Somewhere in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, the 2021 Silk Road Mountain Race media team caught up with Cat Jaffee’s lonely dot to hear more about her race experience. Watch a short video interview with her here…

In this short video, the Silk Road Mountain Race media team catches up with rider Cat Jaffee (@naturevert) after a few challenging days of riding solo through the Tian Shan Mountains. She shares what’s on her mind and a little about her experiences with Kyrgyzstan’s beautiful landscapes and the people she’s encountered along the way.

“The loneliest dot gets documented.”
  • Chumba Stella Titanium
  • Silk Road Mountain Race, Cat Jaffee
Don’t miss Cat’s Chumba Stella Titanium in our Rigs of the 2021 Silk Road Mountain Race roundup. Also be sure to follow along with the race on our Tracker.




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