Rigs of the 2024 Pinyons and Pines

Pinyons and Pines is a self-supported 300-mile bikepacking race that starts and ends in Flagstaff, Arizona, and follows some of the best terrain the northern part of the state has to offer. To coincide with today’s grand depart, we gathered details for over 50 race rigs, featuring bag and gear highlights for each. See them all here…

Pinyons and Pines is a 300-mile self-supported bikepacking race that explores some of the best riding in Northern Arizona. Each year, riders from all over the United States gather at Flagstaff Bicycle Revolution with hopes of finishing the route. Although it changes slightly from year to year, it’s always around 300 miles and traverses a mix of singletrack, doubletrack, and dirt roads. This year’s course is approximately 364 miles with 31,000 feet of climbing.

With help from event organizer Dana Ernst and this year’s riders, we rounded up bike and gear details for over 50 folks taking on the route. Scroll through and get a good look at everyone’s rig and then head over to the 2024 Pinyons and Pines event page to follow along live. Riders took off this morning at 6 a.m. local time. Before we dive in, a quick update from Dana Ernst:

Words by Dana Ernst

Pinyons and Pines has a reputation for bad weather. We’ve seen snow storms, massive rains, and crazy wind, but the current weather forecast looks favorable. Hopefully, I didn’t just jinx us! We have roughly 70 riders expected to start Thursday morning. There are quite a few heavy hitters on the start list, too. A handful of names to keep an eye on are Andy Wentzel, Frances Hacker, Jesse Reeves, Leigh Bowe, Jacob Miller, Matt Bowe, Sarah Didier, Stephen Scherle, Tom Schwemberger, Sarah Higgins, Chas Christiansen, and Kristen Tonsager. There are also two teenagers lining up: Cruz Blue (age 15) and Ethan Field (age 15). Our elder statesman is Paul Kuzdas at 66 years old. Moreover, we have 13 women and two non-binary folks lining up. We are proud of these numbers, but there is room for improvement. More is better. Ladies and non-binary folks: we would love to have you participate in next year’s edition of P&P! Come join us.

Trip Alexander

Age 32 / Flagstaff, Arizona (USA)

2024 Pinyons and Pines Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding my 2013 Surly Krampus in the Moonlit Swamp color. 1×11 drivetrain with 30T oval chainring. RockShox Revelation 130mm fork. Magura MT5 brakes. Maxxis Rekon 29 x 2.6″ tires.
BAGS: Mostly Revelate Designs bags. A couple Randi Jo feed bags and an Oveja Negra handlebar harness.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Spot gen 2 tracker. Framebag and top tube bag are as old as the bike and still holding strong. EE quilt. OR Helium Bivy.

Chad Ament

Age 37 / Durango, Colorado (USA)

2024 Pinyons and Pines Rigs

BIKE: XL Epic Evo. RockShox SID and Sidluxe fork and shock. Shimano drivetrain with an E13 9-45T gravel cassette. Roval Control SL wheels. Guide Ultimate brakes with 180 rotors. Navigating with a Garmin eTrex 20, and seeing at night with a Fenix BC26r.
BAGS: Super sick JPaks frame bag arrived yesterday, to go with the JPaks 15″ Farva top tube bag, Oveja Negra stem bags, and Revelate Joey and Shrew. Also carrying an Osprey Skarab 18 on me.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Sleep setup is a Borah 140g ultralight bug bivy, a 40F Enlightened Equipment quilt, and a Ford motors windshield reflector to lay on. I’m bringing a Patagonia down puffy and rain jacket and pants, which, given the forecast, feels very unnecessary, but my Colorado brain can’t comprehend not taking them. Most of my calories are coming from Tailwind drink mix, as usual. There’s a 30oz Nalgene on either side of my stem and an XL 50oz Nalgene under my downtube. Another 100oz capacity on my back, which I’ll use as little as possible. My packing philosophy is keeping weight as centered as possible, so the bike still rides like a bike.

Forrest Bandor

Age 29 / Ft. Wayne, Indiana (USA)

2024 Pinyons and Pines Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding my Scott Spark 930 for Pinyons and Pines. It is equipped with a Shimano 1×12 drivetrain with a 30T chainring, Shimano four piston brakes, new Continental Reuben 29 x 2.3″ tires mounted to Zipp 1Zero Hitops.
BAGS: I’ll be running my custom framebag and feed bag from Suffer-Stoke Gear, a Tailfin rear rack with Salsa Anything Bags mounted on each side. In my Revelate Designs Jerry Can I’ll store all my tools and spares. My sleep system will live in the handlebar roll and I’ll be wearing a USWE Airborne 9 hydration pack.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’ll be running a Garmin 1040 Solar for all my navigation and tracking needs. I’ll also be lugging around a Jetboil because what’s the point if I’m not eating good food and drinking coffee with a great view.

Cruz Blue

Age 15 / Flagstaff, Arizona (USA)

2024 Pinyons and Pines Rigs

BIKE: IBIS DV9, standard build with some exeptions. Maxxis Ardent on the rear and Maxxis Recon race on the front. Oil slick chain. One green Race Face Chester pedal and one purple.
BAGS: Seat pack, Oveja Negra gear-jammer, water bottles, icicle bicycle water bottle, and a random one. Tailfin fork mounts. Salsa EXP cargo cages. Nalgene water bottle, turner bike bag on another cargo cage. Rouge Panda top tube bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Nathan running pack, given to me by my engineering teacher Mr. Kruger. Knowledge gift’d on thee by the wis’r and m’re exp’rienc’d.

