The Best Multi-Tool for Bikepacking? (Video)

What’s the best multi-tool for bikepacking or long backcountry rides? We delve into that topic in our latest video, showcasing good and bad multi-tools, and the different styles available on the market. Plus, Miles, Logan, and Neil share their tools of choice which range from the ultra-minimal to ratchet-style to feature-rich folding multi-tools…

We’ve posted a lot of reviews and articles about various multi-tools, tool kits, and repair gear. So, is there a perfect multi-tool for bikepacking, touring, or even long backcountry rides? To answer this question, Neil digs into the subject in our latest YouTube video, looking at a few good and bad options, and calling up Miles and Logan to ask them which is their favorite. Watch the video below and scroll down for more. And please, if you haven’t yet subscribed to our YouTube channel, please do so in order to ensure that we can keep making videos like this one…

  • Topeak Multi Tools Review
  • Mineral Mini Bar, Bike Tool
  • Wolf Tooth Pack Pliers

Our favorite Multi-tools

Here’s a list of the multi-tools we mentioned in this video. If you want to buy one of them, support your local bike shop and pick it up there if you can. Otherwise, you can use the affiliate links below and we’ll get a small kickback to help support future videos.


Topeak Alien Tool – $42 (Amazon)
Silca T-Ratchet, $99 (Amazon)


Topeak Ratchet Rocket LDX, $35 (Amazon)
Ratchet Rocket Lite NTX+, $63 (Amazon)
Crankbrothers M-19, $29 (Amazon)


Mineral Mini Bar, $40 (Mineral)
Wolf Tooth 8-Bit Pliers, $70 (Wolf Tooth)
Wolf Tooth Chain Tool, $50 (Wolf Tooth)
Revelate Tool Cash, $45 (Wolf Tooth)


Bikepacking Gear


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