Mondraker Bikes came up with a clever new bike packaging solution that can be 100% recycled and uses no plastic, zip-ties, or foam, with biodegradable ink and all adhesive tape made from rice and potato pulp! Industry take note.

Mondraker Bikes just came out with a clever 100% recyclable cardboard and biodegradable system to ship their bikes. This should have happened a decade ago, but it’s nice seeing bike companies innovate and set an example for others in the industry to follow. Read on for details…

  • Mondraker Recycleble Shipping Boxes
  • Mondraker Recycleble Shipping Boxes

From Mondraker:
The new boxes have been designed from the ground-up, in-house at Mondraker, to be easily recycled by the end user. All external and internal protective elements have been custom-made to save landfill waste. It has taken a lot of time and effort along with multiple prototypes to design the perfect solution. The effort, however, has been worthwhile and we can now say that as well as making the best bikes in the world, we also make the best boxes too.

Along with no plastic packaging, zip-ties, or foam inside the boxes, all adhesive tape used is made from rice, the security seal on the box is made using potato pulp and the adhesives are organic. The boxes also include 2 reusable Velcro straps, so the packaging is recyclable and reusable. Outside the box organic, biodegradable ink is used as well.

One of the key design parameters of the new boxes, as well as using only 100% recyclable materials, was that the bike should be at least as well protected as in the past, but the result of the new packaging is that the contents are actually better protected than ever before. We’ve even reduced the boxes overall volume when compared to the old ones too, which saves on shipping space and assembly times can be reduced by the end user thanks to the new internal layout inside the box.

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