The Best Way To Clean Your Bikepacking Rig? (Video)

Neil got stuck in a nasty storm earlier this month, and his rig was a complete mess when he got home. He decided to take this opportunity to share how he cleans his bike and bikepacking bags. In this video, he details the tools for the job, walks through step-by-step procedures, and highlights some important things to avoid…

After running into a hearty serving of peanut butter mud on a recent trip, Neil decided to give his bike a thorough cleaning. In doing so, he put together a video describing what his process on how to best wash a bikepacking rig. Watch that below, then scroll down for a few relevant links and a new plant-based suite of cleaning products and lubes we tried recently.

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  • How to wash a bikepacking rig
  • How to wash a bikepacking rig
  • How to wash a bikepacking rig

Green Alternatives

Obviously, there are products out there that are better for the environment and our watersheds. Some are available at your local hardware store, but now there are solvents and brushes that are completely biodegradable and sustainably made. One such example is the suite of cleaning products, lube, and plant-based grease from MountainFlow out of Carbondale, Colorado. They sent us some samples, and I’ve been washing bikes with it for a month now. It works great, and the brushes are well made.

Despite the fact that they’re expensive by comparison to household cleaning items, it’s nice to see purpose-made, Earth-friendly alternatives, including plant-based liquid cleaners, degreasers, and lubricants, as well as brushes made from bamboo and natural fibers. Find their full kit here or individual products here.

MountainFlow Bike Cleaner
  • MountainFlow Bike Cleaner
  • MountainFlow Bike Cleaner

How does your cleaning routine differ from Neil’s? Let us know how you wash your bike in the Conversation below.

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