Shimano SPD Pedal Review: The Most Indestructible Pedal?

Are Shimano SPDs the most invincible pedals on the market? Watch this video for Neil’s full ultra-long-term review of Shimano XT and XTR pedals, plus find a comparison of Shimano M8100 vs M9100 and learn how to keep yours spinning smoothly for years…

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Back in 2014, I purchased my first set of Shimano XT PD-M780 pedals, and the rest is history. After tens of thousands of miles, it’s clear the XT PD-M780 simply can’t be beat. In this video review, you’ll find out why Shimano’s seemingly indestructible XT and XTR pedals are my favorites and what you need to do to keep yours spinning smoothly for years to come.

  • Shimano M9100 Pedal Review
  • Shimano SPD Pedals Review
Shimano SPD Pedals Review

Have long-term stories about your Shimano SPD pedals? Or have you had any issues with these pedals? Leave us a comment below…


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