PNW just released the new lightweight, adjustable, and color-customizable Loam Dropper seat post for $199. Find the details and their launch video here…

We’ve put quite a few miles on PNW Components’ Bachelor and Rainier dropper posts and have been impressed, and we love the PNW Loam Lever for both MTB bars and drop handlebars. Today, PNW announced a new addition to its dropper family, The Loam Dropper. With a price tag of $199, The Loam Dropper features new laser-etched graphics and a blingy silicone Midcap Band available in nine colors. Overall, it looks to offer a lot of features at a pretty good value. Find pics, specs from PNW, and their launch video below…

PNW Loam Dropper Post
  • PNW Loam Dropper Post
  • PNW Loam Dropper Post
  • PNW Loam Dropper Post
  • PNW Loam Dropper Post
  • PNW Loam Dropper Post

Specs from PNW:

  • Compatibility – PNW has machined excess material off the saddle head for additional weight savings and to allow for the stanchion to drop further into the seat post. This detail delivers a lower stack height and lowers the overall post length allowing for the opportunity to run longer travel posts on a wider range of bikes. PNW has also shortened the actuator allowing for increased compatibility and greater insertion depth. Combined, the new Loam Post is 18mm shorter in overall length than its predecessor, the Bachelor Post.
  • Adjustability – The Loam Dropper features the same tool-less travel adjust system found in their trusted Rainier Gen 3 model, allowing for 30mm of travel reduction in 5mm increments. The Loam Dropper is powered by PNW’s lightweight alloy air cartridge featuring adjustable rebound.
  • Weight – The Loam Dropper is on average 40 grams lighter than the previous Bachelor models. To achieve this, PNW redesigned the post’s stanchion as well as implemented an alloy air cartridge (rather than steel). This new shape reduces the material needed, thus saving weight, all while strengthening the post.
  • CARTRIDGE STYLE Adjustable Air Cartridge
  • DIAMETERS 30.9mm, 31.6mm, 34.9mm
  • TRAVEL 125mm, 150mm, 170mm, 200mm
  • WEIGHT 125mm (456g), 150mm (504g), 170mm (532g), 200mm (576g)
  • PRICE $199

The new PNW Loam Dropper comes in three diameters (30.9, 31.6, and 34.9mm) in four adjustable travel lengths: 125, 150, 170, and 200mm. Each is $199 with a 3-year warranty. An optional color band is available at checkout for $5 in nine different colors. Learn more over at



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