French designer Alexandre Licata has been working on a bikepacking version of the card game Scopa and is planning to have it produced in French and English. Learn more here…

Alexandre Licata is a French designer, avid cyclist, and daily reader of the site. When he was young, his Sicilian grandmother taught him how to play a card game called Scopa—an illustrative Mediterranean game where players try to match the cards in their hands with the cards on the table, and capturing the greatest number of cards earns you more points. Alexandre brought his deck of cards on trips this year, and at some point the idea of a bikepacking-themed version popped up. Shortly after returning home, he printed two prototype versions and brought them along during a trip in August. The people on the cards are depictions of his friends who went on this trip.

Scopa Bikepacking
  • Scopa Bikepacking
  • Scopa Bikepacking
  • Scopa Bikepacking

Alexandre is currently taking preorders for the French version, and is also testing the concept with the international community. To gauge that interest, he has put together a simple email form where you can sign up to learn more about the English version. You can see more from Alexandre on his Instagram (@c.a.s.t.a.c.h.e).



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