Blake Bockius

Age 62 / Truckee, California (USA)

2024 Pinyons and Pines Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding my Otso Fenrir TI. The bike is set up with Wolf Tooth bits, including a CAMO 32T chainring, a premium headset, and a Resolve dropper post. I’ll be running flat bars, a 120mm Rock Shox SID Ultimate, and 29 x 2.6″ Mezcal tires.
BAGS: I have a plethora of bags from Bedrock, Oveja Negra, Revelate, and a new Rockgeist custom Dyneema frame bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’m excited to be running a few new items on my ride this year. I have the RockShox Twistloc remote for my SID fork. I ditched the SRAM grips and mounted some Wolftooth Mega Fat Paws. It pairs up well with the Wolf Tooth Dropper lever. I also have the Miss Grape ILCOSO bar bag mount. It gives me plenty of options to run different bags and all of my Electronic devices. Another item that I like is the Peak Designs Out Front Phone Mount. The phone stays very secure, and it’s easy to remove while riding.

Allison Bohn

Age 34 / Flagstaff, Arizona (USA)

2024 Pinyons and Pines Rigs

BIKE: Juliana Wilder XT build with Maxxis Ikon tanwall 2.2″ tires.
BAGS: Rogue Panda frame bag and Alamo Gordito grande top tube bag to carry food, jelly beans, and Tajin covered gummy bears. A handlebar extender supports my Revelate Designs Saltyroll and Oveja Negra Lunch Box. Two bottle holders can accommodate an extra 85 oz of water if necessary. The Blackburn seat bag will hold my sleeping pad, ground sheet, and space to shed layers when it warms up. My down tube has an Every Day Caddy saddle bag from Swift Industries that will carry my repair kit.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: A nice crinkly piece of tyvek, a sleeping pad, and my 30 degree bag with a silk liner. This year I plan to wear an 8L backpack to hold up to 3L of water and my Spot tracker. It will also serve as a nice pillow.

Leigh Bowe

Age 42 / Flagstaff, Arizona (USA)

2024 Pinyons and Pines Rigs

BIKE: Why S7 mullet, with GX AXS drivetrain, and Guide brakes. Slight chance that I convert back to SS before race day, but I’m leaning towards geared.
BAGS: Oveja Negra and Rogue Panda blend.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Nothing special here, it’s the usual mix of a quality sleeping bag, Garmin, water filter, and lots of snacks to get me back home to baby asap.

Matt Bowe

Age 42 / Flagstaff, Arizona (USA)

2024 Pinyons and Pines Rigs

BIKE: Santa Cruz Blur.
BAGS: Rogue Panda frame bag and Oveja Negra jerrycans pretty much live on this bike. For Pinyons and Pines food is going in the Revelate bags up front, and an SOL bivy in the Rockgeist seat bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Safety green ultra running vest. The sunscreen lifeguards wear. All the Voile straps since Santa Cruz rivnuts don’t stay tight.

Steve Briley

Age 59 / Moab, Utah (USA)

2024 Pinyons and Pines Rigs

BIKE: Epic Evo with SRAM X0 AXS. Front chainring is 32T. 10-52T cassette. Running 2.35″ Specialized Ground Control tires. Saddle is a WTB pure.
BAGS: Revelate feed bags, Harness, and Shrew on the back. Most excited about my new Dispersed framebag, it fits awesome.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Going with Fenix BC-26 lights on handlebars and Petzl headlamp. MSR bivy and an Enlightened 30 quilt will make up my sleep kit.

Timo Bschaden

Age 42 / Moncton, New Brunswick (Canada)

2024 Pinyons and Pines Rigs

BIKE: 2021 Salsa Cutthroat. SRAM AXS Eagle shifting, 38T crank, 10-52T cassette. Son dynamo hub, Sinewave Beacon 2 for lighting and charging.
BAGS: Salsa direct mount frame bag, Revelate Designs top tube bag, Ovega Negra seat bag, small salsa dry bag strapped to aero bars.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Custom water bottle mount adapter to work with frame bag will allow a total of 5 water bottles on the bike.

Sean Carlin

Age 53 / Gilbert, Arizona (USA)

2024 Pinyons and Pines Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding the 2024 Pinons and Pines on a 2022 Salsa Cutthroat 60cm, GRX810 2X. Stock, with some minor upgrades like Wolf Tooth bar tape, PNW Pine 100mm dropper and bar end lever actuator, and a rear Tumbleweed T rack (for my luxury or weather items that I may not carry depending on fickle Northern Arizona weather). The bike has some Lezyne cages and a Salsa Anything Cage under the downtube. Keeping it stock has been fun while I learn where to really try to refine my bikepacking education and spend my dollars.
BAGS: Rogue Panda frame bag and Alamogordo top tube bag, Revelate Designs Shrew Seat bag, Handlebar Harness, Saltyroll, Egress Pocket, and handlebar feedbag.
BAGS: Rogue Panda frame bag and Alamogordo top tube bag, Revelate Designs Shrew Seat bag, Handlebar Harness, Saltyroll, Egress Pocket, and handlebar feedbag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’m pretty new to this bikepacking game, so iPhone and Ride with GPS is my navigation plan. Smaller, lighter, and refining gear lists are something I enjoy spending time with after every bikepacking outing I take. My packed gear weight hovers around 30lbs sans bike or food/water. Balancing comfort at camp with speed and low weight is my goal, especially since I am 6’ 5”/260lbs, so rolling weight with food, water, me, bike, and gear approaches 340lbs. I’ve gone to a nice sleep setup with a Big Agnes pad, Enlightened Equipment quilt, and some smaller bits like Crocs and gear to keep the sun off and weight down. I hope to only carry enough food/water to go point to point and resupply as needed. I am carrying minimal lights and battery banks (I crash too much at night anyway). The occasional icy or warm tallboy at camp each night, plus the feeling of completion after a long ride, is the reason I do this. I grew up in Northern Arizona, but traveling through these great areas by bicycle on roads and trails I am not that familiar with is going to be fun if I can finish.

