Australia-based kLite has been working on a new dynamo-powered light that caters directly to the demands of bikepackers. Read on for the exclusive press release and product launch video for everything you need to know…

After catching wind of a new dynamo-powered light from kLite, the company also responsible for the powerful yet amazingly tiny Bikepacker PRO, we knew something exciting was in the works. Kerry Staite, the owner and brain behind kLite, has over 25 years of bike wrenching experience and he quickly developed a knack for tinkering and inventing new ways of doing things. He saw limitations of the bike lights available at the time, so he made his own. Kerry continues to seek innovative ways to improve, especially to meet the demands of bikepackers, winter cyclists, and endurance athletes, which brings us to the kLite Bikeapcker ULTRA. The ULTRA will be offered in two different variations, Offroad and Road – catering to trail riding and road riding, respectively. Both models are Kerry’s idea of combining two lights – a flood light and solid beam – into what may just be one of the most reliable dynamo-powered lights currently available.

kLite Announces Bikepacker ULTRA
  • kLite Announces Bikepacker ULTRA
  • kLite Announces Bikepacker ULTRA

Kerry put together a product launch video, explaining all of the little intricacies of the new lights you’re likely interested in, as well as more information on the new kLite USB charger. Check that out below.

kLite Bikepacker ULTRA: Road Model

The Road version of the Bikepacker ULTRA is actually brighter than the Offroad version, designed around a single ‘fuzzy LED optic’ in the middle, and two clear optics on either side. Check out the light beam photos below to see the difference.

Road Model Optics

kLite Bikepacker ULTRA: Offroad Model

The Offroad model uses the same body and internals as the Road model but switches the lenses around to a single clear LED optic in the middle and two ‘fuzzy LED optics’ on either side to create an ultra-wide beam better suited for trail riding. Both models are 100% waterproof, and according to Kerry, designed to take a beating.

Offroad Model Optics

Feel free to post any questions you may have below and we will get Kerry’s input. To purchase, contact your local dealer or head over to for more info. Photos by Jon Reid.



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