Velocio’s new documentary takes a hard look at sustainability within the bike apparel industry, focusing on the steps we can take as consumers to lessen our impacts. Watch the full 15-minute film here…

Although there are a number of manufactures in our industry taking big steps toward a more sustainable world, the unfortunate truth is that a lot still needs to change before we see long-term, meaningful impact. Cycling apparel manufacturer Velocio has taken a clear stance on the matter, and their latest video provides a great overview of what is wrong with the bike apparel industry, what they are doing to improve their supply chain, sourcing, and manufacturing process, and what we can do as consumers to help encourage change. Watch their documentary below, and then head over to to read more about their stance on sustainability.

“There are great options for better apparel today. Gone are the days of counterposing highly technical apparel with sustainable apparel. That’s a false choice. Since our launch in 2014, we’ve looked at how we can continue to push forward our product offering to reduce our impact on our planet. We all need clothing, but what we choose to buy has a profound impact on not only its longevity, but the environmental cost in creating it.” —Velocio

  • Trouble with bike apparel
  • Trouble with bike apparel
  • Trouble with bike apparel
Trouble with bike apparel

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