Lawrence Dennis

Age 53 / San Antonio, Texas (USA)

2024 Pinyons and Pines Rigs

BIKE: Riding a 2021 Kona Honzo DL.
BAGS: Two feed bags, Apidura top tube bag, Salsa frame bag with Apidura 3 liter bladder, Aeroe spider rear rack, small tool bag on the seat.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Sleep system: Bivy sack, quilt, sleep pad, pillow and footprint. Extras: base layers, puffy, rain pants and jacket, wind braker, warm gloves, second set riding clothes. Gear: Garmin inReach Mini, Garmin Edge 830, Two Fenix BC26R head lamps w/extra batteries, battery bank, Shokz headphones.

Sarah Didier

Age 37 / Mission Viejo, California (USA)

2024 pinyons and pines rigs

BIKE: This will be my first time bikepacking on my full-suspension SCOTT Spark with 130mm front travel and 120mm rear travel (hidden in the frame!). I’m running my XC wheel setup with a Maxxis Rekon Race 2.4″ in the front and Maxxis Ardent Race 2.2″ in the back, mounted on a pair of Light Bicycle carbon rims and DT Swiss 240 hubs. The drivetrain is a mix of GX, XX and XX1 with a 32T chainring and 10-52T cassette. I swapped the carbon Syncros bars for the alloy ones so I could mount aero bars to rest my hands and wrists when needed/possible. The new Odi-D3O grips should help with the hand numbness too.
BAGS: For this one I am using a Restrap Race saddle bag, my Oveja Negra frame bag, a Revelate Designs top tube bag, a small burrito bag in the front and two bottle cages mounted on the fork. I’ll also be wearing a Camelbak Chase vest to carry extra water and food.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: A big 30,000mAh power bank to keep all my electronics alive and my almost 20 years old duct-taped hot pink down jacket to keep me warm!

Ti Eversole

Age 35 / Durango, Colorado (USA)

Rigs off the 2024 Pinyons and Pines

BIKE: Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt Carbon 90 BC Edition. Maxxis Minion DHF + DHR tires. SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain.
BAGS: For my on-bike bag setup, I’m using the brand new Osprey Escapist bikepacking line, including a top tube bag and a saddle bag. For on-body, I’m rocking the Osprey Tempest Velocity. This pack features a running vest-inspired harness that fits snugly and comfortably on my body for long-distance activities while also providing quick and easy access to my water flasks and snacks.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: The bags above are definitely my biggest highlight this year.

Mike Farrell

Age 33 / Flagstaff, Arizona (USA)

2024 pinyons and pines rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding the fillet brazed steel hardtail I built for myself, 140mm travel 29er with SRAM Eagle groupset, SRAM Brakes, DT swiss wheels, Maxxis Ardent Tires, and a polarizing rear rack.
BAGS: Bags are a mix of Rogue Panda, Revelate, and home made.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Bringing minimal Kit, bivy, sleeping bag and pad on the rack, Puffy and light rain jacket on the bike, with plenty of space left for McDonalds cheeseburgers. Navigation will be done with an old iPhone 10 stuck to the cockpit with a Garmin 1/4 turn mount glued to it.

Isabelle Fisk

Age 30 / Durango, Colorado (USA)

2024 Pinyons and Pines Rigs

BIKE: The frame is a Slug Gasser Ti Hardtail based out of the Bay area. My favorite parts of the bike are my Brooks C17 saddle, my ano purple wolf tooth components throughout, and my 5dev cranks.
BAGS: Swift Industries top tube bag, a tiny Ornot seat bag (my bike is too small to run a proper seat post bag with a dropper), eVent dry bag with harness on the bars, and most notably a frame bag my partner custom-sewed for me. I’ll also be running an Ultimate Direction 30L fast packing pack for my 3L bladder and clothing layers.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I typically run flats on MTB, but I’ll be running Nukeproof Horizon CS clipless pedals since the route has a heavy amount of doubletrack/gravel sections. Shout out to my partner for loaning me his rear wheel last minute after I blew up my hub and managed to wedge a rock into the rim of my carbon reserve!

Nathan Friedman

Age 41 / Flagstaff, Arizona (USA)

2024 Pinyons and Pines Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding my Binary Molotok for the race. The frame was a custom build with a full set of touring mounts and has a front Fox Factory 36 on it, which will be nice and cush for the rough sections. I’ll be running a Tubleweed T-rack on the rear, and rolling on a Maxxis Recon/Forekaster combo pushed by a 12-speed AXS drivetrain.
BAGS: Frame bag and gas tank are from Rogue Panda with a custom Arizona Trail topo map design. Handlebar sling is a Rogue Panda as well, with a UltraLiteSacks roll top compression sack. Mini pannier and a Whirlpool lumbar pack are from San Util Design, and strapped to the other side of the Tumbleweed rack is a 1.5L Nalgene bottle in a Manything cage so I can load up on water on some dry stretches.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Navigation from a Garmin eTrex 32x and shelter is Marmot bivy sack in case of inclement weather (fingers crossed that won’t happen). SQ Labs are making bar ends sexy again, and I’m totally on board with that for the extra hand positions.

