We’re giving away a trio of Aeroe Spider Rear Racks for Collective Reward #101, and three lucky winners will take home one of these modular hauling systems that attach to your frame without the need for rack mounts. Learn more and get entered to win here…

Launched via Kickstarter back in 2018, the Aeroe Spider is a stable, modular rear rack system that doesn’t require rear rack mounts. We’ve teamed up with the New Zealand-based brand for our latest Collective Reward giveaway, and three randomly selected members of our Bikepacking Collective will be receiving an Aeroe Spider Rear Rack with one Spider Cradle—a $140 value for each winner.

  • Aeroe Spider Rear Rack Review
  • Aeroe Spider Rear Rack Review

Miles spent some time testing the Aeroe Spider on a hardtail without rear rack mounts this spring and was glad to have the extra hauling space for bikepacking trips around British Columbia. Summarizing the Spider’s unique design, he said, “…its strap-on attachment and modular design are pretty much as universal as it gets—ideal for bikes without rack mounts or smaller frames with limited saddle bag clearance.” Find his full review linked at the bottom of this post. What’s more, bikepackers who need to expand their carrying capacity can do so by using Aeroe’s Quick Mount Pods, which attach to the sides of the rack and function as mini panniers. The Spider Rack and Spider Cradle weigh 996 grams combined and can carry up to 35 pounds (16 kilograms). Attaching it to your frame is as easy as tightening a handful of bolts with an Allen key, and items can be secured to the platform using the built-in straps.

Aeroe Spider Rear Rack Review

Support from our members makes BIKEPACKING.com possible. If you enjoy reading the site, please consider joining our Bikepacking Collective. Membership is open to anyone, anywhere in the world, and members are automatically entered to win bi-monthly Collective Rewards (including one of these racks), receive two issues of The Bikepacking Journal in the mail each year, have access to exclusive industry discounts, and lots more.

You can learn more about the Aeroe Spider over at Aeroe.com.

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