Map of Bikepacking Gear Makers: Buy Local!

Interested in buying a bikepacking bag or piece of gear from a maker close to home? Check out this new map of US-based bikepacking gear makers…

While he was planning his presentation for the upcoming Bikepacking Summit, Greg Hardy, the owner and maker behind Rockgeist, created this map. The subject of his Summit talk is “Bikepacking Textiles” and tips to pack light, but he’ll also be discussing supporting local bag-makers and their impact on the sport. The map currently features dozens of small bikepacking bag companies from around the US. Note that the red pointers represent custom work available to the general public, and blue is universal gear only.

Stay tuned for updates as we are planning to work with Greg to continue expanding this map to include gear makers worldwide. See someone missing? Let us know in the comments below. Note that companies aren’t included if they only sell products via social media. The general rule of thumb is that companies must have a functioning website from which the general public can place an order.


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