Last summer, Christoph Wimmer, aka Billo Bikes, curated a number of playlists for specific cycling moods. From “Aggressive Commuting” to “Bombing Down Hills in Jorts,” Billo’s playlists have got you covered. Learn more and listen here…

If you’re the type of person who likes to jam out to music while riding, you might be interested in Austria-based Christoph Wimmer’s, aka Billo Bikes (@billobikes), collection of playlists, each one of which is designed with a specific cycling mood in mind. The playlists are based around vibes we can all relate to, including “Carefree Summer Rides,” “Aggressive Commutes,” and “Shredding the Concrete Jungle.” We’ve embedded a few playlists below, and you search for “billobikes” on Spotify to find the full collection. Christoph is planning to keep building the collection into 2022, so keep an eye on his page for more.

From Christoph: “Billo Bikes is me, Christoph, 33, from Vienna, Austria. I started rebuilding 90’s steel mountainbikes for my friends last year after I restored a 1991 GT Avalanche for myself. Once I did a few of these conversions, I decided to create an Instagram page, basically to serve as an archive for my work. I never wanted to focus too much on the technical aspects of the restorations. You probably don’t know the specs of the first bike you had as a child, but you do know how much you loved it. I wanted to capture the feeling of having fun on a bike instead and the best medium for emotions is music.

When I decided to create playlists for specific cycling occasions, I wanted them to be like a soundtrack, something you can listen to while riding, something that makes you feel like a protagonist. I’m always putting a lot of thought into these playlists and creating one takes way more time than building a bike. Recently I’ve started to ask people who ride bikes from me if they would like to create playlists as well, which broadens the scope of genres a lot. Next up is a playlist for ‘Brakeless Romantics’ by my friend Hansi and I’m working on the John Carpenter inspired ‘Venturing into the Unknown’. This project will definitely continue in 2022.”

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