As every British bikepacker already knows, the Ordinance Survey is second to none when it comes to mapping lands in exhaustive, obsessive detail. Having already added a digital lineup to compliment its ever-popular paper Landranger series, the government-run national mapping agency has just launched Aerial 3D as part of their OS Maps application…

Ordnance Survey is Britain’s government-run national mapping agency and one of the world’s largest producers of maps. OS Maps, their online mapping application, includes 750,000 publicly shared routes, including thousands of professional routes published by walking, cycling and mountaineering publications and organizations. Just announced, Aerial 3d is the latest tool within OS Maps. And as you can see in the video below, Aerial 3D allows users to ‘fly past’ their cycle routes using three-dimensional aerial photographs. Routes can be viewed from all heights and angles enabling cyclists to admire their favorite trails or preview rides for their bucket list.

Existing subscribers to OS Maps will be able to start using Aerial 3D immediately. For non-subscribers there’s a seven-day free trial

What do you think; too much information, or a great way to visualize a route, especially for those less versed at reading traditional contour lines?



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