Ride Wrap recently announced an expansion of their line of bike frame protection kits to include a growing range of gravel bikes, from universal protection kits for high-wear areas to fully tailored protective films that are unique to your bike. Learn more here…

Anyone who has pedaled along a bumpy track or trail with a bikepacking kit knows how quickly straps and bags can wear away your frame’s paint, or worse, even on short trips. Thankfully, several companies have developed products to help prevent your bike from unnecessary wear and tear. Among them is Whistler, British Columbia-based Ride Wrap, a small brand that recently announced an expansion of their line of frame protection film kits to include a variety of fat-tired, drop bar rigs.

Ride Wrap Frame Protection

In addition to their minimal frame and fork protection kits that cover the essential high-wear areas, they’ve just added an extensive selection of fully tailored protective wrap kits that are specific to your bike’s model and size. Their protective film is self-healing, which means minor marks and scuffs will disappear. They offer kits in a matte or glossy finish, both of which are nearly invisible once installed. All kits come with a 10-year warranty against yellowing and cracking. Kits range in price from $35 for Essential Protection to $135+ for a Tailored Protection kit, which includes fork protection.

Ride Wrap

According to Ride Wrap, they’re working to add more models and sizes of bikes to their lineup daily. They’re also accepting requests for bikes that aren’t yet in their system. You can learn more about Ride Wrap’s new gravel frame protection kits over at RideWrap.ca.

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