WTB goes “wide trail” with revamped versions of the Trail Boss and the Vigilante in 2.4″ and 2.6″ widths. Plus, a full range of KOM rims with a few new interesting features…

We love 2.6″ wide tires. In fact, Gin and I are riding 29 x 2.6s in Armenia as I write this. With that said, we’re happy to report that WTB is delving into “wide trail.” Here’s a brief summary of their new offerings, along with links to get more into the nitty gritty:

WTB Trail Boss 2.6″ and 2.4 Tires

We dug the Trail Boss 3.0 on our Altravesur scouting mission, so we are excited to see the next iteration in 2.4 and 2.6″ widths. From WTB: “The new Trail Boss builds on perfection with a more aggressive tread pattern to match its increased volume. Generous spacing between sizable knobs provides better traction in loose or wet conditions, while staying true to its fleet-footed heritage. Large, supportive side knobs dig deeeeeeep, whether you’re leaning into a corner or grabbing a handful of brake. Most often used as a rear tire, the Trail Boss G2 also provides plentiful traction on hardpack trails when used on the front.”

  • WTB Trail Boss 2.6" Tires
  • WTB Trail Boss 2.6" Tires

The Trail Boss will be available in 27.5″ and 29″ sizes in 2.4″ and 2.6″ widths. It will retail for between $67.95 and $79.95, depending on your choice of size and casing. More at WTB.com.

WTB Vigilante 2.4 and 2.6″ Tires

If you’re interested in a slightly more aggressive rubber, they also added wider sizes to the Vigilante: “Aggressive, premier, and unwavering…those were all words we used to describe the original, highly esteemed Vigilante 2.3 and they still ring true for the all-new Vigilante 2.5 and 2.6 widths as well. Square-lugged knobs still deliver unwavering traction, yet with added height to ensure they dig even deeper into loose, unpredictable terrain. Increased circumferential spacing allows the tread to remain clear through wet conditions, while still keeping the casing protected from spiteful rocks.”

  • WTB Vigilante 2.6" Tires
  • WTB Vigilante 2.6" Tires

The Vigilante will be available in 27.5″ and 29″ sizes in 2.4 and 2.6″ widths. It will retail for between $67.95 and $79.95, depending on your choice of size and casing. More at WTB.com.


In addition, WTB released a revamped KOM line of rims in Light and Tough versions. The Light variation comes in i21, i23, i25, i29, i35, i40, and i45 inner widths. The Tough version features I-Beam construction, which has evolved to further reinforce the rim with dual support beams that provide increased strength and stiffness. According to WTB, they’re “built for bashing, whether on a gravity shred sled or a fully loaded bikepacking rig.” KOM Tough rims come in i25, i29, i35, i40, and i45 inner widths. More at WTB.com.

  • WTB Kom Tough Rims
  • WTB Kom Tough Rims


The rims have a few features worth noting. Designed to make tire removal easier, the Dropzone is a downward slope from the bead seat to the center of the rim. According to WTB, this allows the tire bead to quickly and easily fall into the optimal area for tire removal. Dropzone is only found on rims that have an inner rim width of 40-45mm. Considering the tight tolerances WTB is known for, this is a nice addition.

TCS 2.0

TCS 2.0 introduces “a more robust, easily installed, and dependable tubeless system.” A recessed channel along the center of TCS 2.0 rims allows installation of the all-new Solid Strip, which prevents tubeless tape from sagging at the spoke holes and results in a smooth, consistent interface between the tire and rim. According to WTB, installation of the Solid Strip allows for more pliable, and easy to install, Flex Tape to provide the airtight seal needed for a tubeless system.



New Components

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