Tubolito says their new X-Tubo City/Tour tubes are the toughest tubes in the world. Find more here, including details on their one-year warranty against punctures and a short product launch video…

Today in bold claims: Tubolito says it’s impossible to get a puncture during “normal use” with their newly launched X-Tubo City/Tour inner tubes, and they’re backing that up with a one-year warranty against flats—providing a free replacement X-Tubo tube for any punctures within one year of registering. Tubolito also claims the X-Tubo City/Tours have a 24% lower rolling resistance and are up to 31% lighter than traditional tubes.

  • Tubolito X-Tubo
  • Tubolito X-Tubo

They retail for $24.90 per tube, fit 700C x 30-50mm tires, and are available with either a 42mm Presta or 40mm Schrader valve. The new Tubolito X-Tubos weigh in a 130g or 139g for Presta and Schrader, respectively (that’s about 30 grams less than the 700C x 38/45mm spare tube I have in my repair kit at the moment). The short video below offers an introduction to the X-Tubo City/Tour, showing it resisting broken glass, thumb tacks, and even barbed wire:

You can learn more or purchase an X-Tubo at Tubolito.com.



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