Have you ever lost your mind trying to seat a stubborn tubeless tire? In our latest Tips & Tricks video, Neil shares a few secrets for mounting those uncooperative tires with just a floor pump. Many home mechanics don’t have access to an air compressor, so these tricks should save you a lot of frustration…

Setting up a tubeless tire with a decent floor pump can be fairly straightforward. However, anybody who’s set up several tubeless tires in this manner has likely run into at least one stubborn tire/rim combo that just won’t seat. That often results in a strenuous series of pumping and cursing, a mess of sealant, and a trip to your local bike shop. While the latter isn’t a bad thing, setting up your own tires is a good skill to have. In our latest video, Neil walks through several tips and tricks that might help eliminate those exhausting fiascos.

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  • tubeless tire with a floor pump
  • tubeless tire with a floor pump

Have any other tricks for mounting tubeless tires with a floor pump? Leave us a comment below. Also, be sure to check out our Field Guide to Tubeless for more info about repairing tires.

You’ll need a few simple tools for some of these procedures including a floor pump, tire lever, valve core remover, tube, and a little bit of elbow grease. Here’s a list of the products mentioned in this video. Support your local bike shop and pick them up there if you can. Otherwise, if these aren’t available locally, you can use the affiliate links below and we’ll get a very small kickback that goes to supporting videos like this one…

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  • Neil: PRO Team Tubeless ($112)​
  • Logan: Blackburn Chamber ($165)​
  • Stan’s Valve Core Tool ($11)​
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