Have you heard of Skinners? These ultralight camp shoes weigh just 80 grams and pack up to the size of a sock. Learn more here…

Although I mostly ride in flat shoes on longer trips, there are also many occasions on more gravel oriented bikepacking outings where I choose clipless pedals. In that case I like having a pair of camp shoes or sandals. However, they’re always a little more bulky and heavy than I’d like, so I’m always on the lookout for the next best pair of packable camp shoes. I just stumbled on Skinners, a relatively new minimal sock-shoe. They don’t exactly look like a shoe you could wear out on the town, but the might be promising if you’re looking for something for around camp.

  • Skinners Camp Shoes
  • Skinners Camp Shoes

Skinners are made from StretchKnit and an anti-abrasive polymer material with a 3mm thin sole, which the company claims is durable up to 650+ km (400+ miles) of use. Skinners are BPA and phthalate free, machine washable, and weigh about 80 grams (2.8 oz). The company claims they roll up to a 9 x 4cm (3.54 x 1.57”) bundle, too.

Skinners Camp Shoes

Skinners are available in six sizes ranging from XS to XXL in a variety of colors for €49.90. We hope to try a pair out, but in the meantime, learn more over at skinners.cc. If anybody has any experience with them, please leave a comment below…



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