German ultra-endurance athlete Jonas Deichmann just announced his biggest record-setting challenge yet: a 40,000km circumnavigation of the globe that he’s calling “Triathlon 360 Degree.” Find details on his ambitious plan to ride, run, and swim around the world here…

German adventurer and ultra-endurance athlete Jonas Deichmann just announced his latest record-breaking challenge, and it’s his most ambitious one yet. He’ll circumnavigate the world, from Munich back to Munich, in what he’s calling “Triathlon 360 Degree,” the longest triathlon ever.

Jonas Deichmann, Triathlon 360 degree

He’ll start his trip this summer, first cycling from Munich to Croatia. Once there, he’ll swim 456 kilometers along the coast toward Montenegro. Getting back on his bike, he’ll ride across Europe and Asia until he reaches China’s eastern shores. From there, he’ll sail across the Pacific Ocean to San Francisco. His next leg will see him run 5,040 kilometers across the United States, all the way to New York, where he’ll board another boat and sail across the Atlantic to Lisbon. Finally, he’ll ride back to Munich. In total, he anticipates this 40,000 kilometer journey taking him around 10 months.

  • Jonas Deichmann, Triathlon 360 degree
  • Jonas Deichmann, Triathlon 360 degree

As always, he’ll take on this challenge without a support vehicle. He’ll carry all of his own gear on the cycling and running legs, and will haul a custom raft on the swimming leg, sleeping on shore each night. “Beside the enormous distance, logistics will be a major challenge. There are currents at sea and only small time windows for crossing the Himalaya and oceans. I also still need to find a sailing boat across the oceans as I will be hitchhiking,” said Deichmann.

We’ll share some updates here as Jonas prepares to depart this summer, including a full gear list and a link to track him live on his journey. In the meantime, you can read more about his Cape to Cape and Pan-American records.



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