Apidura has released a new line of packs, the Racing Series, developed with long-distance races and endurance events in mind. Each bag is constructed with an ultralight philosophy and incorporates a minimal design that should appeal to performance-minded riders. Read on for details and prices on each of the bags…

Apidura has just released a new line of packs, the Racing Series, that are designed with fast-paced, long-distance rides in mind. Each pack in the series is constructed with a lightweight, waterproof, and highly abrasion resistant fabric that was developed specifically for Apidura. Read on for the complete press release, including prices and details for each bag.

Racing Handlebar Pack

An easy-access, convertible storage space that fits directly to either regular handlebars or aero bars. Designed with long distance competition in mind, the Racing Handlebar Pack uses the space beneath the handlebars to provide flexible storage and allow easy access to items on the go. The Pack consists of a large storage chamber and inspired by our ambassadors’ use of twin food pouches, two easy-access, removable side compartments. The large chamber can be used for bulkier items such as a bivy bag, while the side compartments provide space for water bottles, snacks or small electronics. The side compartments can be opened or closed with one hand, and fold over securely to protect from rain. The Pack also features a stretchy upper pocket, designed to hold a SPOT tracker securely in place.

The Pack is built from Hexalon, an ultralight laminate designed specifically for Apidura. It attaches via reinforced lightweight velcro straps that are versatile enough for aero bars, drop handlebars, and all other bar shapes.

  • PRICE $154 (£115)
  • Apidura Racing Series Packs
  • Apidura Racing Series Packs

Racing Frame Pack

An easy-access storage space with a universal fit, the Racing Frame Pack is geared for pure performance. The Racing Frame Pack utilizes the area inside a bike’s main triangle, creating a lower centre of gravity and enabling more neutral handling. This makes it useful for storing heavier, bulkier items, as well as items that need to be accessed on the go. The four velcro straps are lightweight, easy to use, and can be set in multiple positions to ensure compatibility when used alongside a Top Tube Pack. An integrated thermoset structure adds stiffness and allows the Pack to be exceptionally minimal and lightweight, and a flexible pocket divider securely holds contents in place. For added convenience, a protected cable port enables charging of devices on the go.

  • PRICE $120 (£90)
  • Apidura Racing Series Packs
  • Apidura Racing Series Packs

Racing Saddle Pack

An ultra-compact Saddle Pack designed for the rigours of long distance competition and audax. The Racing Saddle Pack is the first rear pack dedicated to ultra-distance competition and audax. Featuring a sleek design with a compact 5L capacity, the Pack is ideal for storing light, compressible items over vast distances. The Pack weighs just 200g and securely fastens with a sturdy three-point attachment system. It’s designed to fit ergonomically under the saddle, minimizing sway and reducing drag. Light attachment points are laser-cut into the fabric, increasing rider safety without adding unnecessary weight. A high-contrast reflective feature is specially designed to enhance visibility in all light conditions. The attachment points are reinforced with Hypalon, a durable rubberized nylon that provides extra protection against friction and puncture. For the fastening system, Woojin buckles have been chosen for strength and proven reliability.

A roll-top closure provides adjustable capacity, and tailored webbing, straps and buckles shed extra weight, while ensuring the simplest setup for ease of use, when every second matters.

  • PRICE $167 (£125)
  • Apidura Racing Series Packs
  • Apidura Racing Series Packs

For more info on Apidura’s new Racing Series, check out this link. Also, stay tuned for a review, as we hope to get our hands on a set soon.



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