In case you missed all the 2022 Tour Divide updates over the weekend, several other riders rolled into Antelope Wells since early yesterday morning. Those include Manu Cattrysse and Adrien Liechti, taking second and third place overall. Find details here…

Photo by Eddie Clark (@eddieclarkmedia)

At the time of publication, seven riders have finished their 2022 Tour Divide in Antelope Wells, New Mexico. 34-year-old Manu Cattrysse from Hamme, Belgium was the second rider to cross the finish line early yesterday morning, coming in about eight hours after winner Sofiane Sehili. Manu set an official time of 15 days, 8 hours, and 11 minutes (15D:08H:11M). A little over five hours later, Adrien Liechti (cover photo), a 37-year-old cyclist from Genève, Switzerland, grabbed the third place slot with a time of 15 days, 13 hours, and 15 minutes (15D:13H:15M). Congrats to you both!

Americans Abe Kauffman and Andy Leveto were next to finish a few hours later. On the women’s side, 25-year-old Ana Jager from Anchorage, Alaska still has a significant lead with about 500 miles to the finish. Singlespeeder Katie Strempke is 100 miles behind Ana.

Speaking of singlespeeds and Strempkes, Andrew Strempke is about 100 miles from the finish and we expect him to close it out overnight tonight or early in the morning.

Stay tuned for a second photo report from Eddie Clark this week!



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