Cane Creek’s new Hellbender 70 Visco Headset offers increased stability and control by reducing high-frequency vibration of the bicycle steering assembly. Learn more here…

Building on the Viscoset Logan tested back in 2019, the new Cane Creek Hellbender 70 Visco Headset looks like any old headset but offers what they call “headset damping technology” to provide resistance within the headset to stop unwanted oscillation and wobble of the handlebars.

Just like the original Viscoset, the new Hellbender 70 Visco relies on a series of tuneable internal metal shims to reduce high-frequency vibrations. According to Cane Creek, this is especially useful for bikes with heavy front loads, including cargo bikes, e-bikes, bikepacking setups, and some kids and gravel bikes. The latest version, as the name suggests, is built up using Cane Creek’s premium sealed stainless steel Hellbender bearings.

  • Cane Creek Hellbender Visco
  • Cane Creek Hellbender Visco

The Hellbender 70 Visco Headset is available in both top and bottom headset configurations, but you only need one to reap the benefits. The top comes in a ZS44 version and the bottom in a ZS56. Tops and bottoms both cost $119 and are available now through or your local dealer.

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