Just announced, the new Revive program from Apidura offers repaired and refurbished bikepacking bags another opportunity to accompany riders on bikepacking adventures. Find details on the program and a link to their current inventory of Revive bags here…

Launched today, the Revive program is a new initiative from Apidura that aims to help reduce unnecessary waste and give their returned and prototype bags a second spin. Not wanting their collection of unused bags to lie around idly, they instead decided to check, repair, and clean them and make them available for purchase in their online shop.

Outlining the program and its aims, Apidura says, “Over time we found ourselves with a studio full of packs left over from our testing and development process. Each pack represents resources – fabric, time and energy – no longer in use but still useful. This is the definition of unnecessary waste. We know many in the bikepacking community share our views on waste and would rather give purpose to a revived high-quality product than invest in a low-cost product with an inherently shorter lifecycle. We hope that by investing in getting these packs back into circulation we can reduce unnecessary waste and extend the useful lifecycle of idle packs.”

Apidura Revive

There are three kinds of bags available through the Revive program:

  • Sample: These packs are in perfect working order and were most likely produced as part of our product development process. They may deviate from the current production equivalent in very minor ways that do not affect their utility.
  • Refurbished: These packs were most likely used for testing by our ambassadors during the development process. They may show very minor signs of use or repair patches and have been checked, cleaned, and signed off as ready for new adventures.
  • Repaired: These packs have been professionally stitched, patched or welded back into shape. They meet our high quality standards but may not look brand new – though bikepacking gear rarely does after a good adventure!

Head over to Apidura.com to learn more about the program and shop the collection of idle packs.



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