, jacket, USB charger, dynamo with a Supernova light and a Garmin 1040 Solar with super long battery. But there is one special thing, which is a bit of a luxury: swimming shorts! It will get hot during the TCR, so I want to refresh myself by jumping into the sea or river from time to time.

Paul Toigo

Age 60 / Kansas City, Missouri (USA)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: 2019 Rodeo Adventure Labs (RAL) Traildonkey 3.0. 2×11 Ultegra Di2 hydraulic groupset. Hope RX4 calipers. Wheels are 700c 32h RAL 2.0 carbon shod with Panaracer GravelKing Slick 700×32. SON 28 12 front hub powering a SON Edelux II headlight and B+M Secula taillight. Navigation is by a pair of Garmin Edge, 1030 Plus and 1040 Solar, GPSs.
BAGS: Custom Andrew the Maker (ATM) gravel bag and an old, they don’t make them like they used to, Avenir Excursion Rack-Top Bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: New for TCRNo8 is an RAL Spork 3.0 with Cerakote that replaces the original naked Spork 2.0. I’ve replaced the rear hub with an Onyx Vesper. Last, I’m forgoing a saddle bag this year in favor of a Tubus Liviano rack with a trunk bag.

Erik Venneman

Age 32 / Renkum (The Netherlands)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding the TCR on my Kona Rove ST (2017). Rival rear derailleur and levers, Spyre mechanical disc brakes, 38T front chainring and an 11-42T cassette. The Duke rims are laced around a Shutter Precision dynamo and a DT350 rear hub paired with tubeless Panaracer 38C Gravelkings. As my main light and for charging electronics I’ll use the Sinewave Beacon.
BAGS: What Happend Outdoor snackbags and a custom frame bag that holds tools, food, and 3L Apidura Frame Pack Hydration Bladder. I strapped an 8L dry bag to my handlebars with sleeping gear and an Outershell Drawcord Handlebar bag that holds my Fuji camera. The Ortlieb 13L QR seat-pack holds clothes and groceries.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: The bike itself. It’s the first and only serious bike I have. I take it everywhere, traveling to friends and family, shopping, mountain biking in the Alps or riding across Europe. And most importantly, my mascot Ron, a male mermaid with red hair and an impressive beard. He has a positive attitude towards life, and when things get rough I tell myself to be like Ron. Usually things get better when I try to be like Ron.

Laurens Van Gucht

Age 36 / Ghent (Belgium)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: Orbea Orca, DI2 11sp ultegra groupset, Profile design aerobars extra TT shifters, Hunt front wheel with SON hub and K-lite setup.
BAGS: Rusjan custom full frame bag carrying an Apidura bladder. Apidura race top tube and saddle bags. Tiny packable backpack because you never know.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Nothing to declare here officer.

Will Vousden

Age 33 / Munich (Germany)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: The venerable first-gen Kinesis Tripster ATR. I’ve gone for the smallest gearing possible, with 46-30T chainrings on a power2max NGeco Gravel spider and an 11-36T cassette at the back. 32mm Continental GP 5000 S TR tyres, and a SON dynamo to power the gadgetry. My cockpit features Profile Designs aero bars and a custom 3D-printed snack box between the arms, plus a Quad Lock phone mount to let me use my phone when necessary. I keep track of my tyre pressure on the go with TyreWiz pressure sensors.
BAGS: All my luggage is tucked away in Restrap Race bags, including the aero bar bag, saddle bag, and large frame and top-tube bags—for that tidy look.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’ll be sleeping in a Cumulus X-Lite 200, or when it’s too warm for that, in a silk liner. Possibly also with an insect net on my head. Beneath me I have a Thermarest NeoAir XLite pad and an Alpkit Drift pillow. I’ll be charging most of my kit from my dynamo, but will also have a backup battery and wall charger just in case.

