In 2018 Jenny Graham set the women’s around-the-world cycling record. Ride With GPS just created a day-by-day map of the route that she rode to accomplish this feat. Dig in here…

Back in 2018, 38-year-old endurance cyclist Jenny Graham set the women’s around-the-world cycling record by completing the feat in 124 Days, 10 hours, and 50 minutes. On the 16th of June that year, Jenny left from Berlin, Germany, riding east, then pedaled back into Berlin from the west 125 days later. Within the 125 days this mission took to complete, Jenny rode some 29,657 kilometers across four continents to become the fastest woman to ride around the world unsupported. Our friends at Ride With GPS just put together the route Jenny rode as a collection, just in case you want to dig in. Find the entire 18,323 mile route in a day-by-day collection here or delve into the embedded map below.



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