MTB Hall of Famer and frame builder, Steve Potts is working on a series of new components including a rigid steel gravel fork and new gravel hubs. Learn more here…

Best known for creating beautiful custom titanium bicycle frames, MTB Hall of Famer Steve Potts is no stranger to the business of bike component design and manufacturing, spending the last 40 years designing and building custom bicycle parts such as stems, seat posts, handlebars, forks, brakes, hubs, bottom brackets, rims, tires, and saddles. Steve is currently working on a series of new components. These will be produced in Japan and Taiwan with the help of well-respected factories such as Nitto, Panaracer, Tange-Seiki, Suzue, and Tange Tubing. The first product being launched is a rigid, steel fork designed for gravel bikes. Read on for details…

Steve Potts

Gravel/Road Mini Type II R Fork

The Gravel/Road Mini Type II R Fork uses the signature Type II design that Potts has been custom making for about 41 years. The fork was originally conceived by Charlie Cunningham and designed to be a high-performing rigid fork for off-road use. Steve explains, “I really thought demand for my rigid fork would have disappeared when suspension came on the scene, but customers kept on asking for it.” The fork has three-pack cargo cage mounts, rack mounts, and a silver crown with black legs as the stock colorway.

  • Steve Potts Gravel Fork
  • Steve Potts Gravel Fork

Steve will continue to make custom forks for those who need them, but he hopes that by offering a high quality, non-custom option, more time will free up for framebuilding and new product development. While the Type II-R fork is not a budget item, he hopes that it will allow his products to be accessible to more riders.

  • Material: Chromoly Steel
  • Brake: IS disc mount
  • Axle: 12 x 100mm thru-axle
  • Axle to Crown: 401mm
  • Rake: 47mm
  • Tire Clearance: 700c x 50mm
  • Place of Manufacture: Japan
  • Price: $500 USD
  • Manufacturer’s Details:

Steve Potts Alpina gravel/all road hubs will also launching soon. These will be co-produced and co-branded with veteran hub maker Suzue.

Steve Potts gravel hubs

Potts has plans to launch additional products in 2021 and 2022 as time and resources allow. “Handlebars by Nitto are already in production. I am also looking into saddles, tires, and wheelsets moving forward, but it has been slow going since the factories that I want to work with are so overbooked.”



New Components

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