Based on a design from the 1880s, Chater-Lea’s “Road Clearer” Siren Whistle is a whimsical noisemaker with an unmistakable sound that harkens back to a bygone era of cycling history. Learn more about the small British manufacturer’s latest accessory here…

Founded in London way back in 1890 and relaunched in 2019, Chater-Lea (@chaterlea) is a bouqitue British maker of beautifully designed, classically styled cycling components that are engineered to last a lifetime. They recently teamed up with the whistle specialists at J Hudson & Co. to create the Chater-Lea “Road Clearer” Siren Whistle, a whistle based on a design that began its life in the 1880s.

  • Chater Lea Siren Whistle
  • Chater Lea Siren Whistle

Machined from a solid brass casing that helps direct the sound and will surely take on character over years of use, Chater-Lea’s Siren Whistle creates an impossibly loud sound that’s guaranteed to clear the road or path ahead. And its whimsical sound will likely put a smile on the face of anyone who’s within earshot, too.

Chater Lea Siren Whistle

Chater-Lea Siren Whistle Sound

Despite its exceptional construction and storied past, the best part of the Road Clearer is undoubtedly its distinctive sound, which almost seems to come from another time entirely. Hear it below:

The Road Clearer Siren Whistle is priced at £49/$64 (monocle and top hat sold separately). You can learn more about it and Chater Lea’s small but growing range of UK-made components and accessories over at, and stay tuned for more coverage later this year.



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