Sebastian Karimian, a custom bike builder and fabricator from London, UK, just made “the most titanium bike in the world,” which weighs in at just 17 pounds, complete with a Ti water bottle, fenders, grips, and more. Check it out here…

We recently stumbled upon a Facebook post from London, UK-based Sebastian Karimian, who just finished building the most titanium hybrid/mountain bike in the world, setting an unofficial record in the process. There’s not a whole lot of information available, but Sebastian provided a list of every titanium component on the build, which you can dig into below.

While there are a staggering number of titanium parts, he chose not to use titanium spokes due to their cornering performance, or a titanium saddle, for that matter, because he still wanted the bike to be comfortable. If someone goes after his record he said he could easily replace those with titanium versions. Although the build is made up of a lot of unbranded, custom titanium parts, we did spot some titanium valves from our friends at Terske being used.

most titanium bike
  • most titanium bike
  • most titanium bike
  • most titanium bike
  • most titanium bike
  • most titanium bike
  • Titanium frame (with titanium repair gusset, titanium connecting bolt, titanium connecting nut, titanium gear hanger bolts)
  • Titanium seatclamp (with titanium bolt and titanium barrel nut)
  • Titanium seatpost (with titanium clamping bolt)
  • Titanium saddle rail covers
  • Titanium stem (with titanium bolts and titanium faceplate)
  • Titanium top cap (with custom 3D-printed titanium center and 3D-machined titanium outer) and titanium bolt
  • Titanium headset (including titanium top cover, titanium crown race and titanium compression ring)
  • Titanium forks (all titanium including titanium steerer)
  • Titanium steerer extension
  • Titanium front mudguard (including titanium mounting bolts)
  • Titanium rear mudguard (including titanium mounting collar)
  • Titanium bell (all titanium with titanium mounting bolt)
  • Titanium computer mount (with titanium mounting bolts)
  • Titanium grips (all titanium with titanium mounting bolts)
  • Titanium 3D-printed bar plugs and titanium bolts
  • Titanium handlebar
  • Titanium tri bars (including titanium mounting bolts)
  • Titanium front thru-axle
  • Titanium front thru-axle washer
  • Titanium caliper bolts (including titanium hose covers, titanium banjos, titanium hose inserts, titanium connector bolts, titanium bleed nipples, titanium brake pad pins and titanium-plated brake pads)
  • Titanium brake lever mounting hardware (including titanium bleed nipples, titanium clamps, titanium clamp bolts, and titanium bolt washers)
  • Titanium brake discs (including titanium disc bolts)
  • Titanium hose clips
  • Titanium bottle cage (including titanium cage bolts)
  • Titanium rear skewer (all titanium)
  • Titanium chain (rollers are made of titanium)
  • Titanium rear sprocket
  • Titanium freehub spacers
  • Titanium freehub lock ring
  • Titanium chainring
  • Titanium chainring bolts/nuts
  • Titanium crankset (including titanium spider and titanium lock ring)
  • Titanium crank axle
  • Titanium crank bolts
  • Titanium self-extracting crank bolt covers
  • Titanium platform pedals (including titanium axles and titanium end bolts)
  • Titanium pedal extensions
  • Titanium pedal washers
  • Titanium tubeless valves (including titanium lock nuts)
  • Titanium valve caps
  • Titanium multitool
  • Titanium bottle
  • most titanium bike
  • most titanium bike
  • most titanium bike
  • most titanium bike
  • most titanium bike

What do you think? Would you ride it?

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