Patrick Gunderson

Age 31 / Tucson, Arizona (USA)

2024 Pinyons and Pines Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding a Salsa cutthroat flat bar conversion with Curve Remlaw bars and a 100m Fox fork. I have some brand new Maxxis Recon 2.25″ tires, rear Industry Nine hub matched with a SON dynamo front hub. kLite system for lights and charging.
BAGS: Rogue Panda frame and Tank bag. Front bag is a Sea to Summit sleeping bag stuff sack and at the rear is a Tallfin AeroPack.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’m using a BarYak Expedition SL 35 front aero setup that keeps my kLite hardware organized and holds my Garmin inReach and Wahoo Element Bolt as well as some Profile Designs arm pads.

Frances Hacker

Age 32 / Flagstaff, Arizona (USA)

2024 Pinyons and Pines Rigs

BIKE: Pivot Trail 429, XT/XTR.
BAGS: A mix of Rogue Panda and Oveja Negra.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: My Osprey Dura hydration pack will help keep me hydrated in the hot Arizona sun. I will also be sporting Dirty Girl Gaiters to keep rocks out of the shoes.

Nicolaus Hawbaker

Age 39 / Flagstaff, Arizona (USA)

2024 pinyons and pines rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding Pinyons and Pines on a Vassago Optimus Ti. It rolls nicely on Maxxis Recon + tires and Nox carbon rims. Shimano XT drivetrain makes it go. PNW rising flexible handlebars with bar ends provide a comfortable cockpit.
BAGS: Outfitted with Rogue Panda handlebar bag mounted with Revelate Handlebebar, Rogue Panda saddle and top tube bag, and a custom Vassago frame bag. Not pictured is one of my favorite additions, the Revelate Designs Mountain Feedbag that mounts to the handlebars.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Nemo tensor sleeping pad, Big Agnes Pluton UL sleeping bag, Garmin Edge 520 for navigation, and small emergency bivy in case of unexpected rain.

Jeff Hemperley

Age 57 / Prescott, Arizona (USA)

2024 Pinyons and Pines Rigs

BIKE: Kokopelli Bike Co custom titanium singlespeed. I first rode this bike on the CTR in 2013. The very first Kokopelli bike produced. It’s seen many miles including the AZTR 300 and 750 breaking the ss record at that time. Ti cycles handlebar. Stans wheels.
BAGS: A mix of Broadfork bags and Revelate Designs.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Sleep system consists of Stoic sleeping bag. SOL bivy. Klymit Inertia X lite air pad. Tarp. Sawyer water filter. All gear on bike. No pack on back. Capacity of 5L. Fenix lights. Spot x tracker.

Sarah Higgins

Age 25 / Salt Lake City, Utah (USA)

2024 Pinyons and Pines Rigs

BIKE: Specialized Epic Evo with a 30T chainring and 2.4” Maxxis Rekon tires.
BAGS: I’ll be running a Nuke Sunrise Handlebar system, Rogue Panda frame bag, and a Rogue Panda Ripsey seat bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: 20 deg quilt, NeoAir pad, Fenix lights, Camelbak Chase vest, and a whole bunch of Reese’s Fast Breaks round out my kit. Hopefully we stay mud-free this year!

Tyler Hughes

Age 32 / Flagstaff, Arizona (USA)

2024 pinyons and pines rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding my Revel R+ Titanium gravel bike. 50c Maxxis Ramblers (biggest I could fit!). Industry Nine wheels. GRX Components and drivetrain. WTB Volt saddle. Lighting will be a NiteRider 1200 lumen mounted on bars, Fenix PD36R on helmet, and rear Blinky light. Navigation will be Garmin Edge 1040.
BAGS: Quite a variety of bag brands strapped on the bike. Revelate frame bag (came with my Karate Monkey, hence the Surly Bikes print), Revelate front-roll harness holding a Sea to Summit dry bag housing my sleep kit, Ortlieb QR Seat-Bag. Not pictured I have also decided to run my Rogue Panda Alamo top tube bag for easy access to snacks while riding. Stuffed the biggest possible water bottle on the down tube for maximum water capacity on bike. USWE Hydration Pack on body.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: This is my lightest setup to date, mostly due to ditching the tent and going with a OR Helium bivy as well as some strategic minimalist packing.

Dave Keller

Age 41 / Tucson, Arizona (USA)

2024 pinyons and pines rigs

BIKE: I was getting my OG Salsa Timberjack tuned up with some faster 29ers and they found a crack in my frame. Huge shoutout to Salsa and Campfire Cycling for hooking me up with a brand-new frame just in time for this race! Between that, new WTB STi30 rims, new Maxxis Ikon 29 x 2.6″ tires, and a new Fox Float 34 AWL fork, it’s like a whole new ride.
BAGS: Salsa EXP framebag, Relevate Sweetroll and Feed Bags, Oveja Negro Wackpack, Sea to Summit drybag strapped to a rear Salsa rack.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Navigation and tracking will be handled by my Garmin GPS Map 66i, lighting by the Outbound EVO on the handlebars and Hangover on my helmet with extra juice supplied by a powerbank and a high-speed wall charger. Sleep system is an REI bag, Sea to Summit inflatable mattress and pillow, and an OR Helium Bivy.

Corey (Hardcore) Kronser

Age 36 / Platteville, Wisconsin (USA)

2024 pinyons and pines rigs

BIKE: Singlespeed Ti Salsa Fargo, probably geared around a 30-17T. Velocity Blunt SS with a Velocity Dynamo up front. Lights by kLite and Outbound Lighting. Crust Towel Rack Bars, TRP drillium levers, gold Jagwire Link housing, Paul Klamper Brakes, White Industries M30 Crank, and a Tumbleweed Ti Pannier Rack.
BAGS: All my favorite bags are made by South City Stitchworks. I’m slumming it with a couple of Restrap bags until I can replace them with customs from South City.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I keep it simple with a down quilt, Rockgeist Animalist pad, and an army poncho for rain and shelter. Otherwise it is a couple tools and a lot of food. Water bottles are filled to the top with good energy from Embark, keeping it delicious.

