You may have heard us wax eloquent about 35 millimeter inner width rims as a versatile choice for plus and ‘wide trail’ tires, with a bailout option on long trips. 36mm is even better. And now there’s a carbon version… the new Industry Nine PillarCarbon BC360c…

We haven’t seen too much exciting news coming out of Interbike so far… aside from an onslaught of mopeds at the Outdoor Demo; so here’s a refreshing change — a new 36mm inner width rim. We’ve mentioned 35mm rims being an excellent, versatile choice for bikepackers, dirt-tourists, and mountain bikers interested in running plus tires while keeping the option open for a standard 2.2″ tire in a pinch. In addition it’s a great inner width to comfortably fit a 2.4″ tire should you wish to swap between bikes or just change tires based on a particular ride. A 36mm inner width rim is incrementally better, perfectly suited for the new ‘wide trail’ category by providing optimal sidewall support for 2.4-2.8″ tires — with a sweet spot for 2.6” rubber that’s gaining in popularity. And, as shown, a 36mm IW works great for a 2.8″ tire as well.

Right now there aren’t too many carbon options in 35mm, and as far as I know none in 36mm. According to Asheville, NC based Industry Nine, “Since we released our aluminum rim BC360 last year, we have received almost daily requests for a 27.5″ carbon counterpart.”

Industry Nine carbon Backcountry 360, BC360c
  • Industry Nine carbon Backcountry 360, BC360c
  • Industry Nine carbon Backcountry 360, BC360c

Unfortunately, I9 only released the rim in 27.5″. We hope to see a 29er version in the future. Also, keep in mind that the PillarCarbon BC360c rims are only available with I9’s ‘premier’ wheelset, so they don’t come cheap. But if you’ve got deep pockets, you can pick up a pair, laced with colorful, made in the USA spokes to a set of the excellent Torch hubs starting at $2,325.00. And if not, you can still get the alloy BC360 starting at $1,265.00. And if you are on an even tighter budget, WTB Asym i35s laced with standard steel spokes to I9 Torch Classic hubs make a pretty good 35mm IW wheelset too.

Find some basic specs on the BC360c below and get the full rundown at Also, for more info on Industry Nine, make sure to check out our site visit article, “Local Metal”. And read our review of the Industry Nine Torch/Backcountry 450 Wheelset.

Industry Nine carbon Backcountry 360, BC360c
  • Weight 1865g (wheelset), 570g per rim
  • Rim width 36mm IW, 40mm OW
  • Spoke Count 32
  • Tire sizes 2.4″ – 3.0″ Tires
  • Max Rider Weight 250lbs
  • Wheelset price $2325 MSRP
  • Availability Shipping mid-late October
Industry Nine carbon Backcountry 360, BC360c



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