The new Rene Herse Oracle Ridge is a 700C x 48mm tire that was designed in collaboration with Lael Wilcox for gravel and bikepacking…

The new Rene Herse Oracle Ridge is a 700C x 48mm, dual-purpose knobby tire designed for mixed-terrain rides and gravel-oriented bikepacking. The tire got its name from Lael Wilcox’ favorite ride outside Tucson, AZ, a chunky dirt road ascent to Oracle Ridge, followed by a brisk pavement descent down the backside of Mount Lemmon. Similar to the Fleecer Ridge we’re currently testing, the knobs are arranged to roll smoothly and quietly, with Rene Herse’s patented “noise cancellation” tread. According to Rene Herse, the knobs are spaced wide enough that they self-clean as the tire rotates, and they are tall enough to provide excellent grip. “For all its on-pavement performance, the Oracle Ridge doesn’t give up traction on loose and muddy terrain.”

Rene Herse Oracle Ridge Tires

Lael has been using the Oracle Ridge on more than 1,800 miles of Alastkan gravel, dirt, and pavement, including a 40-mile gravel race. Her verdict: “They are fast-rolling, quiet and comfortable. At 48mm, they hit the sweet spot between a narrow gravel tire (38mm) and mountain bike volume (55 mm). I love them.”

Rene Herse Oracle Ridge Tires
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  • Rene Herse Oracle Ridge Tires
Photos above by Rue Kaladyte, courtesy of Rene Herse Cycles

The Rene Herse Oracle Ridge will be available in August from your local bike shop and directly from Rene Herse Cycles with three casings: supple Standard (545 g; $ 74), ultra-fast Extralight (515 g; $ 89) and tough Endurance (545 g; $ 89). Learn more over at



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