Paul Kuzdas

Age 66 / Phoenix, Arizona (USA)

2024 Pinyons and Pines Rigs

BIKE: Chumba Stella Ti rolling on Nox rims, Vittoria Mezcal XC Race 2.4″ tires and SON 28 Dynamo/DT Swiss 350 hubs. Drivetrain is a combo of Shimano XT/XTR, 1×12 and a 32T chainring. For old man comfort, an Egron SMC Sport Gel saddle attached to a Cane Creek Thudbuster ST.
BAGS: Rouge Panda framebag (custom made for an older bike, however it fits the Chumba nicely) Revelate seat/handlebar bags, Rockgeist top tube and Honeypot feedbags.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Sleep kit includes a Fly Creek HV1 tent, Therm-a-Rest pad, Enlightened Equipment quilt, and a piece of Tyvek for ground cover. kLite Ultra v2 lamp for lighting. Navigating with a Garmin Edge 530 and eTrex 30x for back up.

Gordon MacMillan

Age 39 / Boulder, Colorado (USA)

2024 pinyons and pines rigs

BIKE: I’m riding a 2019 Salsa Cutthroat for my first Pinyons and Pines event. For tires I have on the rear a Specialized Slaughter Grit Trail T7 and Eliminator Grid Trail up front. Ups to my boy GJDeems. I’m using a modified 1×11 SRAM Rival derailleur and hydro R shifter set with a 30T chainring. Wheels are custom Light Bicycle and DT Swiss with a SP Dynamo hub up front. Other notable parts include the Deda Elementi Gera bars and Klite ultra lamp.
BAGS: My friend Jlubz of, now shuttered, Movement baggage constructed the frame bag and I have a top tube bag from Rockgeist. Also running a Revelate Shrew seat pack for some essentials. Not running a bar bag this time. Instead using a UD adventure pack for carrying jackets, 2L bladder and other odds and ends. I’ll have a bottle mounted on the top tube and a Rockgeist stem caddy will carry a second.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: A Nemo tensor pad and SOL bivy will hopefully shelter me for a bit when it all starts to go sideways. Hoping my Black Diamond synthetic jacket will keep me warm and a Club Ride sun hoody will stave off any major sunburns. I’ll be on the Wahoo Bolt for navi.

David Matesi

Taos, New Mexico (USA)

2024 Pinyons and Pines Rigs

BIKE: 2018 Salsa Timberjack 27.5″.
BAGS: Whatever I could make work!

Will McDonald

Age 27 / Durango, Colorado (USA)

Rigs off the 2024 Pinyons and Pines

BIKE: Santa Cruz Blur 2017. Suspension lockout.
BAGS: seat, handle, frame, tank, and Jerry can. Mix of Bedrock Bags and Relevate Designs. Phanny pack: Outthereusa.

Sam McLaughlin

Age 30 / Flagstaff, Arizona (USA)

2024 Pinyons and Pines Rigs

BIKE: Giant XTC Advanced 29 with a Works Components -1° headset and a RockShox SID 120mm fork. Wheels: DT Swiss XM421 rims on Industry Nine Hydra hubs (built by me). Tires: Maxxis Forekaster 2.35” front; Rekon Race 2.25” with Tubolight SL insert rear. Drivetrain is a 1×11 mash-up: Shimano shifter, derailleur, & chain; SRAM cranks (32T) and 10-42T cassette. Other bits: SRAM Guide RSC brakes, OneUp dropper, WTB Rocket saddle, 12-year-old Shimano XT pedals, and ESI Extra Chunky grips plus some Togs and repurposed sections of old grips to let me shift my hands around.
BAGS: Framebag and rear top tube bag sewn by me. The rest is a hodgepodge: Topeak handlebar harness, Blackburn front top tube bag, feed bags from Topeak and Goodwill, Rockgeist Gondola saddlebag. I’ll wear a Camelbak Chase vest with water, my headlamp, and a few other small items.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’ll be navigating with a Garmin Etrex 20x and carrying an InReach Mini for tracking. I have a Lezyne light and Petzl headlamp for pedaling in the dark, and a Sea to Summit sleeping bag and Nemo sleeping pad stashed in the handlebar roll for when I can’t keep pedaling. My setup is mostly the same as last year, so I’m hoping everything works as well as it did the first time.

Jacob Miller

Age 35 / Flagstaff, Arizona (USA)

2024 pinyons and pines rigs

BIKE: Rolling on a Rocky Mountain Element with Nox rims on DT240 hubs. Rekon Race/Ikon tires. SRAM Eagle drivetrain, 34T Wolf Tooth front ring, Cane Creek bar ends, Fox Transfer dropper.
BAGS: Revelate Designs and Rogue Panda.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Exposure lights and Garmin Edge 1040 Solar.

