Surly Disc Trucker Review Video: First Ride

For our latest video, Neil got ahold of the the all-new Surly Disc Trucker for a first ride review. Find his thoughts on the bike as well as footage of the “captured thru-axles” and other unique features new to the bike…

Last week, Surly released its completely redesigned Disc Trucker with a lot of new features, including a redesigned fork, more tire clearance, a revamped geometry, and several new standards upgrades. Our YouTube channel host Neil Beltchenko got to borrow one for a few days and put together this video review.

  • Surly Disc Trucker Review
  • Surly Disc Trucker Review
Surly Disc Trucker Review

For the specs, build kit, and sizing details on the new Disc Trucker, check out our Dispatch from last week.

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