With internal widths of 25 and 28mm, Enve’s new USA-made AG25 (700c) and AG28 (650b) promise a great ride for everything from racing to bikepacking, with a more approachable price tag. Find details and the launch video here…

Are 24-spoke wheels ready for bikepacking? It sure does seem like a lot of companies think so. ENVE is the latest and just introduced two new gravel wheels as part of the Foundation Collection that targets the mid-price tier of the market. The U.S. made AG (Adventure/Gravel) wheelsets promise the same ride characteristics as ENVE’s G Series and capabilities that stretch “from where gravel ends and mountain biking begin.” According to Enve, the AG25 (700c) and AG28 (650b) have been adapted to provide both the durability and performance necessary for everything from racing to bikepacking. Details below…

Enve AG25 AG28 Gravel Wheels
  • Enve AG25 AG28 Gravel Wheels

“Since the introduction of the G Series line two and a half years ago, we’ve been enjoying the benefits of purpose-built gravel wheels on our local Utah roads and trails, and atevents such as Unbound Gravel, Rebecca’s Private Idaho, Crusher in the Tushar, and the Belgian Waffle Ride. What those wheels have delivered to the gravel rider is a more capable wheel with pinch-flat protection, vertical compliance, and low weight. Bringing those design elements to the AG25 and AG28 is exciting knowing more gravel riders, bikepackers, and adventurers will be able to experience a higher level of confidence in their wheels,” stated ENVE’s Marketing Manager, Neil Shirley.



Rim Diameter: 700c
Inner Rim Width: 25mm
Rim Depth: 21mm
Weight: 1460 grams
Minimum Recommended Tire Size: 32mm
Spokes: 24 J-bend Spokes


Rim Diameter: 650b
Inner Rim Width: 28mm
Rim Depth: 21mm
Weight: 1460 grams
Minimum Recommended Tire Size: 45mm
Spokes: 24 J-bend Spokes

Enve AG25 AG28 Gravel Wheels

Features include

  • Wide Hookless Bead to reduce the likelihood of pinch-flatting and increases the rim’s impact toughness
  • Molded Spoke Holes which increases the strength of each spoke hole, making a lighter and stronger rim
  • Foundation Road Hub utilizes the same internals as ENVE’s premium hub offering, but with a simplified hub-shell design
  • Lifetime Incident Protection and 5 Year Warranty

The AG25 and AG28 are made in Ogden, Utah and will retail for $1600 USD, $2999 AUD, $2300 CAD, £1850 and €1800. The Foundation Collection AG25 and AG28 gravel wheel models are available now in select ENVE retail partners worldwide. Watch the launch video below and learn more over at Enve.com.



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