From Monday May 11 to Friday May 15 Lee Craigey and Jenny Graham will be riding The Highland Trail 550 online and encouraging everyone to join them via a free app. Learn more here…

Every year Adventure Syndicate directors Lee Craigie (Scotland’s Active Nation Commissioner) and Jenny Graham (the fastest woman to cycle around the world) ride their bikes for five days straight while encouraging schools, workplaces, and individuals to follow their GPS dot and Match the Miles they ride. This year, Covid-19 turned this years challenge into something new.

From Monday May 11th to Friday May 15th the pair will be riding The Highland Trail 550 online and encouraging everyone to join them. Using a free app, the minutes that participants spend recording their exercise at home will be converted to miles and will show up as real time dots on a live HT550 map, creating the closest thing possible to a wild five day adventure with others through the Highlands of Scotland.

“This is not a race,” said Craigie (one of only four people to have ever completed the technically demanding Highland Trail route in under four days), “This is about gathering together a community of people who will encourage one another to log two hours of movement everyday for five days which will then be converted to miles and represented by a dot on our live map. By keeping up with the adventure, everyone will get access to stories, exclusive film clips, live sessions and webinars, all designed to encourage and inspire you to plan your next adventure.”

By signing up as an individual, household, or school you’ll be committing to two hours of activity every day that week that will also be filled with live webinars, exercise sessions, and prize giveaways. Learn more over at, and download the app here 👉 Android or Apple. These can also be found on your app store by searching “Match the Miles.” After the event, the app will be made freely available for any group to create their own Match the Miles Challenge.




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