The new luxe colorway from Rambler Bags in Pennsylvania features waxed and quilted burgundy detailing on tan waxed canvas bags. The limited collection drops today at noon, and you can learn more here…

Pennsylvania-based Rambler Bags is launching a special collection of bags today featuring their new luxe colorway. All Rambler luxe bags are built up around waxed and quilted burgundy no. 8 duck canvas and a waxed tan bag with a darker tan webbing and tan binding. The bags are fully lined with a high-vis orange recycled packcloth, the canvas is quilted in house, and it’s all treated by hand with Rambler’s vegan and biodegradeable waterproofing wax.

Rambler Luxe
  • Rambler Luxe
  • Rambler Luxe
  • Rambler Luxe

The luxe lineup uses unique limited fabrics and time-intensive techniques, so there is an up-charge compared to the base model pricing, (waxing alone usually adds $25 in labor) but it’s one of the first hand-made quilted bags runs we’ve seen. The drop includes their Shortflap bag (small/medium), Longflap bag (large/weekender), Fancy Pouch, and the Short Modular Ramblonneur in a variety of configurations. The bag pictured here is a Medium Shortflap, shown with the optional floating webbing net in some photos.

  • Rambler Luxe
  • Rambler Luxe
  • Rambler Luxe

Find a pricing breakdown below. The base price is on the left, followed by the luxe price and the price difference. Preorders also have a spare bar of waterproofing wax included with each bag.

  • Small Shortflap: $160/190 (+$30)
  • Medium Shortflap: $195/235 (+$40)
  • Large Longflap: $220/270 (+$50)
  • Weekender Longflap: $235/285 (+$50)
  • Fancy Pouch: $110/135 (+$25)
  • Short Modular Ramblonneur, flat pockets: $265/315 (+$50)
  • Short Modular Ramblonneur, boxy pockets: $305/355 (+$50)
  • Tall Modular Ramblonneur, flat pockets: $280/330 (+$50)
  • Tall Modular Ramblonneur, boxy pockets: $320/370 (+$50)

Rambler luxe orders open today at noon EDT and have a 4-8 week lead time. Learn more at

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