Art O’Connor

Age 58 / Millcreek, Utah (USA)

2024 pinyons and pines rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding Pinyons and Pines for the first time. No real plan for a finish time. I might go fast-ish, likely slow. My bike is a custom Seven Cycles Treeline (Silver Fang). I am slightly shorter than the Mogollon Monster so custom was is only way to go. I am not a hairy dude so if you see a big hairy guy on a Seven notify my next of kin that the monster got me and jacked my bike! SRAM XO1 Drivetrain. Pedaling Innovations pedals and Altra Lone Peak running shoes keep the hot spots away. This is also my winter fat bike so 29+ wheels for summer fun w/ WTB Ranger 3.0″ tires and DT Swiss hubs.
BAGS: My frame bag is a custom Broadfork made right here in UT. Oveja Negra Bootlegger Fork Bags to hold my Nalgene bottles, Revelate Gas Tank for snacks, Rock Geist Honeypot Feedbags on the bars, and Mountain Laurel Poco Panniers. Sleep system features a custom Nunatek quilt and an Xped something or other pad stufffed in a Sea To Summit Dry bag. Tent or bivy will be a game day decision. Garmin 1040 solar will keep me on track.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: My bike is my favorite piece of kit. I have always struggled to find comfort on super long rides and getting a bike that actually fits has been a revelation. This may not be the fastest set up for this course but it is definitely the most comfortable.

Jon Offner

Age 44 / Flagstaff, Arizona (USA)

2024 Pinyons and Pines Rigs

BIKE: Ibis Ripley with Brooks saddle, Maxis Recon 2.4″ on the front and Maxis Icon 2.3″ on the back.
BAGS: Representing Flagstaff with some great Rogue Panda bags featuring some awesome artwork by Collette Marie .
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Garmin inReach mini 2 for tracking.

Eric Olsen

Age 48 / Wilmington, Ohio (USA)

2024 Pinyons and Pines Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding Pinyons & Pines on a 2024 Pivot Mach 4 SL. The bike features ENVE M6 carbon wheels with Maxxis Rekon 2.6” front and 2.4” rear tires. The drivetrain is 12-speed SRAM Transmission with a 30T chainring.
BAGS: My front cockpit and frame are outfitted with Rockgeist. In the rear, I’m running a Tailfin AeroPack Carbon with 5L panniers.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: For my shelter, I’ll be using a Zpacks 2P Duplex, which I’ll be sharing with my duo partner. My sleep kit includes a Sea to Summit Spark II sleeping bag and a Nemo Equipment insulated Tensor sleeping pad. For navigation, I’m using a Garmin eTrex 30x.

Bret Parke

Age 53 / Phoenix, Arizona (USA)

2024 Pinyons and Pines Rigs

BIKE: For the 2024 Pinyons and Pines, I will be riding the same Salsa Timberjack I rode in 2022 and 2023. Mezcal 2.35” tires on NOBL wheels with DT Swiss hubs. I use the Salsa Anything suite for mounting bags.
BAGS: I share the wealth and use a Salsa frame bag, Rogue Panda top tube, Oveja Negra snack pack, and Revelate Designs stuff sack. Out back, I use Wayward Riders Louise dropper harness and OR stuff sack.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I use Fenix lighting with a homemade light mount inspired by a friend. My Mone Light Bar, Brooks B17 saddle, and safety pizza flag are a few of my favorite things.

Joe Pavlik

Age 35 / Flagstaff, Arizona (USA)

2024 pinyons and pines rigs

BIKE: SOUL CRAFT Holy Roller w/ Rohloff Hub and RockShox SID 120mm. Victoria Mezcal tires.
BAGS: Revelate Designs Mag Tank, Swift Zeitgeist, Mountain Laurel Designs Panniers and Dry Bags. Crater packs DCF frame bag. Oveja Negra fanny pack.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Rohloff hub. SON dynamo connected to Klite lights and charger. Garmin 1040 solar and Forerunner 955, Katadyn befree, Aero press, camping stove, Lezyne pump, Big Agnes Tiger Wall tent, Outdoor Research rain pants/jacket/over shoes (iykyk), Therm-a-Rest Neo Air, Marmot Hydrogen sleeping bag.

Joshua Propfe

Age 31 / Las Cruces, New Mexico (USA)

2024 pinyons and pines rigs

BIKE: 2021 Esker Hayduke, 29 x 2.5″ Maxxis Assegai (front), Maxxis Minion (rear), singlespeed (32x20T), Whiskey No. 9 fork.
BAGS: Topo Designs front bag, Restrap toptube bag (3L), Restrap feed bag, Revelate Designs Spinelock 16L, Oveja Negra Super Wedgie frame bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: 3L water capacity (+1 L filter bottle).

AJ Raglow

Age 31 / Tucson, Arizona (USA)

Rigs off the 2024 Pinyons and Pines

BIKE: I’m riding a Cutthroat Apex 1 for the Pinyons to Pines race in Northern Arizona. I’m running aero bars to make up for the lack of suspension.
BAGS: My setup has the Revelate Terrapin off the back and the Revelate Pronghorn in the front. Especially excited about the frame bag made specifically for this bike by Salsa.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Just picked up this sweet Roger Panda AZ Flag tank bag to commemorate this awesome ride through my home state.

Jesse Reeves

Age 40 / Janesville, California (USA)

2024 pinyons and pines rigs

BIKE: S-Works Epic Evo. As a serial under-biker, I’m trying to change my ways. Compromises made by running my lighter wheelset and tires. Lots of layers and lots of carbs.
BAGS: All homemade bags and mounts here aside from a Tailfin Cargo Cage adapted to serve as a cradle on the bars. Liteskin and Challenge fabrics.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Stem mounted aero-bars and all USB-C electronics.

