The Risk is Real: How to Avoid Dehydration on a Bike Trip (Video)

Ever been in danger of dehydration while out riding? Neil had a scare a couple weeks ago that put him in a somewhat desperate situation. To help you avoid a similar scenario, this latest video covers what to do and everything you need to know about carrying and sourcing water while bikepacking…

Most of us who’ve been bikepacking for a while have a first-hand story about dehydration or have been in a rough situation in which extreme water rationing was required. While riding in the desert near Moab a couple of weeks ago, our YouTube host Neil Beltchenko certainly did. Inspired by that close call, he made this video to try and help others from suffering the same fate. Learn how the terrain and climate you’re bikepacking in should dictate how much water you carry and where you carry it. Neil chats about different styles of hauling water and how those methods affect weight distribution on your rig…

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Do you have a scary dehydration tale of your own? Join the conversation below to share your story or any tips and tricks for how you deal with carrying water on your bike.

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