Apple Airtag Review: Can This Tiny Device Save Your Bike?

The Apple Airtag is a tiny device designed to help you keep track of your belongings in case they go missing. In this video review, Neil shows how it works, tests it in the most trying conditions, and finds some strategic locations to place it so it works properly on your bike, and we list several Airtag bike mount options…

Bike theft is a growing concern all over the world, even for us folks who try to spend as much time as possible off the beaten path. After publishing the How to Secure Your Bike While Bikepacking video last year, Neil heard about the new Apple Airtag and its potential for recovering stolen bikes. In this video review, Neil delves deep into how this device works, its shortcomings, where best to store it on your bike, how frame material affects the signal, and other details. Watch it below.

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  • Apple Airtag Review
  • Apple Airtag Review

Apple Airtag Bike Mounts

As far as bike mounts for the Apple Airtag, there are a lot of options. We posted the bike-specific OMNI TRKR a while back, but it appears that it didn’t get proper Kickstarter funding. The ElevationLab model that Neil tested can be purchased here. And the 3D-printed Stealth Tag that mounts under the fork is available for a variety of models here. Otherwise, if none of the other options listed here will work for you, the big-A mega-retailer offers several options, including another cage mount solution, and this top cap mount. If you know of another good Airtag bike mount, please let us know in the conversation below.

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