LaReina Reyes

Age 39 / Flagstaff, Arizona (USA)

2024 pinyons and pines rigs

BIKE: Pivot Shadow Cat with Rogue Panda frame bags and more.
BAGS: Rogue Panda Canelo Handle Bar Bag, Rogue Panda Ripsey Seat Bag, Oveja Negra and Okey Dokey Co Top Tube Bags.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: 27.5 x 2.6″ Rekon front, Aggressor 2.3″ rear, 12-speed SRAM Eagle, 28T Wolf Tooth chainring, 165mm carbon Race Face cranks, live love bike life!

Tyler Rumburg

Age 39 / McCall, Idaho (USA)

2024 pinyons and pines rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding a 2012 Niner MCR. Fun, fast, reliable rig. The bike features a mix of 1×11 hydro Force/Rival/GX, 32T Wolf Tooth chainring and 10-42T cassette, a 100mm Judy Gold suspension fork, Bontrager wheels (carbon rear), 2.25” Victoria Mezcals, 520mm WCS Venturemax XL bars, Silverado ti saddle, and PNW Coast dropper post.
BAGS: Oveja Negra frame bag, top tube bag, front end loader, and Tailfin 1.1L top tube bag. Dry bags are Mountain Laurel Ultra XL on handlebar carrying 40 degree Marmot down sleeping bag and mid-weight down jacket, and Mountain Laurel Ultra Fork bag on down tube carrying sleeping pad, OR Helium emergency bivy, and rain jacket.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: For lights I’m wearing the Outbound Hangover on the helmet, and Fenix BC26R on the bars. Navigating with eTrex 32x and phone, and tracking with Inreach mini. I’ll have 1L water bottles on Tailfin suspension fork mounts, 2L hydration vest, and 1L platypus and BeFree filter for back up. Charging phone and lights with a battery bank.

Adrian Santarossa

Age 31 / Irvine, California (USA)

2024 Pinyons and Pines Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be racing the 2024 Pinyons and Pines with my 2019 Specialized Diverge. I’m running 2.1” Teravail Sparwood tires on ENVE M525 wheels. SRAM AXS 38T with 10-44T in the back.
BAGS: Front bag is my good ol’ Apline Luddites. Apidura rear seat bag and a Orucase 1/2 frame bag. I’ll also be using hydration pack for water and minimal storage. Along with a Revelate Designs Mag-Tank top tube bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Will be testing out my new Sea to Summit Spark 30F sleeping bag paired up with a NEMO Tensor Ultralight pad. Last but not least my Safety Pizza! Kachow!

Stephen Scherle

Age 35 / Durango, Colorado (USA)

2024 Pinyons and Pines Rigs

BIKE: Ill be racing on my MUSA Titanium Buena Onda hardtail. Built in Durango CO, this bike is at home in the alpine as it is on slickrock. I’ll be riding on 2.25″ Maxxis Rekon Race tires on I9 enduro S rims. Drivetrain: Singlespeed 32 x 20T with Raceface oval chainring and Wheels MFG 20T cog.
BAGS: Frame bag: Dispersed Bikepacking made an awesome bag that has a place for all my treasures. Top tube bags: Andrew the maker top tube bag along with the footlong ReStrap top tube bag fit nicely together to hold my drugs and candies. Still not sure if I will need my Relevate Design Pronghorn bar bag.

Tom Schwemberger

Age 28 / Eugene, Oregon (USA)

2024 pinyons and pines rigs

BIKE: Lauf Seigla with AXS Transmission and a 38T chainring and Quarq power meter. I have a SON dynamo wired to an Edelux II headlight and Igaro D2 inverter in addition to a helmet light. I’m running 2.1″ Mezcal tires (not pictured) on Light Bicycle rims and Profile Design aerobars.
BAGS: As usual I’m using mostly custom 7Roads bags including the seatpack, top-tube, stem/feed bags, and frame backs. My extra top-tube bag is a generic one from Swift Industries.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I have to shout out Liminal Machine Works again for the dynamo switch in my aerobar, but the string between my SRAM brake levers that stops them from rattling is worth a mention, just for how atrocious it is.

Cami Scott

Age 36 / Flagstaff, Arizona (USA)

2024 Pinyons and Pines Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding my GX build Ibis Exie with 29 x 2.4” Maxxis Rekon Race tires.
BAGS: I have a custom frame bag from Rogue Panda, a Ripsey seat bag, and Alamo Gordito grande top tube bag. My favorite bags are my Front Loader, Chuck Buckets, and Lunch Box from Oveja Negra.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I plan to sleep on this route so I am packing a Nemo ground pad, an Aegismax sleeping quilt, and some Tyvek as my shelter/ground pad.

Matt Shapiro

Age 31 / Flagstaff, Arizona (USA)

2024 Pinyons and Pines Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be racing the 2024 Pinyons to Pines on my Black Heart TI Allroad with custom Mcdonalds yellow carbon fork, Hunt Limitless wheels, Pirelli Cinturato Gravel RC 40c tires, SRAM Xplr group 1×12 with a 46T ring up front, Redshift suspension stem/seatpost and kitchen sink bars, Prologo saddle, and an old Wahoo Bolt for navigation.
BAGS: Primarily all Revelate Designs bags that a dude in my storage unit building gave me when he was moving out, not sure what the saddle bag is but it’s awesome (pretty sure they don’t make it any more), MagTank, 2x stem bags, Sweetroll and Egress. The Half frame pack is made by my buddy Kyle at Outer Shell.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: The plan is to go as fast as possible and ride through the night so I won’t be taking a bivy or anything. I’ll have my Pas Normal day time and cold weather kit to make it through the night supplemented by a safety blanket and some small just in case kit like that. I’ll wear a modified running vest with a 1.5L bladder. I’ll have a small battery bank to top off lights and the computer. I will be starting with enough sour patch kids and caffeine to kill a horse and that should be about all I’ll need.

