For our 65th Collective Reward gear giveaway, two lucky winners will receive a Drj0n G-Funk Handlebar Strap Deck System, the lightest handlebar harness system we’ve found to date. Find details of the giveaway here…

Posted by Lucas Winzenburg

Miles recently reviewed the Drj0n G-Funk Handlebar Strap Deck System and was impressed by its minimal weight, small footprint, and simplicity. Now, for Collective Reward #065, two randomly selected members of our Bikepacking Collective will receive a Drj0n G-Funk Handlebar Strap Deck System in their choice of clamp diameter and size to suit their hauling needs.

The G-Funk Handlebar Strap Deck System is just one of many clever 3D-printed innovations from maker from Jon Meredith, Scotland-based family doctor / general practitioner with a knack for dreaming up useful new products for bikepackers. Weighing in at just 61 grams, the G-Funk system combines two 3D-printed DrJ0n products—the DeWidget G-Funk Clamp and DeWidget Strap Deck—to create a secure platform for mounting a lightweight drybag to your handlebars.

Drj0n G-funk Strapdeck Review

As Miles summarized in his review, “While riding, the G-Funk clamps and Strap Deck practically disappear. The unloaded setup is low profile and lightweight, and has no effect on bike handling or feel. Paired with a lightly packed drybag, it ends up feeling similar to a minimal harness setup but with the benefit of increased rigidity and no pesky buckles and nylon straps.”

  • Drj0n G-funk Strapdeck Review
  • Drj0n G-funk Strapdeck Review

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