HydraPak Flux 1.5L Review + New HydraPak Filters

HydraPak recently released several new filters and collapsible bottle systems, including the versatile HydraPak Flux 1.5L. We got a hold of one just before launch for this video review. Learn more here…

HydraPak recently added a new range of lightweight filtration systems to their growing lineup of collapsible water solutions. In this video, Neil introduces their new offerings, details the benefits of collapsible water storage for bikepacking, and reviews the new flux 1.5L bottle filter combo.

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  • HydraPak Flux 1.5L Review
  • HydraPak Flux 1.5L Review

There are two filters available from HydraPak: the 42mm filter cap and a 28mm filter kit. The 42mm Filter Cap ($35) is compatible with all HydraPak 42mm opening products, including running flasks, Seekers, and Flux bottles. The cap is equipped with a high-flow nozzle and dust cover that opens and closes with one hand while preventing contact with dirty hands. Users can drink directly from the nozzle or squeeze filtered water into another vessel. It weighs just 57 grams (2oz).

The 28mm filter kit ($40) threads directly onto bottles and flasks or connects to Plug-N-Play systems used on reservoirs and and water storage containers. The 28mm Filter is an ideal backcountry water treatment solution whether you’re gravity filtering your water out of a water storage bag or filtering as you drink from a Stow bottle or HydraPak reservoir.

HydraPak Flux 1.5L Review

In addition to the filters—as mentioned in the review—HydraPak also released a line of “+” series products that come equipped with filters for a complete hydration solution. This includes their 1.5L Flux+ bottle, 3L Seeker+, and 6L Seeker+ reservoirs. All three include their inline filters, while the largest Seeker+ reservoir also includes a flexible camp tap, their plug ‘n’ play cap, and a backflush adapter—find more on that below.

HydraPak Flux+ 1.5L

The HydraPak Flux 1.5L reviewed here includes the bag and a 42mm filter with the following specs (from HydraPak):

  • Flexible handle for comfortable carrying, quick attachment and securing the rolled up bottle when empty
  • Dual-layer film laminate construction adds structure
  • Single stage < .2 micron hollow fiber filter
  • Effectively removes common waterborne bacteria, such as E. coli (99.9999%), and parasitic cysts (99.999%) per EPA Guide Standards and NSF P231 and microplastics (99.999%) per NSF 42 greater than or equal to 3.0 microns in size
  • Made of ultra-durable, abrasion resistant TPU & RF welded seams for superior durability and elasticity
  • 100% BPA & PVC free, wide working temperature range (can be frozen – max temp 60° C/140° F)
  • Model Tested: HydraPak Flux 1.5L
  • Weight: 143 grams (5.0oz)
  • Place of Manufacture: China
  • Price: $55 at REI
  • Manufacturer’s Details: HydraPak.com

More New HydraPak Filters

The other products in this new 42mm filter lineup include the following:

  • HydraPak Seeker 3l

    HydraPak Seeker 3L

    The Seeker+ 3L includes the 42mm filter and bag. It packs down to pocket size in its own stuff sack with the filter stored inside so the filter is protected for safekeeping.

    127 grams (4.5oz) / $60 at REI HydraPak

  • HydraPak Seeker 6l

    HydraPak Seeker 6L

    The 6-liter version is designed for easy water collection and gravity filtration through a HydraPak Inline Filter. The included Seeker storage bag has engineered slots for storing the Camp Tap and Inline Filter.

    241 grams (8.5oz) / $80 at HydraPak

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