Sébastien Warègne

Age 31 / Goyet, Gesves (Belgium)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding de TCR08 on a Canyon Grizl with a new pair of wheels. The Duke World Runner Carbon 38 with a DT Swiss 240 hub behind and a Son Dynamo hub in front. I also changed the crankset to a Shimano 105 compact and a Stage power meter.
BAGS: Ortlieb saddle bag, a little frame bag for spares and tools, top tube bags for food. A small handlebar bag will hold my passport and little things like a toothbrush and my powerbank. Three 1L bottles will hopefully give me enough water on hot days.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: A Supernova e3 in front and the tail light in the rear. I’ll also be carrying a Garmin 830 for navigation.

Rob Webb

Age 39 / Loughton, Essex (England)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: My bike is a Quirk Durmitor inspired by checkpoint four of TCR No4 as ridden by the frame builder Rob Quirk in 2016. Durmitor is checkpoint three in this year’s race and I am determined to make sure she gets there. My gearing is SRAM Force AXS with 48/35T chainrings and a 10/33T cassette. Roval Rapide CLX wheels – no tubeless! 30mm Continental GP5000 tyres. Canyon split seatpost for some extra flex and comfort.
BAGS: I use an Apidura racing top tube and saddle packs along with a custom made Restrap framebag to take full advantage of the space available. I can carry up to three litres of water with the platypus bladder, which should be useful in more remote areas.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I love that the frame is built specifically for me, I cannot wait to see Durmitor for myself.

Hendra Wijaya

Age 56 / Bogor, West Java (Indonesia)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: Canyon Grizl CF SLX 8 1by. Campagnolo Ekar 38T, 13-speed (10/44T). DT Swiss ERC 1100 DiCut 45 wheels. Continental GP 5000 S TR 32-622 tires. Enve Gravel Handlebar 46 cm. Profile Design Neosonic Ergo 45AR. Saddle Selle SLR KC Boost. Son 28 Dynamo Hub. Front light: K-Lite & Lupine Neo (Helmet). K-Lite and Nebula rear lights. GPS Garmin 1040 Solar and Suunto 9 Peak. Iphone 13 pro.
BAGS: Custom frame bag made by EIGER, Apidura seat pack, top tube bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Montbell down jacket, water/wind proof jacket, bivy, down pants, Q36,5 long salopette Li X bib tight, jersey, shoes, shoe cover, socks, glove, under helmet cap. PedalEd jersey, gloves, etc.

Andreas Wittkemper

Age 53 / Dortmund (Germany)

2022 Transcontinental Race Rigs

BIKE: This is a custom made Ti frame from Waltly. I am running tubeless Schwalbe Pro One 34mm tires on Nextie 40mm rims. Drivetrain is an absoluteBLACK 46/30T (oval chainrings) with an 11-40T cassette. Power is provided by a SON deluxe dynamo hub with a Forumslader and lights are a Supernova E3 and Supernova Airstream II as backup.
BAGS: As my front bag I use Cyclite, Apidura is serving the frame bag and food pouches. And the trunk bag is a no name brand on a titanium Tubus Airy rack.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: My navigation is provided by my Wahoo Bolt V2 with my iPhone as an emergency backup. Sleeping kit is a ME Helium solo with a therm-a-rest Neo Air xlite.

Krystian Jakubek

Age 30 / Wrocław (Poland)


BIKE: I’ve just changed my bike to Van Rysel EDR 940, full dura-ace and fully carbon-equipped. Easened up the gearing with the AbsoluteBlack sub-compact 48-32 oval chainrings and a 11-32 cassette. My bottom will be supported by a 3D printed Specialized Romin saddle. The tyres are 32mm Continental 5000 S TR with Orange Seal tubeless sealant.
BAGS: Custom made, prototype ultralight frame and top-tube bags from Triglav (350g together), completed with a stock Triglav saddlebag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Emergency blanket sleeping system :p. Quick 65W in/out 20Ah powerbank and charger, a lumintop front Light (chargeable on the go via usb-c) and a knog long-lasting rear light. Will be navigating with an eTrex 30x (lithium AA battery powered). Will be testing Absolute Black’s chain that’s supposed to last over 1000km without re-lubrication and very rare maintenance afterwards.

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