Tim Tait

Age 40 / Nucla, Colorado (USA)

2024 pinyons and pines rigs

BIKE: I’ll be enjoying some big long days on an Esker Hayduke. Kitted with a Mezcal/Ikon combo, 120mm Pike, Hope brakes, SRAM drivetrain, and some Nobl 32 wheels.
BAGS: Rouge Panda frame bag, Rockgeist Gondola seat pack, and Dispersed bags through the cockpit.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: The Goodday Curiosity spacer cradle keeps the front roll tidy and secure.

Kristen Tonsager

Age 41 / Denver, Colorado (USA)

2024 Pinyons and Pines Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be racing on the Revel Ranger V2! She will be sporting a Fox 34 fork, Revel RW30 Rims laced to I9 purple Hydra hubs with Maxxis DHF and Agressor tires. I’m running a SRAM Eagle drivetrain with the one and only rainbow chain and Shimano XT 4-piston brakes.
BAGS: JPaks of course! The custom checker print Framepak, Toolpak and Footlong EXT Snakpak, accented with an OHS support patch and colorful zipper garages, are still going strong after the Triple Crown success last year, and are ready for more abuse in the high desert. The Refugi harness, 2 Ruksaks and a BattPak down low are also continuing to gain a nice patina, while the newest pak in the group will be a prototype dropper harness and removable dropper sak! I’m excited to be the first to test this new pak! I will also be wearing a Black Diamond Distance 4 running vest to microwave burritos on my back and keep my snacks warm.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’ll be using a custom dyneema sleepsak with a Sea to Summit Spark bag for napping, while the Fenix BC30 bar light and BCR26R head light will keep me riding after the sun goes down.

Dylan Turner

Age 39 / Flagstaff, Arizona (USA)

2024 Pinyons and Pines Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding my 2023 Specialized Epic Evo with Fox Factory suspension, full XTR drivetrain, four piston brakes, and 180mm rotors. Race Face stem, carbon bars and wheels, Ergon GS2 Grips, Ergon SM Pro Saddle, Maxxis Rekon 2.4″ front tire and Rekon Race 2.35″ rear.
BAGS: DIY front roll, Rogue Panda Blue Ridge Cradle, Dispersed Top Tube and Frame Bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Ultralight Sleep system is a MSR E-bivy, Klymit Inertia X-Frame pad, Mountain Hardware Phantom Spark 28 degree bag, and a homemade Sil-poly Tarp if there is rain in the forecast. Technology includes Garmin Edge 1040 Solar, Fenix BC26R, Ruizu MP3 Player, Spot Gen3. Bonus items for this race are Pearl Izumi Sun Legs, Outdoor Research Echo Sun Shirt, a Salomon Adv Skin 12 hydration vest, lots of Squirrel’s Nut Butter, Tailwind Endurance fuel, sleeping mask, and ear plugs!

Ralph Vandecruze

Age 57 / Chandler, Arizona (USA)

2024 Pinyons and Pines Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding a Trek Marlin 8 Gen 3. The bike is basically stock. It came with 29 x 2.4” Maxxis wheels and tires, a dropper post, hydraulic brakes, and a 1×12 drivetrain. I replaced the grips, added bar ends, and a set of Buckos pedals. I borrowed the Salle SMP saddle from my road bike.
BAGS: Moosetreks frame bag, Venforest top tube bag, Rocbros stem bag, Wise Owl Outfitters dry bag containing my shelter on a Bontrager rear rack. My hydration will come from a 2.2L Camelbak, 32oz on the fork, and a Salomon XA soft flask w/filter.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: My shelter is a lightweight 1-person tent by Underwood Aggregator, Yuzonc Camping Sleeping Pad, and Sol Escape bivy. My navigation will be a Garmin Edge Explore.

Romain Wartel

Age 43 / Berkeley, California (USA)

2024 Pinyons and Pines Rigs

BIKE: This is a modified 2020 Lapierre Prorace 9.9. The cockpit is a Redshift Kitchen Sink handlebar with Profile Design aero bars and SRAM Force AXS shifters + wireless blips, paired with a 10-52 x 36T Wolf Tooth chainring.
BAGS: ByMarion&Quentin created the frame bags and food pouch, complemented by an Apidura saddle bag. Tools and water + food go in the frame bag, electronics and more food on the top tube, and clothes in the saddlebag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I use my beloved Salomon trail running vest to carry up to 3L of extra water, some lunch, and a few light items. I will also wear my super comfy Cima Coppi Merino jersey, which has proven awesome in all weather and temperatures.

Andy Wentzel

Age 33 / Tempe, Arizona (USA)

2024 Pinyons and Pines Rigs

BIKE: Turner Nitrous equipped with an eccentric BB to rock a single speed setup.
BAGS: Oveja Negra frame bag/snack pack, Revelate Designs feed bag, and a Rockgeist Gondola saddlebag. (Picture has an Outer Shell handlebar harness, but I’m not planning on using it for P&P this year).
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: A Fenix BC26R will light my way at night and a Garmin eTrex 20 will keep me rolling on the correct route.

Kyle Zelt

Age 27 / Salt Lake City, Utah (USA)

2024 Pinyons and Pines Rigs

BIKE: This is my full squish bicycle, A 2022 Giant Trance. A bike on the heavier side, but that doesn’t mean she ain’t pretty. I’m not sure what else about the bike is important to know. I just ride it.
BAGS: These sick-nasty bags are from a local architect who makes cool bags in his free time. I got them about three weeks ago so we’ll see how they handle the trip!

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