Why not head to Scotland this autumn? Held on Scotland’s Adventure Coast, the Surly Dunoon Dirt Dash promises fine gravel riding, camaraderie, and camping the shadow of a castle!

We’ve just heard about a new event UK dreamed up by around-the-world-singlespeeder Markus Stitz and Charlie the ex-Bikemonger. You may remember we loved the Dorset Gravel Dash and it’s distinctly alternative take on the idea of an organised gravel ride/bikepacking event.

The Dunoon Dirt Dash, held on Sept 28/29, involves two wild days of riding on a mountainous Scottish coast, with an overnight camping spot beside a castle complete with excellent food and a few beers.

“But what the hell is a Dunoon? It is a small Scottish town, hosting this dash alongside an outdoor fest with Steve Peat, on a coastal peninsula, with blow your socks off scenery. Just like down in Dorset the vibes will be good, the food will be venison, and the beer will be very much deserved. Oh and we are camping next to a bloody castle!!!”

Distances are on the modest side, allowing riders to concentrate on fine views and camaraderie.

“I have talked and coerced Markus Stitz away from his normal thing of doing more mad miles in a day than most people do in a month… to 80 something over two days. It won’t be easy-peasey, but it won’t make you think about taking up golf or some other pointless excuse for avoiding adventure,” promises Charlie, in his inimitable style.

More info can be found over at the website.



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